Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Origin of Old Calendarism

Origin of Old Calendarism
additionally, even if the claim of a forgery is incorrect, examining the texts
that ROAC (Old Calendarist) makes available http://www.roacusa.org/Catechism/THE%20CALENDAR%20QUESTION.pdf
shows that the central issue was the Paschalion, the determination of the
date of Pascha (Greek for Passover, Easter is the later western term, Jesus
Christ is our Passover) and determining always to keep this happening AFTER
the Jewish Passover has been celebrated, since out Pascha focusses on Christ's
Resurrection (Christos is Greek for Messiah), which occurred after the
Jewish Passover.

Clearly, any modification of the Calendar that does not change how Pascha
is done doesn't matter. Pascha must itself remain Julian, whatever you do with
the rest of the calendar, because The Holy Light refused to come to the Gregorian
date for Pascha but came on the Julian date for it in Jerusalem in I think it was AD

It makes sense to retain Julain dates for ceremonies relating to Christ Himself,
since this emphasizes that these things happened in historical reality, when the
spring equinox fell on a date now 13 days later than it actually occurs now.

And the reversal of the Jordan's flow where Jesus was baptized occurs on
Julian Epiphany.

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