Friday, September 24, 2010

America's Sexual Revolution, incl. perversion, engineered by pedophile Kinsey

Of course, there was sexual misconduct going on long before, but it was less
and it was usually considered wrong. Unfortunately there was a double
standard. And a conspiracy of silence, aka modesty and don't discuss
certain things in mixed company or even at all, that empowered evil
and disempowered victims and semi victims those who are getting

And the fact that the sexual revolution caught on, shows that there was
a market for it. People are fallen, ergo evil, Kinsey or no Kinsey. But he
made it possible to get way out of hand.

Read the article at World Net Daily. Though it is being pooh poohed
on a usenet group where I got the URL from, and though it may be
being focussed on by a rightist with dubious agenda, I have read this
before, when the research came to light, and it is no invention of the
paranoid right.

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