Wednesday, November 25, 2015

wolves and unhealthy interdependency of world peoples  go to articles list on the right for excellent material.
there is a romance about wolves fomented I think at the start by people like Ernest
Thompson Seton who had occultist involvement somewhat, and whose book
Wild Animals I have Known very oddly (at least the edition I read as a child) has
Egyptian cartouche type design down its spine. This focusses, as do many anecdotal
and scientific information sources on the humanlike qualities of feeling and sometimes
thought of animals. their social life, etc. THIS IS NOT FALSE, but there is more to
things than this. Their emotions mostly orient around their interests, as do most of
our emotions,  and we have to prioritize because we cannot survive with such
competition and we cannot breed with them to keep our species going in a hybrid
form, and even if we could the result would still face competition from them.

God designed us to be managers of nature, when everything was plant eating, and
maybe even monogamous which cuts down population growth to some extent.
Vegetarian versions of carnivorous creatures have been identified from the fossil
record and alive. It is speculated they are mutant forms, but more likely they are
the original, and that carnivorousness developed to deal with food lack. It is also
possible that only humans were immortal, and that depending on getting at the Tree
of Life (as distinct from the tree of knowledge), and that carnivorousness was
originally scavenging of the dead. One Orthodox writer speculated that death existed
outside the Garden of Eden but not in it, and I would add perhaps it was supposed to
be gradually eradicated elsewhere by human population increase and management
of nature, and presence of the Tree of Life. Paul speaks of death entering through Adam,
and may only refer to humans, but it also would affect the rest of nature, the warp in
the human from eating the tree of knowledge passing into nature by being dissolved,
incorporated, eaten after death. the disease would metastasize throughout the natural
world. chaos and abnormalities of one kind or another would ensue. Hints in Romans
and Revelation point to ALL creatures being included in the Sacrifice by Christ.

Old Man of the Ski is a blog I am following now, and he has excellent
articles on the wolf problem. I wrote a post, don't know if it will get
accepted, but I think I will post it here also. The problem is that wolf
populations growing undermine wild prey populations, spread the deadly
and slow to be noticed till its too late hydatid disease, and sooner or later
they prey on our food supply animals, our pets, and us. Hunting the wolves
by focusing on alpha  members of packs increases breeding, since they
actively interfere in breeding by younger members of the pack (this I picked
up from a documentary). Hunting should focus on younger and stray wolves.

this whole picture reminds me of the fourth horseman of the apocalypse, incl. death by wild beasts. (It also shows that carrying capacity IS an issue with animals, humans always increase the carrying capacity by ingenuity and so forth, but you will note how long the patriarchs in the begats in Genesis took to reproduce and "fill the earth" well, define "fill" population control of humans by any means that involves actual or potential abortifacient measures or killing of the ill and eventually whoever is of course NOT ACCEPTABLE, but a lot of that population growth is due to almost (in some cases literal) forced conception you HAVE to reproduce as fast as possible for social acceptability or even to avoid divorce and being a beggar in the streets. at risk of physical attack or rape even out there on the streets. so between forced depopulation and forced population production, the humans are facing abnormal conditions the former murder the latter  often a slow death for women most of whom can't handle lots of births. only in modern times where the medical help was in play did childbirth not represent a real threat to the mother, and infant mortality and death of younger children was not unusual. In the present time we take it for granted the children should always outlive the parents, but in the 1700s and 1800s in America it was standard expected you would be burying some children.)

I am NOT a proponent of aryanism, etc., but I do know their propaganda, and there is a peculiar irony historically.
the crazies who think there is a war against the white race put the white race in danger by fomenting as many wars as possible to encourage the warrior quality, etc. etc. like the Nazis. seems to me if there is any danger to "the Aryan race" it comes from their own damn leaders and propagandists especially the depredations wrought on it by its  supposedly greatest representative and defender, adolf hitler, we hear of the deliberate killing of Jews, white as anyone else, but the wars killed lots and lots of even Nazi definable pure Aryans.
To revert back to pagan warrior cultures of Europe before the Roman conquests (which enforced some peace), would be to reduce the political scene to tribal segments busily killing each other, with the best of the breed male and female leading the charge in killing each other, what would that do to breed quality? 
similar issues would pertain to other races in some places. The Chinese ancient political theory was that empire was the highest form of civilization, bringing order and peace. But a world empire would mean the worst idiocies would be in charges and no where to go to escape. Large political bodies like the nation states we have now are ideal, giving the advantages, with their sovereignty of both empire and variation and option to go elsewhere. THINK QUARANTINE, of culture, law and economics, so one error in one place doesn't impact everyone everywhere else.
yes were are "interconnected" and "interdependent" now AND IT NEEDS TO STOP, ROLLBACK ALL THIS INTERDEPENDENCY,  ONE ELEMENT GOES DOWN IT TAKES THE REST WITH IT, economic crashes have typically been on both sides of the Atlantic at once more or less, this is NOT RIGHT.

Turkey fires on Russian plane again.

Satellite imagery shows the plane may have strayed over real Turkish land, but
was on its way out or already out when fired on. Turkey wanted a no fly zone,
remember? when this was denied to it it set one up anyway. It is protecting ISIS
and keeping their supply lines open which come from Turkey. money comes from
Saudi Arabia and Qatar, but materiel from Turkey.

Putin has decided to not attack Turkey but visits are suspended, and businesses are
being assessed to not be affected who trade with Turkey while implementing possible
economic reaction. Mainly Putin has stated that any plane drawing down on a
Russian plane is going to get shot down.

This is as I predicted (not a prophet just a dot connector) that  Russia would not
directly attack Turkey because it is a NATO member, until and unless Turkey is
kicked out of NATO. But Russia will fight Turkish air and probably ground forces
if there are any in Syria.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

A pseudo christian form of New Age trending militant.

Bill Hamon started the heretical and unbiblical school of The Holy Spirit and later school
of prophecy, on the idea of first describing the gifts of the Holy Spirit, then the next
getting students to activate these gifts. In other words, first load their minds then
immediately get them to counterfeit them with autosuggestion.
" One semester he taught on one of the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit in one session, and then in the next session had the students practice moving in that gift. These were the first attempts Bill made at activating saints in their gifts of the Spirit."
"The heart of Bill Hamon’s ministry is the Genesis principle that every seed reproduces after its kind. This is the fulfillment of a prophecy that was given to Bill in 1984 about how he would train others: “…It’s going to be a multiplying of yourself, producing reproducers reproducing reproducers who will reproduce reproducers.”

IMAGE OF YOUR TRAINER IN YOU. excuses like Paul saying imitate me as I imitate
Christ may be made, but what is really in play is a kind of cloning of the self
appointed prophet and superman. and the trainees get to feel the power and glory
from spiritual reproduction, taking someone and making them into their image.

The concept is in play of teaching people to hear God's voice for themselves. This
means that any goddam bullshit you produce on your own, or get from a demon, is
automatically the voice of God. total chaos could be expected, but with the discipling
cloning whatnot and accountability to bishops and apostles, this would not be
allowed to move away from New Apostolic Reformation guidelines. Thus without
a formal church organization structure or doctrines like Roman Catholicism, their
authority concept and network of same would function the same way or better for
control issues.

Supposedly one hears the voice of God for yourself and are free of the institutional
churches, lately being accused of being paganized, and the house church is the   
solution to this problem. House churches are an atomization, an isolation of the
target by the predator.  

 Ditching supposed pagan practices of the physical sort, they end with pagan practices
of the mental sort, their whole "holy spirit" game being essentially shamanism. the
"tarrying" of the Pentecostals from the 1830s Welsh revivals and later is the same
passivity as a mediuim in training! They use all kinds of fleshly and worldly systems
of church growth and they have to rely on this because they do NOT have the Holy
Spirit,  and because they are looking for  vast numbers to join them, when in fact
such huge popularity with the world is an indication something is wrong. The
dominionist position became evident in more recent decades. And another writer
pointed out that one of the targets of Joel's Army or whatever it calls itself, is the
Christians and churches that don't agree with them and are not part of the NAR!

 Currently they are working on emergency preparedness team building and learning
how to work with local police and so forth. This is a good way to expose people to
dealing with unusual and sometimes potentially violent situations. They will
develop relationships with police and other first responders, maybe convert some
to their brand of Christianity, God forbid. Look for an uptick of military imagery
of the sort that however "spiritual" it is supposed to be instead of literal, it will
acquaint the readers with weapons and their use, ancient and modern. Even some
tactical things. This is a gradual training and a weeding out of those who are
not so devoted, not so recruitable to the next level, and the next level.

They are building an army all right. And they haven't gotten to physical training and
talking about killing people yet, but they will get there.

These people either generally have too big a smile or a kind of abnormal calm.
There is nothing spiritual about them, a lot of hokum and probably some real
spiritual deviance, whether it is demonic or a malformation of the energy body is anyone's
guess. But it is the result of an unbiblical focus.

This was back in the 1960s. And a long term plan seems to be in play.

Herescope is one of the best discernment sites anywhere. Its characterization of the
church the bride of Christ as a warrior as "homoerotic imagery" is really outrageous.
There is no same sex flirting or necking, just the warrior woman that is styled as
lesbian ipso facto. Obviously they have a sexism problem and they have a pre-
tribulation rapture problem, considering any opposition to this deception they fell
for to be part of deception. aside from these, which rarely crop up, herescope is

scroll down to third Apostolic Reformation,
"Hamon then published a more complete timeline, which seems to be the “blueprint” that the NAR and IHOP are using in their eschatological countdown:

2003 the Church will begin moving into Phase 3 of the 3rd and Final Apostolic Reformation. This Final Apostolic Reformation contains 5 movements or they can be called 5 phases. The Church which is walking in present truth is moving into Phase 3 in 2003 which is the Saints Movement.

3rd Apostolic Reformation

1988 – 40 years – 2028
•Phase 1 Prophetic Movement 1988
•Phase 2 Apostolic Movement 1998
•Phase 4 Army of the Lord Movement 2018
•Phase 5 Kingdom Establishing Movement 2028[8]"
"8. This timeline by Hamon was originally published here: "

" Hamon described these movements in terms of progress towards Dominionism, i.e. ruling and subduing the earth:

We’ve crossed over the Jordan. The moment you cross over Jordan you’re going into warfare…. In this movement, it is constant warfare and you don’t stop until all of Canaan is subdued and the children of God are ruling and reigning.

As fanatical as it may sound to fundamental evangelical Christians, the Church is destined to subdue all things and put all things under Christ’s feet before He actually literally returns from heaven.[10]"

citing 10. Jennifer LeClaire, “Dr. Bill Hamon answers your questions about the eternal Church,”
as the source for all this.

this got me to thinking just now, since 2003 began the 2008 third phase, a phase
presumably begins in trace form five years prior. predecessor trends may have existed c. AD 1983, and an uptick in detailed military analogies and physical fitness may be locatable in trace form c. AD 2013 to now.
this article was first published 2006. the original page disappeared but I got it anyway.

So in 2003 he paints a picture of inevitable development and moving into the next
phase, and this is a sorting out phase. So by now there should be some kind of
excessive focus on military stuff as a model in details that make actual training
easier in future years. actual recruitment for physical action easier also later.

doing spiritual warfare and spiritual mapping is good training for attacking weak points
and identifying targets to take out physically not just spiritually. (given their
bad track record in changing things, it doesn't sound like their sort of exorcisms
are much good.) This is likely going to get violent by 2020 or 2028 at the latest.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

the Cybernetics Group de facto think tank

the review of David Livingstone's book Transhumanism on says this whole thing started with
The Cybernetics Group. searching for that, I found a copy on google books, but
not set up to be read online. the review says that "This is the engaging story of a moment of transformation in the human sciences, a detailed account of a remarkable group of people who met regularly from 1946 to 1953 to explore the possibility of using scientific ideas that had emerged in the war years (cybernetics, information theory, computer theory) as a basis for interdisciplinary alliances. The Macy Conferences on Cybernetics, as they came to be called, included such luminaries as Norbert Wiener, John von Neumann, Margaret Mead, Gregory Bateson, Warren McCulloch, Walter Pitts, Kurt Lewin, F. S. C. Northrop, Molly Harrower, and Lawrence Kubie, who thought and argued together about such topics as insanity, vision, circular causality, language, the brain as a digital machine, and how to make wise decisions.Heims, who met and talked with many of the participants, portrays them not only as thinkers but as human beings. His account examines how the conduct and content of research are shaped by the society in which it occurs and how the spirit of the times, in this case a mixture of postwar confidence and cold-war paranoia, affected the thinking of the cybernetics group. He uses the meetings to explore the strong influence elite groups can have in establishing connections and agendas for research and provides a firsthand took at the emergence of paradigms that were to become central to the new fields of artificial intelligence and cognitive science.In his joint biography of John von Neumann and Norbert Wiener, Heims offered a challenging interpretation of the development of recent American science and technology. Here, in this group portrait of an important generation of American intellectuals, Heims extends that interpretation to a broader canvas, in the process paying special attention to the two iconoclastic figures, Warren McCulloch and Gregory Bateson, whose ideas on the nature of the mind/brain and on holism are enjoying renewal today.Steve J. Heims, once a research physicist, has devoted his attention to the history of twentieth century science for the past two decades."
two things jumped off the page.
that Margaret Mead was involved.
that the brain is viewed as a digital computer.
I think the latter is an error, though some of the synapse firing is like this I
think it operates either also or more like an analog computer. If this is correct,
then the foundation of cybernetics applied to the brain is flawed.
in a digital system, something is either on or off and the strings of 0s and 1s
reflect this condition, so that an incredible string of such is needed to state
something fairly simple.
In an analog system, it is more comparable to the flow of water in a hose, full on,
restricted in varying degrees, full off.
Margaret Mead "was a respected and often controversial academic who popularized the insights of anthropology in modern American and Western culture.[2] Her reports detailing the attitudes towards sex in South Pacific and Southeast Asian traditional cultures influenced the 1960s sexual revolution. She was a proponent of broadening sexual mores within a context of traditional Western religious life. As an Anglican Christian, Mead played a considerable part in the drafting of the 1979 American Episcopal Book of Common Prayer."
Basically she worked from the presupposition, stated or not I don't recall, that
the "primitive" is closer to original humanity and therefore a proper model. This may
have been partly driven by her personal inclinations. While three marriages (one to
a man who researched sorcery in eastern Papua) is not necessarily that big of a
problem one wonders what she was up to before and between her marriages. at least
one possible lesbian relationship is indicated and "In her writings she proposed that it is to be expected that an individual's sexual orientation may evolve throughout life."
"In 1976, Mead was a key participant at UN Habitat I, the first UN forum on human settlements."
this looks a bit like an ancestor to Agenda 21, though it goes in a rather
opposite direction in disliking urbanization, which Agenda 21 would maximize, while
pushing everyone out of the rural scene including small farmers. The huge amount
of proposed off limits to humans shown spaces on the map would mean camping and
fishing and hunting trips are ruled out also.
Kurt Lewin was a great scientist, but he also had a theory of change, which while
it might be an accurate picture of acquiring radical new information and applying
it, is essentially amoral, doesn't suggest sorting what to dump and what to retain
and why, and is a blueprint for messing with the public mind.
"An early model of change developed by Lewin described change as a three-stage process.[14] The first stage he called "unfreezing". It involved overcoming inertia and dismantling the existing "mind set". It must be part of surviving. Defense mechanisms have to be bypassed. In the second stage the change occurs. This is typically a period of confusion and transition. We are aware that the old ways are being challenged but we do not have a clear picture as to what we are replacing them with yet. The third and final stage he called "freezing". The new mindset is crystallizing and one's comfort level is returning to previous levels. This is often misquoted as "refreezing" " atheist aside from anything else.
"was a logician who worked in the field of computational neuroscience.[1]
He proposed landmark theoretical formulations of neural activity and generative processes that influenced diverse fields such as cognitive sciences and psychology, philosophy, neurosciences, computer science, artificial neural networks, cybernetics and artificial intelligence, together with what has come to be known as the generative sciences. He is best remembered for having written along with Warren McCulloch, a seminal paper entitled "A Logical Calculus of Ideas Immanent in Nervous Activity" (1943). This paper proposed the first mathematical model of a neural network. The unit of this model, a simple formalized neuron, is still the standard of reference in the field of neural networks. It is often called a McCulloch–Pitts neuron."
Norbert Wiener "Norbert described his father as calm and patient, unless he (Norbert) failed to give a correct answer, at which his father would lose his temper.
He became an agnostic." hmmmm. often one's theological tendencies get shaped by
experience of parental behavior or misbehavior, probably because one doesn't
separate the behavior from the belief (or lack thereof) or go check the Scriptures
to see if the person is acting in accord with or against what is taught as right.
While it doesn't say this experience influenced him, a failure to note the timeframe
involved (instant reaction by his father vs. decades or centuries before God
cracked down big time after lots of warnings and offers of forgiveness and over far
more important things than math wrong answers) might have got him equating God with
his father. Stalin was once an altar boy or something like that, got a vicious
verbal assault for a minor error from a priest or bishop and ended up an atheist and
hating the church. "Northrop was personally acquainted with and close to a great number of leading figures in philosophy, politics, and science. These included G. H. Hardy, Bertrand Russell, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Erwin Schroedinger, Hermann Weyl, Norbert Wiener, Mao Zedong, John Foster Dulles and Mohammed Iqbal, among many others. For instance, see the dedication to "Man, Nature, and God.""
off the top that's two crackpot philosophers one Communist tyrant and near demigod,
and Dulles the architecht of acquisition of Nazi scientists and agents and part of
the JFK coverup and other dirty stuff, and a poet (poetry is hypnotic and induces altered states of consciousness in the readers and hearers, I read once that in
ancient times the swedes considered a love poem a kind of psychic attack, a spell)
who essentially founded the disastrous Pakistan movement along with Jinnah, the latter
praised by ex British intelligence WW 2 agent (who used his experience on how a
man sounds when dying of being stabbed, having stabbed him, to duplicate this in
a scene he played as an actor later) Christopher Lee. One wonders what British
Intelligence maybe had to do with creating the Pakistan mess perhaps revenge for
Indian independence?
Lawrence Kubie was harder to locate, perhaps for good reason. maybe this background
is dealt with in some references to a Dr. Lawrence Kubie psychiatrist, but the
serious dirt, if this is the same man, is at this link. use "find" in "edit" be sure
to spell his name k u b I E don't forget the I or you miss it kubie.
the computer as such has ancestors in the 1800s in Europe, in China in the crude
calculator the abacus (with that name it sounds like it came from an arab land or
was named by an arab before it got to China) and even something the antikythera
device found on a sunken ancient mediteranean ship. adding complexities of
purpose and function and electricity ramped it up. printing function added and you
get onscreen typing on the one hand, and actual printouts on the other.
yep, that was Dr. Lawrence S. Kubie

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Russia and Israel likely to become partners in defense of holy sites the Palestianians are trying to claim as moslem

they are claiming the church of the Holy Sepulchre. this is going to put them
on Russia's radar. I think the "Palestinians" are going to face the wrath of a
combined Russian Jewish force one of these days. Either that or God is going to
blast them when they try to interfere with the Holy Fire Ceremony.

I already predicted Russia and China would enter the Middle East, based on things
in Daniel chapter seven, but this prediction I can't relate to prophecy in the Bible,
but is based on the existing interests in the Holy Sepulchre.

Putin has repeatedly stated he is going to protect Christians, and is in the Russian
Orthodox Church, Moscow Patriarchate. The Holy Fire Ceremony is held on
Julian Calendar Holy Saturday, and the Holy Fire only comes to the prayers of the
Eastern Orthodox Greek Patriarch of Jerusalem. back in Turkish times, the
Armenians bribed the Turks to lock the Greeks out, and the Holy Fire would not
come to the Armenian Patriarch's prayers, but crashed through a pillar of the
church to light the candles of the Greek Patriarch praying outside the church.

A Turk saw this,  declared Christ is God, and was martyred by his fellow Turks.

The Palestinians will probably try to interfere in this ceremony.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

retired military brass vallely, mcinerney and boykin - exploiting ISIS for their own takeover agenda

A new alternative to evolution and it doesn't really interfere with Creationism proposes a wild new idea (and the author has a
hilarious fiction book based on the premise of someone trying to replicate
this). Frankly the photo of the author looks a bit like this kind of ancestry,
I hope he will take this statement in good humor, and the video of stages
of development of a human embryo's face at one point definitely does a
brief pig snout though flat.

Humans are a (or descended from) a chimp pig hybrid.

pause to give you time to get up off the floor where you've been rolling
and laughing.

details at the site. Basically he suggests that evolution of the Darwinian
sort is not supported that well by the evidence, but might be explained
not by gradual changes but by sudden changes, new lineages, created
by a hybridization event that was fertile enough to backcross to one of
those in the same group as one of the parents. The writer is an expert
in hybridization in animals.

Myself I have no trouble imagining that when God formed man of the
dust (or dirt or mud) of the field, He used some that contained epithelials
of primates and pigs and reshuffled some of the genes on purpose.
This would be a dandy thing to hold over us later those who got smart
enough to figure it out, it becomes standard fare like Darwin is now,
and we still think we are evolving into gods perhaps with transhumanism
and its technology to help.

Along the lines of Ezekiel 16:3 "...your father was an Amorite, and your
mother an Hittite."

fill in the appropriate species origin parents in place of the human ethnic

Personally I suspect the primate was gibbon or something similar more
than chimp or bonobo for several reasons, one of which is that the human
singing is not unlike the same skill in the gibbon. One big problem is
that the few primate pig hybrids reported don't survive well, but he notes
that the parental forms were not the modern versions we know now.

In hybrids there is (those that are fertile and reproduce) a reshuffling
often of genes across chromosomes and DNA testing is harder to
nail it.

Of course it could just be that such genetic similarities as exist (incl.
potato genes in humans) are the result of God using the same format
chemically in many different creatures.

interesting read if noting else and buy the book its hilarious.