Friday, December 24, 2010

Columbian city, misdescribed as village, devoured by the earth

Entire Colombian village swallowed by the Earth (December 23, 2010)

“It seems like a movie of 1974, but at this time I write this post, a
Colombian village, Gramalote in North Santander, is being swallowed by
the earth. Another chapter of the tragic 2010 winter in Colombia. The
minister of interior, Germán Vargas Lleras, visited the place of the
disaster and sentenced that the town will disappear in a few hours.
The 90 percent of its population has been evacuated as rescue teams
try to recover official and historical documents from government
buildings that were destroyed by the strain natural phenomenon.
Gramalote is a municipality of 918.942 inhabitants. It was founded in
1857 on a geological fault of the Eastern ranges of the Colombian
Andes. Minister Vargas said to the media that the order to evacuate
was followed quickly by the population, so there is not deadly
victims. About four thousand inhabitants from the affected sectors of
the town were located in special camps. The minister and a journalist
of Caracol, Eduardo Galeano, reported that the buildings were falling
like a house of cards. Most of the houses of the town are damaged and
others are already buried, said the minister, so in a couple of days
Gramalote will cease to exist. A hill that is next to the town, is
falling on it. The inhabitants called for help when they felt a
strange movement of the earth. In few minutes the buildings began to
crack and fall. Electrical wires fall also. Barrio Santa Anita was the
first sector to be destroyed. In less than 24 hours, the town was
almost damaged in all its infrastructure and the people could only
bring out of their houses a few belongings. Teams of rescuers came to
the town and began the evacuation. More personnel have been arriving
to the region to avoid the lost of human lives, reported minister
Vargas.” -Colombia Passport News

918,942 inhabitants? Shit's breaking loose... This is one of the
strangest things i've ever heard...

Thursday, December 23, 2010

food for thought from the Rigorous Intuition forum board

".....While laying out their argument they must avoid 
triggering a premature revulsion or feeling of 
embarrassment in their audience. They must also 
protect themselves against the backlash from their 
ideas--negative press coverage, social ostracism, 
or even physical assault from members of the 
targeted ethnic groups. 

Racists thus talk about "states' rights" in the South 
and "law and order" in the North. 
Anti-Semites call themselves "anti-Zionists." 

Naturally, not all advocates of states' rights or law 
and order are racists, 

nor are all critics of Israel Jew-haters. 

This is precisely what makes the code words so 

"On close inspection, LaRouche's racialist universe appears to have three species unknown to zoology: the Western oligarchs (the British-Jewish branch of Dravidian Babylon); the Eastern oligarchs (the Russian Orthodox branch); and the bestial masses. The human species, it would appear, is a fourth species composed solely of LaRouche and his followers."

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Birthers Strike Again

This whole thing reminds me of the absurd tax rebel scheme, that cites
a list of things that INCLUDES wages and tips as taxable income, to
prove that wages and tips are not taxable income, and the receptive
gullible eager to believe listeners buy into and went to prison because
of which.

Now a good performing military commander, has lost his career
because he wouldn't deploy to Afghanistan, because he believes
the "birthers" who say that Obama is not a natural born citizen.

First off, aside from the official document with raised seal that is the
certified copy of information in the state records that is sufficient to
use to get a passport, there is an ongoing issue of sheer ignorance
and misinformation about the Constitution.

Amendment 14 and less clearly worded earlier statement in the
main body of the Constitution, make birth in the USA qualify
you automatically as a citizen.

"Natural born" however is not limited to born on US property.
One parent being a citizen is good enough for many countries,
regardless of where the birth occurred. This often results in people
having dual citizenship, but that doesn't eliminate their citizenship
in country A because they also have it in country B. Usually at
some point they choose, and Obama has definitely thrown his lot
in with US, regardless of where he was born.

Natural born means not naturalized but citizen at birth. Given
the tendency to interpret things any old way they please, I can
imagine these people eventually arguing, that if someone is
born by caesarian or brought to term in an artificial womb, they
are not naturally born, ergo not citizens. I suppose some really
serious nitpickers could argue that anyone born with help from
anesthesia isn't born naturally, ergo isn't natural born.

Don't matter as long as one or both parents are American citizens,
OR it happened on American soil.

what is American soil? a state OR a territory, also an American
embassy. Embassies are, for the duration of their use as such, a
little patch of foreign ground, belonging to the country they
represent, wherever they are at. Which is why some pregnant
women used to sneak onto American embassy grounds in some
countries, to give birth in the bushes and have an American
citizen as their child. That would facilitate their getting here and
getting US citizenship themselves.

The immigration control crowd, who are trying to pass laws
that negate this, ignore that the Constitution is the supreme law
of the land, anything in any state constitution or laws to the
contrary notwithstanding, in the main body not the amendments.

The whole birther thing is just plain silly. Especially since there
were birth announcements for the Obamas in the news in
Hawaii when it happened, and it is real unlikely that he would
have been picked that far back to be president, so no reason
for fraudulent posts. If you argue that the Illuminati picked
him, or his mother to breed him, why should they make
trouble for themselves? there are plenty of mixed race couples
both born citizens to pick.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Global Warmiing: What The government Isn't Telling You

Everyone Should Watch This Video.

Seems that whether it is nibiru (unlikely to put it mildly), or
an asteroid hit triggering a speed up of the crustal shift, 
we are in trouble. The Navy is telling its retiring officers
to move to high ground, in the Missouri Arkansas Ozarks.

The crustal shift (NOT magnetic pole switch) is already 
started by the way, according to Hapgood's second book,
which shows that displacement of the north pole marker. 
Seems that the southern tip of Greenland, will be the new 
home of the north pole when this is over.

The CIA has relocated its domestic operations 
(recruiting and interfacing with corporations) headquarters 
to Denver. I guess they figure that the Yellowstone 
supervolcano threat, and its subsequent ash dump, is 
less serious a threat than something that will cause the 
ocean's bulge at the equator to slosh, and take out 
everything up to 100 feet in elevation, whether on the 
Pacific or Atlantic.

Watch this video.

Someone online asked, "if they knew an asteroid was 
coming, would they tell us?" 

Personally, what I think is that although no known near
earth objects, or NEOs, are a danger for decades or even
a century, that is based on the known orbits of known

And it is also assuming that those orbits don't bring 
any of them near each other enough, to change the
orbit of any.

which would be a whole other ball game. 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Why a Remarkably Prescient Group of Forecasts were so Accurate

The following is an excerpt, from an 800 page
(I think that's the count) book, that retired UC
Davis Professor Kenneth Watt has graciously
allowed me to post. This is a long document, so
I am putting most of it on another blog page,
but the outline is here, please read the rest.

Justina (Mary Christine Erikson)

Chapter 3. why a Remarkably Prescient Group of
Forecasts were so Accurate

Brief Outline

There is an extremely revealing way we can determine which are
useful and which are potentially catastrophic approaches to
thinking about the future. We can assemble a set of forecasts that
have proved remarkably prescient, and another set which have
been proved remarkably inaccurate, and identify the differences in
the methods that were used in the two sets of cases. This chapter
deals with a set of five remarkably accurate forecasts.

The subjects abut which accurate predictions were made include
war, air war, the overall character of society, and the future
production of fossil fuels. Only one of the five made extensive use
of mathematical models. The key to success in all cases was that
their conceptual models of reality were strongly influenced by real
world data, not abstract reasoning based on untested assumptions.
That is, realistic, accurate forecasters are concrete random
thinkers, not abstract sequential thinkers (de Bono, 1977). Their
worldview is driven by exhaustive research on facts and causal
pathways, not belief.

[For the rest of this document, please click this link

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Survive in Place

This is a better concept than the run to the hills routine. I read a freebie
thing of theirs I get now and then. This is the $47 plus free bonuses version
that I can't afford. Sounds good though.

The deadline for the $47 special is Nov. 9, but you can probably use
this link to get to the correct current price.

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Family of Secrets scroll down to the video.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


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Halliburton knew BP well was unsafe

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Shale oil - isn't real oil

Oops, Shale oil isn't oil It is an oil precursor called kerogen.

Tar sands don't give oil either. That is bitumen. sort of asphalt.

read the articles at the links.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

covert financial profiteering games and the road to WW III

get ready to dump your happy illusions and face the ugly reality of
unchristian greed and satanic lust for power back of a lot of
America's supposedly patriotic concerns, not to mention problems
we made for ourselves.

I would add, that I do not agree with those who dislike the Patriot
Act's undermining of freedom from wiretapping, because the
Supreme Court decision to incl. this in search and seizure was
the product of buying the arguments of the lawyers for perverts,
mobsters, and other filth, and the failure to notice that the line
of argument pushed far enough, would eliminate testimony from
a human as well as from a machine, because the rationale was
that the wiretap was like the General Warrant in bringing in too
much stuff, too vague and far ranging, when that was not the
issue specified in the search and seizure amendment.

The problem with the General Warrant, wherein the British would
shake down a whole block or more on sheer speculation, was
the matter of security of person and papers and not being subject
to random vandalism, theft, destruction and sometimes violence
to one's person. The issue was NOT that too much information
would be acquired. The purpose of requiring a court order that
was specific in what was looked for and where was to be searched,
was to correct for the problem of disruption, not for the problem
of maybe you might get caught.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Metropolitan Isaiah of the Greek Denver Diocese goofs

Metropolitan Isaiah falls all over himself to
apologize to some offended perverts, who
directly spoke to him and wrote to him,
after he commented on the legalization of
same sex marriage as a bad thing.

"As God is my witness, I have neither criticized nor
have I condemned anyone because of
their lifestyle. As a clergyman, and especially as a
Christian, I have no right to condemn anyone.
I have criticized the act, but never the person."

you can't separate the two. That is why
we need to REPENT to turn from stuff,
to have metanoia or change of heart
and mind. We are impure, we need to
become progressively purer.

If an individual is engaged in radical bad
stuff, it is the witness of Christ and St.
Paul and the canons of the church, to
denounce the individual publicly and
discipline or expell them.

"In attempting to serve God as faithfully as I can, I
have no right to condemn anyone. If God does not
condemn a sinner, neither do I have the right
to do so."

Since when does God not condemn a
sinner? He has in the past and warns He
will do so again. It is in the Bible and
supported by the words of The Fathers.

This  modern position is false, and does
nothing but accomodate sin.

When someone is (or was, before the
developments of the past two or three
centuries) excommunicated, forced to not
enter the church but stand outside or in
the narthex only, back when there were
distinct places for baptized and in good
standing, catechumens, hearers, prostrators, and
unbeliever visitors, or deposed from being a bishop
or a priest or kicked out of church altogether, or
made to do penance for a number of years,

the sinner is warned in Scripture, in Church canons,
 in tradition, ship up or
you will be shipped out - out of the church
in this world, a possibly if you still will not
repent, out of the Kingdom of Heaven in
the next world.

"It is clear from Holy Scripture that, if God were
to condemn any person, He would be
condemning Himself, as every human being is made
in the image of God."

At this point, one should tear one's
outer garment somewhat and rush out
of the church crying "anathema!
anathema!" for here Metropolitan Isaiah
falls into a most important heresy.

Being made in God's image and likeness
is NOT being the same as God. Scripture
makes it clear, that God created the
universe out of nothing, and further created
things out of things already created.

Specifically, we were made out of mud.
Not out of God. out of mud.

Further, because of the Fall, we are no
longer as we were originally designed to
be. We are from Adam, and our flesh
and even soul material derives from him
(traducianism, but without traducianism
you still have the original sin aka ancestral
sin, a distinction without a difference).

We have the death and corruption in us
from conception on, and it takes many
forms, one of which is sexual perversion.

We are inclined to go wrong, and no one,
even those baptized at birth, fail to sin
to some extent. Yet as St. Symeon the
New Theologian points out in The Sin of
Adam, no one sins as Adam did, for he
sinned while in a condition of sinlessness
without congenital spiritual semi blindness
and bad inclination. We sin acting on our
corrupt nature, which came from Adam,
he having warped his nature by his sin,
before any of us were conceived.

Yes, St. Symeon teaches original sin very
clearly. Also atonement. the modern
denial of these is a deviation in Orthodoxy,
that is NOT from The Fathers, who acknowledged
them, and went on from there, taking them for
granted instead of dwelling on them. Their failure to
dwell on them and to dwell instead on the solution to
these problems, left them open to misuse as supposed
non teachers of such, but they DO mention them.

Back to Met. Isaiah, he commits here
the heresy of claiming we are consubstantial
with God.

The entire history of the Christological debates, puts
 the lie to this.

For it is clear, that ONLY Christ Jesus
our Lord and Savior, ONLY HE AMONG
He is consubstantial with God because
He is God, He is consubstantial with God
in His divinity. Then to that divinity without
altering or decreasing it, He added a human
nature, without merging and confusing
these two, their point of union lies in His
Person, not in some merged emulsified
point of juncture between them. This is
what monophysitism (humanity swallowed
up in divinity but still both human and divine but not really
human much) and miaphysitism (humanity and divinity
merged into a single nature instead of two
natures held by one Person, and they either in delusion
 or deception claim that the two natures are united without
change or confusion, when to make a new nature
that is both human and divine, and single, you have to do
 exactly that) fail to understand, partly
due to a confusion between person and nature, which
 is why likely some or even a lot of mia-monophysites do
 in fact have a chalcedonian Orthodox understanding, but
a lot can easily and probably easily do not.

Only Christ is. He alone is the interface
point, between Creator and creation.

Therefore, when God condemns someone,
He does not condemn himself.

Here we see how this waffling and desperate
seeking of approval and to not offend the
offensive, and the blurry notion of love
and mishandling of the doctrines of
forgiveness and of not playing self exalting
games of being grand judge over others,
is compatible with heresy. For here,
Metropolitan Isaiah slips into heresy.

"However, God does
condemn wrongful behavior and sinful lifestyles."

to Met. Isaiah's credit, by the grace of
God, he manages to cling to the standards
of the Church regarding behavior, and his
one open preaching of heresy may it is to
be hoped pass unnoticed and without
corrupting the faith of anyone, and be noticed
by and repented of by himself.


Friday, October 15, 2010

Dr. Loftus, false memory expert, blows it on the witness stand

Patrick Fitzgerald vs. “False Memory” Proponent Elizabeth Loftus

5th November 2009
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In which Loftus, a veteran advisory board member of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, is sworn in …. and exposed as a fraud
In the Libby Case, A Grilling to Remember
Washington Post
October 27, 2006
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With withering and methodical dispatch, White House nemesis and prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald yesterday sliced up the first person called to the stand on behalf of the vice president’s former chief of staff.
If I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby was not afraid of the special counsel before, the former Cheney aide, who will face Fitzgerald in a trial beginning Jan. 11, had ample reason to start quaking after yesterday’s Ginsu-like legal performance.
Fitzgerald’s target in the witness box was Elizabeth F. Loftus, a professor of criminology and psychology at the University of California at Irvine. For more than an hour of the pretrial hearing, Loftus calmly explained to Judge Reggie B. Walton her three decades of expertise in human memory and witness testimony. Loftus asserted that, after copious scientific research, she has found that many potential jurors do not understand the limits of memory and that Libby should be allowed to call an expert to make that clear to them.
But when Fitzgerald got his chance to cross-examine Loftus about her findings, he had her stuttering to explain her own writings and backpedaling from her earlier assertions. Citing several of her publications, footnotes and the work of her peers, Fitzgerald got Loftus to acknowledge that the methodology she had used at times in her long academic career was not that scientific, that her conclusions about memory were conflicting, and that she had exaggerated a figure and a statement from her survey of D.C. jurors that favored the defense.
Her defense-paid visit to the federal court was crucial because Libby is relying on the “memory defense” against Fitzgerald’s charges that he obstructed justice and lied to investigators about his role in the leaking of a CIA operative’s identity to the media. Libby’s attorneys argue that he did not lie — that he was just really busy with national security matters and forgot some of his conversations.
When Fitzgerald found a line in one of her books that raised doubts about research she had cited on the stand as proof that Libby needs an expert to educate jurors, Loftus said, “I don’t know how I let that line slip by.”
“I’d need to see that again,” Loftus said when Fitzgerald cited a line in her book that overstated her research by saying that “most jurors” consider memory to be equivalent to playing a videotape. Her research, however, found that to be true for traumatic events, and even then, only 46 percent of potential jurors thought memory could be similar to a videotape.
There were several moments when Loftus was completely caught off guard by Fitzgerald, creating some very awkward silences in the courtroom.
One of those moments came when Loftus insisted that she had never met Fitzgerald. He then reminded her that he had cross-examined her before, when she was an expert defense witness and he was a prosecutor in the U.S. attorney’s office in New York.
Libby’s defense team declined to comment.
– Carol D. Leonnig

Sunday, October 10, 2010

regarding that last post.....

Bear in mind, that there is no degree of sinfulness that cannot
be cleansed by the Blood of Christ, Who loves us and
eagerly awaits our repentance.

Repentance means turning from, not just regretting while
you get ready to do it again. Go check on the Greek words.

It is written, in the parable of the prodigal son, that there
is more joy in heaven among the angels, over a sinner
who repents than over many who never were guilty of
serious sin.

So do not despair.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Heterosexual sin will send you to hell as much as homosexual sin will

We are hearing a lot lately, about bullying of gays, some of whom have
committed suicide. (Of course, these are the obvious fag types. The
he man sort who think they are straight because they do the buggering
and never allow themselves to be buggered, are not on the radar. But
the Law of God both OT and NT explicitly targets these, "if you lie
with a man as you would with a woman, it is abomination unto God."
Arsenokoites, mistranslated self abuse, is man defined as strong ergo
manly, arsen, and koites or coition, the dominant partner is here
condemned along with the "effeminate" in the same breath. It also has
implications against sex as service demanded by the stronger of the
weaker, and buggery whether hetero or homo.)

But while apparently there is a lot of talk about the abomination of
homosexuality, there is not any talk to speak of about the
abomination of heterosexual experimentation or "fornication."

St. Paul makes it clear that fornicators will not inherit the Kingdom
of Heaven, and Revelation speaks of fornicators as well as
buggerers and sorcerers being kept outside of the New Jerusalem.

so it is really irrelevant "who you are" or "what your sexuality is,"

The purpose of figuring out who you are should not be just so
you can act on it whatever it is.

If you figure out you are something that is wrong, then you
have a valuable piece of knowledge - that you need to get
yourself under control and with God's help NOT act on it.

homosexuality is a series of choices in what feelings you
cultivate and play with, sometimes starting from some
unwholesome stimulation as a child. By the time you have
some clear cut choice of action, you have been cultivating

Same for heterosexuals who sleep around.

If you have an impure heart, it needs cleaning. Desires
may come unasked, but ACTION is a CHOICE.

And a man or woman who has sex with many partners,
of the opposite sex, is only slightly less impure but still
headed to hell just as much as a homosexually inclined
person who acts on his or her inclinations is.

If the churches had been busy denouncing heterosexual
abomination like they ought to have been, instead of
glossing it over as inappropriate to discuss in mixed
company in public, and at most something for women
to worry about doing but men can fall now and then,
somehow he is more noble and just needs a good wife,
while a woman who falls is beyond redemption and
unmarriageable, if that crap had not been taught,
then the whole problem of the heterosexual sinner
would not have fallen off the radar.

Because when the double standard was correctly
rejected, the vile young and older men were not
held up to shame and spat upon along with the
girls and women who were whorish, but rather
everyone was free to be wrong.

The fact is, that The Bible is not strictly a hate
document against gays, but against all forms of
whoredom. And it does more denunciation of
male unchastity than it does of female.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

This genetically modified supermarket health food killed baby rats in three weeks

Friday, September 24, 2010

America's Sexual Revolution, incl. perversion, engineered by pedophile Kinsey

Of course, there was sexual misconduct going on long before, but it was less
and it was usually considered wrong. Unfortunately there was a double
standard. And a conspiracy of silence, aka modesty and don't discuss
certain things in mixed company or even at all, that empowered evil
and disempowered victims and semi victims those who are getting

And the fact that the sexual revolution caught on, shows that there was
a market for it. People are fallen, ergo evil, Kinsey or no Kinsey. But he
made it possible to get way out of hand.

Read the article at World Net Daily. Though it is being pooh poohed
on a usenet group where I got the URL from, and though it may be
being focussed on by a rightist with dubious agenda, I have read this
before, when the research came to light, and it is no invention of the
paranoid right.

Monday, September 20, 2010

This is Interesting, earliest pre Incan civilization found


Ceremonial Temples 4,000 Years Old Found in Peruvian Jungle
The Latin American Herald Tribune, September 20, 2010
LIMA, Peru – A team of Peruvian archaeologists have discovered two ceremonial temples more than 4,000 years old in Peru's northern jungle, which makes them the most ancient in the country and identifies them with the Bracamoros culture, the daily El Comercio said on Saturday.
     On both sites were found 14 burial vaults that typically contain the skeletons of newborns and adolescents placed there as offerings at different times in the course of the 800 years these buildings were in use, the newspaper said.
     The Bracamoros culture occupied part of the current Ecuadorian province of Zamora Chinchipe and the Peruvian regions of Amazonas and Cajamarca, where the temples were found, the daily said.
     It said that the place where the archaeological remains were uncovered was used as a rubbish dump by the inhabitants of Jaen, until a team of archaeologists led by Quirino Olivera decided to excavate the buildings, following the lead of fossil and ceramic evidence found in recent decades.
     As the work was getting started in May, experts found large semicircular walls built with a mixture of mortar and stones weighing 200 kilos (440 pounds).
     The perfectly aligned walls were built in eight phases of construction and were decorated with an early fresco technique, El Comercio said.
     Olivera told the newspaper that "we are standing before one of the first civilizations of Peru."
     "If we keep digging, we could find vestiges preceding the Chavin (1,000 B.C.), Caral (3,000 B.C.) and Ventarron (4,000 B.C.) cultures, since neither in the Andes nor on the coast have temples been found that are this ancient or with these characteristics," he said.
     The archaeologist said that the temples located in the areas of Montegrande and San Isidro are the first to be found in a region where jungle meets mountains.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

From the Prayer of Jesus to the Prayer of the Heart

An excellent article read at this link

Monday, September 6, 2010

Abiotic Oil merely oil travelling from deeper deposits

According to a 2002 article by Robert Cooke in Newsday, the source of Eugene 330's new oil from nowhere was analyzed and suspected to be migrating through faults from much deeper and older subterranean faults. These "deep earth" faults have been surmised to be from the Jurassic and Cretaceous age. This new mystery oil contains biomarkers closely related to other extremely ancient oil deposits, trapped in very deep formations. 

Eugene 330's effectiveness as a "smoking gun" for abiotic oil is limited, however. Skeptics point out that Eugene 330 is special precisely becausewhat happened there has never happened before, and this begs the logical question, why isn't this phenomena more common if the deep strata of the Earth's crust is filled with endlessly self-replenishing reserves of abiotic oil?

What is a demonstrable fact, however, is that this "deep earth oil" carries further potential for natural radioactivity the deeper you go. NORM (Naturally Occuring Radioactive Materials)  has been studied in locations such as New York  and Texas. Uranium and Thorium are known by geologists to be plentiful deep in the Earth, so much so that modern oil companies use electronic detectors to sniff out helium and methane. Why? Because helium and methane are natural decay signifiers of Uranium and Thorium.

Therefore, the more methane you find from a "deep earth oil" reserve such as what BP and the Deepwater Horizon were drilling into, the greater possibility that you are releasing considerable amounts of radioactive material into the environment. That this radioactivity is "natural" is irrelevant, and doesn't make it any less deadly (in before Rush Limbaugh and Haley Barbour proclaim it to be all-natural and perfectly safe).

Considering that the flow from the BP leak is believed by experts to be 40% methane, this raises the question: how much natural radioactive material is correspondingly being spewed out with it? 

No amount is a good amount.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Suicides in India from genetically modified seed caused crop failures and physical hazards of Monsanto GM crops

"Resurrected" Galaxies

NASA JPL:  “Astronomers have found puzzling, giant loops of ultraviolet light in aged, massive galaxies that seem to have a second lease on life. Somehow these older galaxies have been infused with fresh gas to form new stars that power the truly gargantuan blue rings, some rippling out as far as 250,000 light-years. The discovery of these rings implies that bloated galaxies presumed ‘dead’ and devoid of star-making can be mysteriously re-ignited with star births."

Perhaps this shows that God is still maintaining the universe, and it will never end, 
though it might get seriously overhauled someday, though it did have a beginning.

Compare these two photos


Upper atmosphere image by NASA.

Mars, limb shot. compare the atmospheric density. Mars' atmosphere
is a lot less than Earth's, but a lot MORE than ascrilbed to Mars.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Read this article.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The End Times - Again

Throughout the past centuries, there have been various analyses that
concluded that the antichrist and the last days were here or nearly so.
All of them failed, as point of fact, and inherently were flawed,
because the features that prophecy warned of, were never entirely
present. Some, usually only an exaggerated few, but not all.

Now, according to St. Paul, we have been in the Last Days since
the First Coming of the Messiah (Greek word for this is Christos).
the Jews still await the first coming of the Messiah, we Christians
await the Second Coming.

That a dual coming is evident in Old Testament prophecy, from
Moses on through the Prophets, is shown by the fact that some
Jewish speculation on this positing TWO Messiahs, a Messiah
son of Joseph and a Messiah son of David. Somewhere in the
Talmud is a curse on those who think that the Messiah is divine
on account of certain specific texts in Prophets and Psalms
that point in that supposedly impossible direction.

Meanwhile, though the antichrist is not here yet, I strongly
suspect that we are in the time of the third horseman of the
four horsemen of the apocalypse of St. John, and are
moving into the time of the fourth sooner or later.

The first is an archer mounted on a white horse, a conqueror.
Peoples who specialized in archery and their descendants,
whatever weapons were common, played a role in building
huge empires that affected all the world, eventually even the
breakaway continents.

The second horseman is red, and takes away peace and
people kill each other. This sounds like various nationalist
idealistic revolutionary movements and banditry and of
course the 100 years war, the 30 years war, WW I and
WW II and the ongoing brush wars around the world since.

These of course overlap somewhat. But to fit the picture,
this has to be something that affects not just Europe, not
just America but more of the whole world, and especially
involves the Mediteranean and Near East and Middle East.

The third horseman is black, the color of oil. It has scales
to weigh goods and inflated prices for grain and "see that
ye hurt not the oil or the wine," apparently these will be
in short supply after a while, precious commodities.

We seem to have been moving into this phase now. My
suspicion that they overlap each other, is supported by
St. John's seeing the four horsemen as if all at once, or
in a close sequence, like they rode together. To some
extent, they might depict a repeating pattern to be
found at various times everywhere, but also a bigger

The fourth horseman is "pale" and death follows him,
killing by the sword, and famine, and plague, and "the
beasts of the field." These latter seem to have been
starting up a teeny bit. Maybe down the road chimps
will figure out how to use knives, spears and guns.
A quarter of mankind will die from all this.  Obviously
this isn't here yet, though stuff not unlike it occurs in
Africa right now.

I understand there is an Orthodox writer or online
theorist somewhere, who figures we are in the time
of the third or fourth horseman now, but he didn't
say on what basis, but it was something to do with
traditional Orthodox views of Scripture.

If he is reading this, or someone who reads this
remembers his post somewhere online, I'd like to
hear from him.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Monday, August 23, 2010

St. Gregory Palamas comments on St. Demetrios

"In his homily on St. Demetrios the divine Gregory puts in relief the
chastity of his body and soul. He lived in general chastity even though
he was the highest officer in the Roman army.
According to St. Gregory Palamas, St. Demetrios was graced with
splendid prophetic power and was counted worthy of "the apostolic and
teaching diaconate and a high position". He was full of virtues and was
not inferior to the saints in asceticism "and in their radiance of life". But
he was behind some, was like others; superior to some and surpassing
others. He possessed many gifts.
The warfare which St. Demetrios waged within his heart was
comparable to the warfare of the great ascetics. He kept his nous pure of
any unseemly thought, protecting the immaculate Grace of holy
Baptism, had a will that harmonised with God's law "like a book of God
and a tablet and plaque engraved by God or a writing tablet written by
the finger of God and placed before all for the common use". In this way
St. Demetrios was chaste in both body and soul. He had his citizenship
in heaven and walked on an equal footing with the angels, having a body
as well. So St. Demetrios seems to have had an angelic life and
from St. Gregory Palamas as a Hagiorite by Met.ropolitan Hierotheos
of Nafpaktos

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Dangerous mix of normal and H1N1 flu vaccines, dose for seniors quadrupled.
Seems the WHO and other people were on payroll of Big Pharmaceuticals
to try to make a pandemic out of nothing.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dr. Laura Gets Ridiculous

I  am watching CNN at 3 am or so, and here is the latest from Dr. Laura.
Seems she is quitting radio, when her contract expires which is soon, and
going to focus on the Internet, so that she can reclaim her "first amendment
rights" and won't "have to live in fear."

I am beginning to wonder about this broad.

While her point in her n-word laden remarks to the lady on the phone
had considerable validity, they ALSO had two major flaws.

Firstly, she didn't have to actually USE the n word, she could have
just said "n word n word n word" instead of "n....., n....., n....."
when she said this. After all, she was dealing with a woman who was
already offended, and the word has a long history of hurtfulness. Why
not deal with the lady more kindly?

Secondly, there is a certain obvious difference between a black person
saying this, and a white person, since it IS derogatory, and is a word
with a history of violence behind it, white on black violence and still
some possibility like that, and when a black person uses it, it is more
like when a white says white trash, there is no implied and somewhat
potentially sometimes credible threat or the possibility of empowering
those who would be a credible threat by using this word.

Black says n word, it is snooty. White says n word, it is threatening
and includes potential of social and even economically impacting
subtle or not so subtle exclusion, at the least.

Now, Dr. Laura isn't all that ignorant of history. She does have a
certain wide eyed staring dumb blonde quality though usually her
analyses aren't that far bad.

Maybe her choice of words on that phone call could be dismissed
as unthinking, etc.

but now this political phrasing?

What happened to concerns she has expressed about hurtful words
and all kinds of bad communication in families and so forth?

It comes with exceeding ill grace from a blonde with chisled nordic
features to be talking about first amendment rights and living in fear
(of WHAT? being criticized?) in context of using the n word.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bull Leaping

I just looked at that Bull Leaping video again, the look on that bull's
face is priceless, early on when the guy jumps over him. Its like,
"where'd he go? huh?"

Monday, August 9, 2010


I am not sure where this is being done, or whether it is a continuation from
antiquity or an effort to revive it. Cretan frescoes show the more spectacular
leaps involving grabbing the horns to get lift from the upward jerk the bull
will do, but this is great.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

MidTNOrthodox on twitter

I love the quotes in this person's tweets!



How to Discern the Signs of the Times  Metropolitan Joseph
(I don't know which jurisdiction he is with.)

The Lord said: "You know how to discern the face of the sky, but you, hypocrites, cannot discern the signs of the times" (Matthew 16:2-4).

Dearest Beloved,

We are not pessimists, and we are not prophets of doom and gloom. However, we are also not prophets of cheerfulness and positive-thinking. Our Lord instructed us to discern the "signs of the times". Thus, it is always our task to be "critical" of modern society. We can not be members of a large group or movement, or any fad or mob. The only ultimate allegiance we have, obviously, is the Body of Christ. That allegiance alone determines our philosophy, our outlook and our ethic.
It is important to say this outright, because in this moment, we are thinking especially about "our home churches" - our families. Our task is to prepare them for the Orthodox way of life in this Diocese, and in the Holy Orthodox Church. Our task is not identify with our children, for example, or to join their associations. We are not about to become young again or to imitate our children.

Our Lord, through the great unified voice of Holy Tradition, commands us differently. Instead of us imitating our children and youth, we are to teach them and lead them, to love them and sacrifice ourselves on their behalf- so that these young people may imitate us as we follow Christ.

St. Apostle Paul wrote this about who should imitate whom in his First Epistle to the Corinthians: "I became your father in Christ Jesus through the Gospel. I urge you, then, be imitators of me"(4:15-16). And then later on, in the same Epistle, he repeated this principle: "Imitate me, just as 1 also imitate Christ"(11:1).

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Deconstructing Kalomiros

I read the first chapter and some of the rest of
Kalomiros' "On False Union." I cut and pasted the first chapter
and put in my annotations about his errors. Clearly, his and
Khomiakov's concepts of the Church revolves more around
externals than Christ. There is a vituperation that is applauded
by his iconographer friend as indicative of love of truth, but the
level of falsehood that is at issue is so much less than what
drew such reactions in earlier times, that it seems ill placed.

The more I read, the more I want to vomit. There is such an
intertwining of truth and lies in his analyses, and in his concerns
about the Calendar, he misses the Paschal issue and sees only
the entirety of the liturgical calendar. Tradition and tradition
he sees no difference in.

The error of rejecting Atonement is found in ecumenist and
anti ecumenist people, as is Kalomiros' related rejection of
hell as real and rejection of God's justice.

It seems that those who focus on shared liturgical actions
are amenable to heresies that are closer to the core, and those
who fear justice and want only bland love seeming stuff, and
like Orthodox externals regardless of ecumenism or not, like
the denial of hell. Indeed, the denial of God's wrath and justice,
starting with a rejection of the Atonement, logically play out in
Kalomiros' River of Fire heresy.

The idea that God's justice bespeaks hatefilledness on God's
part, is a blasphemous parody of the Atonement doctrine,
clearly God's love makes the call, because He did not leave
us to disintegrate on our own, both out of love for His
Creation and pity for us, He in the Person of Jesus the
Second Person of The Trinity Who is One God in Three
Persons stepped in and became human and suffered in our
place what we deserve so we can become children of God,
and while dead crippled the devil and conquered hell and
death and then came back to life, never to die again.

The allergy to the idea of God's justice often takes the
form of some warped version of atonement that doesn't
even resemble the doctrine. Or ideas like, a wronged
person comes to a judge seeking justice, and the judge
lets the evil doer go free and punishes a whipping boy.
No, the judge and the plaintiff are the same, the judge
takes the punishment due to the one who offended Him,
and gives the penitent offender another chance.

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Trouble With The Left

I've been sniping at the right for some time. Let's see what's wrong
with the left.

Firstly, they, like the right, tend to think in patterns and according
to blind "principles" that are misapplied and do systematic thinking
that ends up with a house of cards that would easily topple at a

The push can be, check the facts on something, or, check the
motives, or, check the unexamined premises, or, the non
sequitur (it does not follow).

Secondly, they apply principles like equal rights or freedom
but reject morality when it conflicts. (the right does the same in
somewhat different ways, pretending to be preserving morality
or something.)

For instance, there is NO logical connection between freedom
of multi partner heterosexual immorality promiscuity that
is so fast in its change of partners, that unlike prolonged living
together committed relationships, it doesn't even mimic marriage,
and freedom of women from oppression.

The destruction of the double standard does NOT require
legitimizing casual unchastity by women. It merely needs to
ILLEGITIMIZE and prohibit and make sanctions against
casual unchastity by men.

Freedom of abortion is another irrelevance.

The original feminists were, for the most part, against
abortion, against immorality and perversion, and though they
might entertain illusions about "woman's" superior nature,
they tended to promote women catching up to men in sports,
clothing, politics, economics and business, etc. The pro
abortion and "free love" element were a minority.

Equality of the sexes got a big push in the USA, when women
in the abolitionist movement noticed that while equality was
pushed for all men regardless of color, the feeling and practice
was not the same for women, despite the fact that the same
lack of ingrained moral and mental differences worth arguing
about held for races as for sexes.

Even if you argue there are serious differences, the fact remains
that individuals who do NOT fit this, a lot of them, exist, and to
be fair all should compete, regardless of race or sex, on an equal
playing field.  There should be no restrictions, in fairness to those
who were the exceptions, especially since those exceptions
radically increased in numbers when educated and raised
differently from the way those who fit the stereotypes were
usually raised.

Homosexual activity is another absurdity. Even if you argue there
is sometimes a biological basis, after all, hermaphrodites on rare
occasions exist, the vast majority DO NOT LOOK LIKE THEY

The genetic origins theory is very, very weak, and more likely
points to a gene or genes for instability of some sort, that might
manifest in different ways in different individuals, with different
upbringing. Some would go bonkers in a sexual way, others in
a non sexual way.

But even if the genetic origin were proven, that only means it
is one more abnormality in genes, like any other inherited

The desires and predilection may or may not be innate.

not a necessity.

The tendency to convert freedom from government mandating
of religious organizations to an inherent equality in truth of all
religions, denial that any might be closer to the truth than others,
soon works out as denial that there is any truth.

The failure of the left to give Christianity the credit it deserves
for things the liberals and left take for granted in values and
practices they support, and general gullibility, is as bad as the
right's failure to deal with history or legal issues or whatever,
the more anarchistic the rightist the more so. the right often
tries to harness Christianity to support purposes, that at
times churches may have supported, but did so in violation
of teachings from The Bible and the early church fathers.

The left, in the person of Mae Brussell, was the first to notice
the big picture around the JFK assassination, and pursue this
research. But while Alex Constantine is pretty good, he is
compromised by his pro rock and role bias, into thinking the
parapolitical evil government conspiracy was against rockers,
even secretly murdering them, when more likely the rock and
drug scene was partly due to some government and other
rogue games in social programming.

For instance, whether the cause is human deliberate arrangement,
or paranormal, or a bit of both, Dave McGowan shows there
are some striking coincidences beyond belief, in the development
of the rock and flower children subculture.  And it would make
sense as an effort to discredit, by association, the more
conservative type anti Viet Nam war people, by making it all
look like only something hippies would do.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Dishonesty of right wing media latest example

MEDIAMATTERS for July 20, AD 2010

"Fox News twisted reality to claim that the "U.S. Backed Freedom, Not Prison, for Bomber." Matt Drudge splashed a huge headline across his website announcing that the "White House Backed Release Of Lockerbie Bomber." Pam Geller -- whose deranged rantings have earned her frequent appearances on Fox News and bylines on Andrew Breitbart's "Big" websites, Tucker Carlson's Daily Caller, and the American Thinker -- called for a "special investigation" and a "charge of treason" for Obama.
Rush Limbaugh -- while bragging, as he often does, that he was "executing assigned host duties flawlessly" with "zero mistakes" --claimed that Obama "backed the release" of the Lockerbie bomber because he wanted to "make nice with the Muslim world."
Late Monday, when the State Department released the administration's correspondence with the Scottish Ministry of Justice, it confirmed in unambiguous terms that the administration was "not prepared to support Megrahi's release on compassionate release or bail," and that "it would be most appropriate for Megrahi to remain imprisoned for the entirety of his sentence."
So, after this story completely fell apart, did conservative media figures correct the record and let their readers/listeners/viewers know that the administration did not "support" or "prefer" the release of the Lockerbie bomber?
Of course not.
Conservative blogger Jim Hoft -- whose ongoing popularity and influence in conservative media says a lot about their complete indifference to accuracy and credibility -- linked to the letter and proclaimed that the administration "preferred" his release. This was akin to pointing at the ground and saying "this is the sky."
Fox Nation, almost 48 hours after the story had completely fallen apart, still had the following headline and image on their front page:

And you can be sure that in a few months, whenever Sean Hannity or anyone else in the noise machine decides to twist a news story to claim that the Obama administration is "weak on terror," they'll point to the time the administration supposedly "preferred the release of the Lockerbie bomber" in order to buttress their point.
It's a perpetual dishonesty machine.
If this were an isolated incident, perhaps it would be possible to (partially) excuse conservative media outlets for their shameless performance "covering" this story. But as we detailed this week, the right-wing media routinely promote fake stories (for example, the epic freak-out over the imaginary Obama proposal to "ban sport fishing.")
For another good example of how the perpetual dishonesty machine works, have a look at this segment from Tuesday's Fox & Friends. In it, Glenn Beck, Steve Doocy, and Peter Johnson Jr. seized on reports of the U.K. supposedly "admit[ting] its socialized health care is a mess" in order to attack health care reform. They rehashed some old favorites from conservatives' misinformation campaign about health care reform, claiming that we "modeled" reform on the British system and fear mongered about imaginary "death panels." Neither of these attacks were true when they appeared last year, they weren't true this week, and they won't be true the next time Fox's hosts bring them up. 
This pattern is undeniable, and at this point is just expected behavior for the conservative media. The larger problem is that "mainstream" outlets still frequently treat garbage from conservative media figures as newsworthy, and ombudsmen at major newspapers like The Washington Post regularly chastise their colleagues for not seizing on conservative nonsense faster.
It says a lot about the state of the media when Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Matt Drudge, and other prominent media conservatives can be caught pushing a blatantly false story, offer no correction, and have their behavior met with a collective shrug. Conservative media outlets retain their unfortunate power and influence over the public discourse because they are able to lie largely without consequence.
They did it all this week, they did it all last week, and they'll do it again next week."

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Black Dahlia the true story

Steve Hodel's case for his father George Hodel having been the
murderer of Elizabeth Short ?(aka The Black Dahlia).

Monday, July 26, 2010

Another county heard from re soy

here's the other side of the soy story. seems a lot of anti soy stuff originates
from some group founded by a guy who bragged of the healthfulness of
animal fat and his high fat diet and died of a stroke at 42. part of the animal
problem of course is how they are factory farmed.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Barbarians among us

an excellent article. I am not sure I accept his comparative definitions
of barbarism and civilization, because some of that network of
institutions and relationships informs barbarian societies even more
so, defining when and where someone is safe to deal with, and
allowing conditions under which they will not be safe to deal with.

But overall, this is very good.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

the chicken came first - back to creationism.

seems a protein found only in eggs and in chicken ovaries is needed to make eggs.
Ergo, the answer to which came first, the chicken or the egg? is: the chicken.

Sounds like an unintended argument for Creationism or Intelligent Design to me.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

language links between Siberians and some Native Americans

Interesting discussion on evidence for connection 
between the Siberian tribes and some Native American
I recall reading that some Turkish tribes consider the
Amerindians to be their lost brothers, though whether
they came to this conclusion due to some of their
own bringing back behring strait info from school, or
had some legend developed earlier, maybe in
connection with Russian exploration and trading,
I don't know.

I DO know, that some Turkic rug designs and some
Amerindian designs look similar.

FYI "Turk" is not properly a synonymn for moslem,
except in the old millet system of the Ottoman Turks.
Turkish language group people exist in many tribes.
The Bulgarians though technically Eastern Orthodox
are in fact turk by origin, but not Osmanli/Ottoman
turkish descent. Many Turkish tribes in the old
Russian empire and later USSR domains, have moslem
and Christian members and often some shamanistic
animist people as well.

The northwestern Indians retain legends of the
ghostwind horse, probably a leopard appaloosa, that
was given them by Russian explorers long before
the Spanish came. Bashkir Curly type horses also
occur among Amerindian breed descent horses in
the USA, another Siberian variety. A segment of
the Nez Perce is trying to recover its original
appaloosa horse, by crossing Akhal Tekes with
fairly high percentage Ameridian derivation appys,
calling this the Nez Perce Horse, reminiscent of
the high quality animals that Lewis and Clark
reported among the Nez Perce, Shoshone and

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Origin of Old Calendarism

Origin of Old Calendarism
additionally, even if the claim of a forgery is incorrect, examining the texts
that ROAC (Old Calendarist) makes available
shows that the central issue was the Paschalion, the determination of the
date of Pascha (Greek for Passover, Easter is the later western term, Jesus
Christ is our Passover) and determining always to keep this happening AFTER
the Jewish Passover has been celebrated, since out Pascha focusses on Christ's
Resurrection (Christos is Greek for Messiah), which occurred after the
Jewish Passover.

Clearly, any modification of the Calendar that does not change how Pascha
is done doesn't matter. Pascha must itself remain Julian, whatever you do with
the rest of the calendar, because The Holy Light refused to come to the Gregorian
date for Pascha but came on the Julian date for it in Jerusalem in I think it was AD

It makes sense to retain Julain dates for ceremonies relating to Christ Himself,
since this emphasizes that these things happened in historical reality, when the
spring equinox fell on a date now 13 days later than it actually occurs now.

And the reversal of the Jordan's flow where Jesus was baptized occurs on
Julian Epiphany.