Friday, September 24, 2010

America's Sexual Revolution, incl. perversion, engineered by pedophile Kinsey

Of course, there was sexual misconduct going on long before, but it was less
and it was usually considered wrong. Unfortunately there was a double
standard. And a conspiracy of silence, aka modesty and don't discuss
certain things in mixed company or even at all, that empowered evil
and disempowered victims and semi victims those who are getting

And the fact that the sexual revolution caught on, shows that there was
a market for it. People are fallen, ergo evil, Kinsey or no Kinsey. But he
made it possible to get way out of hand.

Read the article at World Net Daily. Though it is being pooh poohed
on a usenet group where I got the URL from, and though it may be
being focussed on by a rightist with dubious agenda, I have read this
before, when the research came to light, and it is no invention of the
paranoid right.

Monday, September 20, 2010

This is Interesting, earliest pre Incan civilization found


Ceremonial Temples 4,000 Years Old Found in Peruvian Jungle
The Latin American Herald Tribune, September 20, 2010
LIMA, Peru – A team of Peruvian archaeologists have discovered two ceremonial temples more than 4,000 years old in Peru's northern jungle, which makes them the most ancient in the country and identifies them with the Bracamoros culture, the daily El Comercio said on Saturday.
     On both sites were found 14 burial vaults that typically contain the skeletons of newborns and adolescents placed there as offerings at different times in the course of the 800 years these buildings were in use, the newspaper said.
     The Bracamoros culture occupied part of the current Ecuadorian province of Zamora Chinchipe and the Peruvian regions of Amazonas and Cajamarca, where the temples were found, the daily said.
     It said that the place where the archaeological remains were uncovered was used as a rubbish dump by the inhabitants of Jaen, until a team of archaeologists led by Quirino Olivera decided to excavate the buildings, following the lead of fossil and ceramic evidence found in recent decades.
     As the work was getting started in May, experts found large semicircular walls built with a mixture of mortar and stones weighing 200 kilos (440 pounds).
     The perfectly aligned walls were built in eight phases of construction and were decorated with an early fresco technique, El Comercio said.
     Olivera told the newspaper that "we are standing before one of the first civilizations of Peru."
     "If we keep digging, we could find vestiges preceding the Chavin (1,000 B.C.), Caral (3,000 B.C.) and Ventarron (4,000 B.C.) cultures, since neither in the Andes nor on the coast have temples been found that are this ancient or with these characteristics," he said.
     The archaeologist said that the temples located in the areas of Montegrande and San Isidro are the first to be found in a region where jungle meets mountains.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

From the Prayer of Jesus to the Prayer of the Heart

An excellent article read at this link

Monday, September 6, 2010

Abiotic Oil merely oil travelling from deeper deposits

According to a 2002 article by Robert Cooke in Newsday, the source of Eugene 330's new oil from nowhere was analyzed and suspected to be migrating through faults from much deeper and older subterranean faults. These "deep earth" faults have been surmised to be from the Jurassic and Cretaceous age. This new mystery oil contains biomarkers closely related to other extremely ancient oil deposits, trapped in very deep formations. 

Eugene 330's effectiveness as a "smoking gun" for abiotic oil is limited, however. Skeptics point out that Eugene 330 is special precisely becausewhat happened there has never happened before, and this begs the logical question, why isn't this phenomena more common if the deep strata of the Earth's crust is filled with endlessly self-replenishing reserves of abiotic oil?

What is a demonstrable fact, however, is that this "deep earth oil" carries further potential for natural radioactivity the deeper you go. NORM (Naturally Occuring Radioactive Materials)  has been studied in locations such as New York  and Texas. Uranium and Thorium are known by geologists to be plentiful deep in the Earth, so much so that modern oil companies use electronic detectors to sniff out helium and methane. Why? Because helium and methane are natural decay signifiers of Uranium and Thorium.

Therefore, the more methane you find from a "deep earth oil" reserve such as what BP and the Deepwater Horizon were drilling into, the greater possibility that you are releasing considerable amounts of radioactive material into the environment. That this radioactivity is "natural" is irrelevant, and doesn't make it any less deadly (in before Rush Limbaugh and Haley Barbour proclaim it to be all-natural and perfectly safe).

Considering that the flow from the BP leak is believed by experts to be 40% methane, this raises the question: how much natural radioactive material is correspondingly being spewed out with it? 

No amount is a good amount.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Suicides in India from genetically modified seed caused crop failures and physical hazards of Monsanto GM crops

"Resurrected" Galaxies

NASA JPL:  “Astronomers have found puzzling, giant loops of ultraviolet light in aged, massive galaxies that seem to have a second lease on life. Somehow these older galaxies have been infused with fresh gas to form new stars that power the truly gargantuan blue rings, some rippling out as far as 250,000 light-years. The discovery of these rings implies that bloated galaxies presumed ‘dead’ and devoid of star-making can be mysteriously re-ignited with star births."

Perhaps this shows that God is still maintaining the universe, and it will never end, 
though it might get seriously overhauled someday, though it did have a beginning.

Compare these two photos


Upper atmosphere image by NASA.

Mars, limb shot. compare the atmospheric density. Mars' atmosphere
is a lot less than Earth's, but a lot MORE than ascrilbed to Mars.