Thursday, December 16, 2010

Birthers Strike Again

This whole thing reminds me of the absurd tax rebel scheme, that cites
a list of things that INCLUDES wages and tips as taxable income, to
prove that wages and tips are not taxable income, and the receptive
gullible eager to believe listeners buy into and went to prison because
of which.

Now a good performing military commander, has lost his career
because he wouldn't deploy to Afghanistan, because he believes
the "birthers" who say that Obama is not a natural born citizen.

First off, aside from the official document with raised seal that is the
certified copy of information in the state records that is sufficient to
use to get a passport, there is an ongoing issue of sheer ignorance
and misinformation about the Constitution.

Amendment 14 and less clearly worded earlier statement in the
main body of the Constitution, make birth in the USA qualify
you automatically as a citizen.

"Natural born" however is not limited to born on US property.
One parent being a citizen is good enough for many countries,
regardless of where the birth occurred. This often results in people
having dual citizenship, but that doesn't eliminate their citizenship
in country A because they also have it in country B. Usually at
some point they choose, and Obama has definitely thrown his lot
in with US, regardless of where he was born.

Natural born means not naturalized but citizen at birth. Given
the tendency to interpret things any old way they please, I can
imagine these people eventually arguing, that if someone is
born by caesarian or brought to term in an artificial womb, they
are not naturally born, ergo not citizens. I suppose some really
serious nitpickers could argue that anyone born with help from
anesthesia isn't born naturally, ergo isn't natural born.

Don't matter as long as one or both parents are American citizens,
OR it happened on American soil.

what is American soil? a state OR a territory, also an American
embassy. Embassies are, for the duration of their use as such, a
little patch of foreign ground, belonging to the country they
represent, wherever they are at. Which is why some pregnant
women used to sneak onto American embassy grounds in some
countries, to give birth in the bushes and have an American
citizen as their child. That would facilitate their getting here and
getting US citizenship themselves.

The immigration control crowd, who are trying to pass laws
that negate this, ignore that the Constitution is the supreme law
of the land, anything in any state constitution or laws to the
contrary notwithstanding, in the main body not the amendments.

The whole birther thing is just plain silly. Especially since there
were birth announcements for the Obamas in the news in
Hawaii when it happened, and it is real unlikely that he would
have been picked that far back to be president, so no reason
for fraudulent posts. If you argue that the Illuminati picked
him, or his mother to breed him, why should they make
trouble for themselves? there are plenty of mixed race couples
both born citizens to pick.

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