Monday, December 28, 2015

China takes a more proactive stance against terrorism

This is going to bring them into the Middle East more, very
likely. Note scenario indicated by Daniel chapter 7 in the Bible,
if the attribution of China to the four headed leopard is

"Beijing (AFP) - China has legalised overseas counter-terror operations by its military, details of a controversial new law
showed, as it tries to tie violence linked to mainly Muslim
Xinjiang into global  concerns about extremism. Under the
counter-terrorism legislation passed at the weekend Beijing
"may send personnel outside the border to carry out anti-terror activities" when the "relevant country" agrees, according to
the text published by the official Xinhua news agency.
The measure applies to the People's Liberation Army, the
People's Armed Police and employees of the country's public security organs, Xinhua said."

rest of article is at

check my other blog for likely China as 5 headed leopard of Daniel's prophecy

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Nazi origins of EU and Shadow of the Swastika Nazi origins of the EU whatever the page or author's connections, this summarizes information I already have from other sources. The Hidden Roots of the European Union It has been observed that American presidents are not elected, they are selected, and they are selected by Bilderberg. Everyone who has become president since the mid to late 1970s visited and was approved by Bilderberg, more specifically by David Rockefeller of Chase Manhattan Bank, the biggest drug money launderer in the USA. Maybe anywhere. Not sure of that. Bilderberg was getting sick of Obama not getting us into WW 3 like they wanted for war profiteering motives and figuring the chaos could let them bring more of their idea of “order” out of it. But Obama won the second term anyway.

Nazis in the attic all kinds of dirt on everybody incl. USA leaders of business and politics before during and after WW 2 also called Shadow of the Swastika I have only read a couple of articles at this site it looks good. 1600 Nazi scientists, soldiers, war criminals adopted by USA.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Investigation Exposes Jeb Bush Nazi Treasure Holdings

Maybe we should all retire the nukes and focus on thermobarics - firestorm climatic issues

nuclear bombs can cause firestorms, several bombs several firestorms, and the millions
of tons of debris in the air would cut down world food production. A fight of this sort
between India and Pakistan would impact China, you don't have to be involved in the
fight to be affected.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

yellowstone is doing very wierd stuff

Go to  and if you go any day after
Dec. 17th today, make sure the upper left hand corner date is set to Dec. 17 2015. Then scroll
down and look at YMS-Mt. Sheridan.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Alliance and Clash of Civilizations

We got this thing on in the UN now called Alliance of Civilizations which
basically says that if you take your religion seriously as truth vs. any other
religion, you are a potential terrorist, by definition an extremist, etc. etc.

This is to counter the Clash of Civilizations which has been observed by
some for a while now, a major clasher being islam. Now, the Alliance
approach basically considers that any criticism of islam, including anyone
other than a mullah speaking in house to his own people as to how to
behave, who exposes what the Koran and hadiths and shariah say, is
doing a no-no.

On Cumbey's blog the Ahmadiyya heretical Islamic sect cropped up, and
while I had always dismissed this group as peripheral in fact it isn't. One
of its leaders was also a major figure in Pakistan and the UN. And to get
where he was he had to have major Theosophical backing. The Theosophical
Society was involved in founding the UN, and maintains the meditation
chapel which is a weird looking spiritually by way of mentally disorienting
thing. Specifically Lucis Trust maintains it, renamed from "lucifer trust."

Not surprising.

Anyway, it seems Ahmadiyya claims that the Messiah and/or founder is
a reincarnation of, get this, some kook from ancient times, who in the days
of the foolishness of the 1800s when some tried to pretend Jesus never
existed (very few attempt that now), was viewed as the prototype Jesus
was based on, Apollonius of Tyana. This is not a famous philosopher you
run into in books on Greek philosophers. And Eliphas Levi in one of his
books makes a big deal about him and even conjured him or some demon
pretending to be him up briefly.

So....there is something very odd about Ahmadiyya.

While rank and file islam would reject Ahmadiyya  and people like ISIS
would exterminate them in a heartbeat, what they are proposing is such a
conciliation of islam as to weaken any resistance. It is easy enough to have
your people taught to do taqiyya, permitted deception in advance of Islamic
interests, and pretend to not be that serious about islam, but keep its laws
as a quaint cultural pattern which (female genital mutilation and four
eyewitnesses to get a conviction of any crime included) should be respected,
while pretending to be peaceful. The typical lecture in a madrassah would
not be exactly saying the same thing.

Ahmadiyya has made inroads with the Seventh Day Adventists to some
extent, sharing a belief in continuing revelation. (not private input from
God to deal with some specific situation but doctrinal development and
so forth, and/or "explaining" Scripture to make it say something it
doesn't, materials meant to be permanent public guidelines until "god" has a
moodswing or whatever and the next revelation comes down the pike.)

The Alliance of Civilizations undermines Christianity by opposing the
words of Christ, that "none comes to The Father except by Me." (possibility
of salvation during or after death of a person who did not believe in life is
not a contradiction of this, since it can only happen by the person meeting
and accepting Christ, or remembering hearing of Him and calling on Him
in desperation as things start looking bad after death or during the death
process. the calling can be done in the mind even if one cannot speak. This
still leaves it that no one comes to The Father except through Jesus Christ.)

This undermining, by getting people to consider all faiths are true (or for
that matter equally false) facilitates conversion away from Christianity,
because then there is no inhibition on exploring other options. and Islam
is there to make an invitation, so is the New Age scene which can merge
with Sufism. Now, though Sufism seems peaceable their orders, some of
them, have always been part of militant islam.

So between New Ager plans to exterminate those who don't go along
with them, and Islamic jihad plans similar, we are in for a rough ride if
these laws get passed and enforced. One is going to have to tread
carefully, and Christians will have to once again set themselves outside of
society and culture and nation state, and conduct proselytism carefully.

By Christians I mean the ones who take Christ seriously and at His word.
The sloppier sort may get saved at the last Judgement or may not, but the
only safe position is to take Christ seriously and be prepared to suffer
and die for Him, and not deny Him for any reason including for the sake
of loved ones.

I don't think the antichrist will come from all this, not yet. Daniel 7 says
he comes from a world empire that doesn't exist yet, not its founder but
a displacer of three rulers of it. The New Age is definitely an attempt to
lay the groundwork for him, which if successful would be a slap in God's
face, if the antichrist came to power outside of the circumstances God has
mandated he will have to operate in. SO IT WON'T HAPPEN. But that
doesn't mean the Church won't get persecuted by NEw Agers if they have
the capacity to do so and think "ascension" or whatever is around the

Adding to the mix would be the Joel's Army crowd, currently recruited
to spiritual warfare only, but a timeline by Bill Hamon, discussed in a
previous post, shows it will be physical starting AD 2020 or later. So
we got New Agers, Moslems, and Joel's Army after us. Joel's Army
explicitly states (Joyner said so) that eventually they will have to kill
those Christians who do not go along with them.

But if you start making concessions internally and stop believing that
Christianity is the only true religion, you are weakened. Maybe you
will prefer Jesus Christ over the other options, but your witness is
going to be weak and your interest in converting others or financing
missions is going to be little to none.

Meanwhile, jihad will continue, and the often paganized types of the
Euroracist crew will be the shocktroops opposing it, and gain credibility
they haven't had since the 1930s and 1940s.

So far this mess hasn't developed in an obvious way yet, but the fact
is you couldn't have an Alliance of Civilizations type laws get proposed
or put in effect without a severe lack of faith (meaning dedication to
Jesus Christ) which is exactly what has been going on in Europe. And
to a lesser extent in the USA.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

"Allies of Humanity" are not allies but part of the same greyskin and reptoid team.

Looked into something called "Allies of Humanity" because of its mention in the preface or first chapter of The Evil Empire of the ETs and the Ultra-Terrestrials on the kindle view. While the analysis of the problem aliens present is good up to a point, it draws on this book (three in fact) that some friendly aliens are warning us against all this, and the plan to rule by controlling through mental powers capable hybrids that Dr. David Jacobs exposed.
But there is a problem.... these "people" talk about how we gotta advance to a state of greater telepathy in general.
And the information was "transmitted" to the writer after a lot of "spiritual" work so probably channeled. It is essentially New Age crap, and it is "good cop bad cop" game. The same guys doing the abducting and scheming are transmitting the books. TO INCREASE OUR TELEPATHY IS TO INCREASE OUR VULNERABILITY TO THE CONTROL BY TELEPATHY PLAN.
Also indicated by the table of contents (didn't want to read it) is that the aliens meeting some resistance from the humans have stirred up trouble using islamic fundamentalism probably by telepathically encouraging leaders who are also sufis or influenced by such. This of course would take the blame off the real creators of all this, USA founded Al Qaeda and the whole salafist movement from the 1800s which is a throwback to original islam. the conditions resulting from concessions of convenience, greed and necessity by the moslems were viewed by them as apostasy. Salafis were talking rape and murder from the start. These are not decent, honorable people. Sure some telepathic prompting using mystics (easily compromised) might be in play because chaos and war means more people can be taken and eaten or enslaved offworld without being noticed as gone and psychic vampirism by aliens and demons they are allied with would feed on the suffering and fear and bloodshed.
But the whole allies of humanity game is the same as that of the pleiadeans and so forth, nordic types, who pretend to oppose the greys, but in fact they and greys and reptoids have been seen working together on ships by abductees, and at least one report had a nordic commander of such. These "friendly" aliens like to communicate telepathically and by channeling which is mediumship which involves psychic boundary violation. Most "spiritual" work sets you up for this.

what's the deal with letting all those obviously questionable refugees into europe?

if you examine the Nazi background of the EU and how it matches exactly to the old Nazi plan for organizing Europe, then another game is in play. not as simple as clash of civilizations, but using it.

let the right wing and Europe for Europeans and closet Nazi power build up to where it can face down a threat.

bring in the threat.

the soon radicalized population joins the skinhead etc. and other uprising.

threat is eradicated.

Nazis back in power.