Monday, May 30, 2011

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Harold Camping Wrong Again

Well, May 21 came and went and we are all still here. i shouldn't have to make
this post, but the old SOB has gone and reaffirmed his earlier Oct. 21 date,
so here is an excellent article. Note that Camping doesn't just predict from
calculations from things in The Bible, he CHANGES things in The Bible to
make it fit.

E.g., "Harold Camping's numerology and rather liberal view of the laws 
of mathematics is the crux of their reasoning. Here is one example of 
many, from the Bible in John 21:1-14 the disciples are about 200 cubits 
out from the shore on the Sea of Galilee. Harold Camping has taken that 
figure of 200 cubits and decided that it actually means 2000 years
between the first and second coming of Christ.[2] Not only has Harold 
Camping inserted his own meaning into a minor detail in the Bible, he 
has changed the number from 200 to 2000 and the units from cubits[3] 
to years. With "reasoning" like this it is amazing that anyone has taken 
Harold Camping seriously. To learn more about Harold Camping's 
teachings here are some informative links, the 
Institute for Biblical & Scientific Studies and the ApologeticsIndex."

As the article goes on to say, if you are among those who believed this
nonsense and it fails, which it will, this will be a blow to your ego, so
"prepare to be humble."

  1. Be prepared to accept that you are wrong. Many others have 
    claimed to know the end of the world before now, and obviousl
     they were wrong. They too misinterpreted Scripture, so if the 
    rapture does not occur on the 21st of May 2011 then you will 
    have joined their ranks. This will be a blow to your ego and 
    some will find this failure very emotional. The best course of 
    action is to prepare to be humble.
  2. Don't let this failure destroy your faith. The Bible was not wrong, 
    you just interpreted it incorrectly. Harold Camping and his 
    complex string of assumptions and fact fiddling has failed you, 
    God's Word has not failed you.
  3. If you are not raptured on the 21st of May 2011, don't panic. It 
    is not because you are a bad Christian, it is because the date is 
    wrong. You'll find it hard to believe that something you held 
    with such ardor and faith is erroneous, and so you will be prone 
    to blame yourself. Don't fall into the trap of self condemnation, 
    read Romans 8:1. Remember also that it will be extremely 
    obvious when Jesus Christ returns, like lightning across the 
    whole sky, there is no chance that anybody will miss it, 
    Luke 17:24."

Thursday, May 19, 2011

An Ex Rand Fan Speaks Out

"Ayn Rand's world is one without community, a place where rugged individuals achieve success all on their own. Rand is therefore blind to the societal infrastructure that makes the accumulation of wealth possible and makes a polity stable enough for an economy to function. I would suggest that the logical outcome of Rand's philosophy is a fractured world, where the wealthy pay paramilitary forces to protect them in their gated communities. It is a world not of some ideal, free market competition, but one in which the absence of regulations leads to monopolization, the further concentration of wealth, and the breakdown of consumer protections. And in that sort of world, the production of wealth becomes more difficult, even for the wealthy. As trite as the phrase has become, it does take a village. Individual success and triumph often requires individual initiative and perseverance, but it also depends upon so much else and so many other people to create and maintain the foundations of a stable society."

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Martian Landscape?

No, its Mt. St. Helens.

Take a look at the steam explosion caused crater.

Monday, May 16, 2011

soft tissue find in fossils means this dinosaur lived only a few thousand years ago

"Over the past three years, ICR News has featured over 20 cases of 
original soft tissues found in fossilized remains around the world.1 
Since tissues like skin and cartilage are known to spontaneously 
decay in only thousands of years, these published finds clearly 
show that the fossils could not be millions of years old."
read the rest of the article here
"The presence of soft tissue, which decomposes rapidly after an
 organism dies, fits the Creation model (asserting that dinosaurs 
lived recently, in the last 10,000 years)" 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Was Justice Done Regarding Bin Laden?

already, there are complaints, that Bin Laden did not get justice,
because he got no trial. This ignores the fact, that trials are a tool
of justice, not the same AS justice.

Trials sometimes result in injustices being done, when the guilty
are freed, or the punishment is too light (often the fault of
legislatures and Supreme Court justices), or when the innocent
are convicted.

In Bin Laden's case, it was common knowledge and his own
admission what he had done, if not in 9-11 where he said he didn't
do it, didn't know who did it, but congratulated them, then in the
case of many, many more who died in definite Al Qaeda events.

Not only on his orders, but the orders of those in the network who
might operate without his direct oversight, but according to the
standards he set, and with the help of the inspiration, training,
pep talks, and funding and arming he provided.

So, yes, justice was done, and he was so guilty and up front about
it, that a trial would be a redundancy.

It would also be risky, because he might have walked. the standard
of proof is high, and a lot of the information is third hand, i.e.,
hearsay. (Hearsay is the basis for most history and other things
taken as established fact in court matters.) the point about hearsay
rules is that you want to be sure you can check your facts.

Now, he would have been tried for 9-11, not for the many other
lesser but lethal incidents elsewhere. Not for the aid and support
to getting them done, and conspiracies he was part of or agreed
to, ergo being effectively part of them.

So in all liklihood he would have walked. Or gotten some light
sentence for something else.

So if tried, justice would NOT have been done.

Tea Party and American History

excellent article on deviations between fact and fantasy by Tea Partiers, liberals,
and others, regarding American founders, ideas, and Americans in general.

Friday, May 6, 2011

public ignorance

on a blog, someone calling himself spiritsplice says " “How do you plead, guilty or not guilty”. 
What ever happened to INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY?"

this is an example of the appalling ignorance of the public. If you plead guilty, you admit the
guilt, no need to prove. you usually get a lighter sentence for not forcing the court to spend
money proving anything. 

If you plead not guilty, THAT is when they have to assume you innocent until proven guilty,
THAT is when they have to prove you are guilty. the standard of proof in criminal proceedings,
since the object is to punish, is beyond a reasonable shadow of a doubt, while that in 
civil proceedings, since the object is to heal the problems you made for another, even though
incidentally it may effectively punish you somewhat, the standard is 51% or more like true
than not.

Bin Laden is finally DEAD.

certain people argue that this has to be fraud, because there
are prior reports of his death. Kidney failure, getting shot
by someone referred to (allegedly) by Benazir Bhutto as the
man who shot OBL, and other things.

well, if its the real OBL, he's dead.

if its not the real OBL but someone kept up as a unfying,
inspiring figure after his actual death years ago, the
masquerade is officially over.


Praise God, Osama Bin Ladin (or whoever) is dead. now
some may condemn and judge me for such a view. but
that is out of step with some things in The Bible incl. NT.
but glorifying God that OBL is dead, does not preclude
praying for his soul if you want to do that. After all, "with
God all things are possible." that alone is reason enough to
pray for the dead, even for the unbelievers.