Thursday, December 23, 2010

food for thought from the Rigorous Intuition forum board

".....While laying out their argument they must avoid 
triggering a premature revulsion or feeling of 
embarrassment in their audience. They must also 
protect themselves against the backlash from their 
ideas--negative press coverage, social ostracism, 
or even physical assault from members of the 
targeted ethnic groups. 

Racists thus talk about "states' rights" in the South 
and "law and order" in the North. 
Anti-Semites call themselves "anti-Zionists." 

Naturally, not all advocates of states' rights or law 
and order are racists, 

nor are all critics of Israel Jew-haters. 

This is precisely what makes the code words so 

"On close inspection, LaRouche's racialist universe appears to have three species unknown to zoology: the Western oligarchs (the British-Jewish branch of Dravidian Babylon); the Eastern oligarchs (the Russian Orthodox branch); and the bestial masses. The human species, it would appear, is a fourth species composed solely of LaRouche and his followers."

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