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Date of Daniel

"scholars" and critics work from the bias that of course the
supernatural is nonexistent, prophecy can't happen for real,
ergo, Daniel was written after the events he so precisely

Some who favor psychism and suchlike (and idiots among
Christians who follow Nostradamus the all incoherent) might
try to view Daniel as looking into some other timeline or being
precognitive, but ignore the theological implications of his
visions (if they are New Age, and two very good blogs on this
New Age nonsense are and ).

Daniel did not engage in any rituals or devices like crystal
balls or whatever. And he was totally loyal to YHWH to the
point of going vegan rather than eat meat that was unclean
or might have been sacrificed to idols in Nebuchadnezzar's
court. Hopefully once he gained status he was able to arrange
more healthy meat diets for himself and his friends, that was
kosher, but miraculously God made them prosper on veggies.

Daniel lived at a critical point in the history of Israel, Judea
especially, and therefore in a critical point in the history of
the world, though he and others probably didn't realize the
latter. And he asked God for knowledge, and to fulfill the
promise of restoration after 70 years, and sometimes received
information unrequested.

Daniel was able to decipher Nebuchadnezzar's dream, and
received dreams and visions himself, and visitation from angels.

"There is an excellent article [about Daniel in the Dead sea Scrolls]  ...Date
of Daniel Let me give you a synopsis. The answer is that we have 
both Daniel manuscripts and quotes of Qumran authors from 
Daniel, labeling it as scripture, from the second half of the second century BCE in the Dead Sea Scrolls. There are a total of eight 
known manuscript fragments from Daniel so far in the Dead Sea 
Scrolls, including fragments from every chapter except Daniel 12.

Besides, a passage from Daniel 12 is quoted by an author in one of 
the Dead Sea Scrolls. From this information we can say that the 
book of Daniel was definitely accepted as inspired and 
canonical by about 150 BCE or so, making the claim that it was 
written by a fake Daniel around 160 BCE seem impossible to 
support by credible argument. The likelihood that a 
pseudepigraphical (ie an autobiography by a fake author) Daniel 
would have been circulated and accepted by the Jews 
as a whole as scripture within ten or so years is essentially zero. 

In fact, the Dead Sea MSS evidence argues for a date of writing at least before 250 BCE, and most likely one hundred years before that date...."

Daniel tells details on Antiochus IV Epiphanes, the prototype for 
the antichrist, that were almost all fulfilled as reported by the
Book of Macabbees (never mind if it was inspired it was 
eyewitness historical material) and Josephus would have dealt with 
this also.

not all were fulfilled, so the early church fathers despite 
knowing about Antiochus and about Nero still expected the 
antichrist to arise in future. There are lesser antichrists and THE antichrist. 

When that happens, what Antiochus IV Epiphanes did will be
redone in spades and what he didn't do will get done.

Daniel's four beast dream was considered by at least one early
church writer and by almost all bible interpreters till recently,
to be a rehash of the statue dream of Nebuchadnezzar.

But two things rule this out.

Daniel said that the fourth beast would crush and trample the
prior three, which would still exist however and be given some
continuation of their lives after what looks it can only be the
Second Coming of Christ and the destruction of the fourth 

So the other three aren't sequential ancestors the fourth inherits
from, and those who still try to fit them into antiquity, treat them
as a continuation.

The second issue is that the angel tells Daniel that these are 
four kings, or kingdoms, that will come after him. This revelation
was in the Persian time, so Daniel was living in the time of the 
second beast if it is just a rehash so why was he not told it was
TWO not four kings to come after him? This is why some try
to treat them as not a rehash but a continuation and still in 

Chris White on youtube telling how to spot the antichrist but
not trying to identify the four beasts cued me to this issue. When
I went digging, it looked like the winged lion is USA-Britain-NATO, the bear is Russia, the four headed four winged leopard
is China (or maybe India but unlikely) and the fourth and
indescribable beast is something that will arise out of Africa and
conquer all of the foregoing, and the foundation for this may discusses all this, start with earliest posts. 

Exposed: Federal Intelligence Agencies Covered up ’80s Child Sex Cult

Exposed: Federal Intelligence Agencies Covered up ’80s Child Sex Cult

By StevieRay Hansen
H News Wire

The FBI Records Vault recently released a treasure trove of declassified documents about a 1980s sex cult known as “The Finders” – and the details are sure to shock you.

What we’ve already learned from these documents is that United States intelligence agencies like the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) covered up an epidemic of child sex abuse, ritual sacrifice, and other horrific crimes against humanity that were being propagated by The Finders.

Under the cover of darkness and deception, The Finders were abducting women, children, and other victims as part of “a large, well-organized scheme,” it has been revealed. Further, the US intelligence apparatus was covering for it all, failing – or more accurately refusing – to go after the perpetrators in order to bring them to justice.

A preliminary investigation has uncovered that prosecution against The Finders was declined as far back as the year 1987, which is apparently around the time that the FBI was trying to keep it all under wraps. Despite searches of properties owned by The Finders turning up extensive evidence of criminal activities, including tunnel systems underneath a fake preschool, the FBI chose to pretend as though nothing bad was happening.

This preschool was fake in that it had a fake fire alarm system installed that connected not to the local fire department, but to internal alert monitoring systems that kept a close eye on everyone inside. Further, more than 100 animal bones were found underneath the school’s floors, which suggests that the facility was being used for satanic ritual activity.

Local police never would have even known about this were it not for a tip called in about six filthy, crying children who were strangely in a park in Tallahassee, Florida, with just one man. Police arrested the man for child abuse and determined that the children he had with him showed signs of malnourishment and abuse.

Strangely, each of the children was later recovered by different adults who claimed to be their parents or guardians, but all of whom had the same exact script denying any wrongdoing. They all insisted that the children were fine, that no abuse had occurred, and even that images of the children slitting the throats of goats weren’t satanic, but a rather “hands-on” experience.

It was everything that law enforcement with integrity and honesty needed to seek justice for these poor, innocent children. But since our law enforcement agencies aren’t honest, nor do they act with integrity, authorities ended up declining prosecution. In other words, they simply went ahead and let these obvious criminals off the hook rather than try to get to the bottom of what was clearly going on: child abuse and ritual sacrifices.
None other than Robert Mueller shut down the FBI investigation into The Finders

We know from now-declassified documents that some members of The Finders were also CIA agents, including a woman by the name of Isabelle who worked for the CIA between 1951 and 1971. Records show that travel was made everywhere from Moscow to North Korea to North Vietnam, though The Finders appear to have been based in the US.

Details divulged through search warrants show that The Finders had – and possibly still have – numerous properties throughout the US, including a farm in Virginia that was found to have cages that were used to “hold children” – will the Democrats speak out about these children in cages, we wonder?

It has also been revealed that The Finders had –and again, possibly still have – classified maps of underground tunnel and sewer systems leading in and out of Washington, D.C., which is interesting considering all of the controversy surrounding the “Pizzagate” scandal, which was said to have been based out of the DC pizza joint “Comet Ping Pong.”

Bizarrely, The Finders even had access to Andrews Air Force Base, which is where cult members were told that they could flee the country in an instant on military planes headed for China. This suggests that The Finders are definitive members of the “deep state” cabal, which is how they have access to these and other top-secret, “government”-only facilities.

Warranted searches have also brought to light the use of books on mind control by The Finders, as well as other evidence that young children are, in fact, being sexually abused by cult members.

It probably won’t come as a surprise, but none other than Robert Mueller of the “Russian collusion” conspiracy theory is the guy who shut down all further inquiry into The Finders, which otherwise would have happened based on this cadre of evidence. And just what could have compelled him to make this decision, we wonder?

We’ll let you, our faithful readers, figure that one out on your own.

(For more related news about how the deep state controls our nation’s so-called “law enforcement” agencies, be sure to check out

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Is This Proof Of Life On Mars?

April 12, 2012 
By Jason Major
Universe Today
Has life on Mars ALREADY been found?

Some scientists say YES!

Researchers from universities in Los Angeles, California, Tempe, Arizona and Siena, Italy have published a paper in the International Journal of Aeronautical and Space Sciences (IJASS) citing the results of their work with data obtained by NASA’s Viking mission.

The twin Viking 1 and 2 landers launched in August and September of 1975 and successfully landed on Mars in July and September of the following year. Their principal mission was to search for life, which they did by digging into the ruddy Martian soil looking for signs of respiration — a signal of biological activity.
The results, although promising, were (said to be) inconclusive.

Now, 35 years later, one team of researchers claims that the Viking landers did indeed detect life, and the data’s been there all along.

“Active soils exhibited rapid, substantial gas release,” the  team’s report states. “The gas was probably CO2 and, possibly, other radiocarbon-containing gases.”

By applying mathematical complexities to the Viking data for deeper analysis, the researchers found that the Martian samples behaved differently than a non-biological control group.

“Control responses that exhibit relatively low initial order rapidly devolve into near-random noise, while the active experiments exhibit higher initial order which decays only slowly,” the paper states. “This suggests a ROBUST BIOLOGICAL response.”

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The One Thread That Keeps Getting Shut Down On 4Chan That Tells You What They Don’t Want You To Know

"....What thread could this be that is so “controversial” that in spite of all of the things that are put out on the board is constantly being removed, and people who are putting it up are getting banned, sometimes even permanently?
This thread you can look up in any of the 4Chan archiving websites, such as 4Plebs or, as it is regularly made again once the thread “expires” from the catalogue.
The thread is called /SIG/, meaning “Self Improvement General”.
Now as a warning, because this is 4Chan, many /SIG/ posts also are interspersed with National Socialist or pagan propaganda. However, it is the concept- not even necessarily the threads themselves- that I want to discuss.
The whole concept behind /SIG/ is that an individual man cannot save the world, but he can help himself and get himself into a position that is good enough where he can help others in his sphere of influence. /SIG/ is not about “saving the world” through lobbying, activism, or other commonly associated techniques, but is a philosophy where the transformation of a society- be it for good or bad -begins with individual actions directed first at the self and then to those immediately around you.
The concept of /SIG/ is not “anti-political,” but inherently political because it emphasizes that politics begins with people, and a man’s politics are a reflection of his personal self, and so if one wants to change politics, one has to begin with himself.
Is society unhealthy, miserable, and dying? It is because that is the state of the people, and for many people who are not making a conscious effort to stand against it, it is likely that you, the individual, are dying along with them. Anything about a society- be its rise or its fall -starts within those who make up the society, and it is magnified into how the society views itself and what it presents to the world. This is why certain countries or regions seem to act in a certain way, because it is reflecting how the people there behave.
The exception to this is the man who makes a choice to act differently and then, having consciously chosen his path, goes out and forges the way that he believes to be best, making available use of all the tools and help he can acquire along the way. This is not to say that such a man is a “rugged individualist” or that he is even somebody special, but that instead of swimming with the tides of popular belief or actions, he has chosen his path and is following it as he understands it to be most beneficial. Many times this means following current social trajectories (as they arise for a reason), but it also means deviating from the social trajectory if he believe that it is not healthy or good....."
In other words, 4chan sysadmins want you miserable, hopeless, etc.
hmmmm some people want to feed on downer vibes out there? or want people more inclined to try anything to alleviate their boredom and misery and distract themselves from their hopelessness? I wonder what 4chan's agenda is or what their money comes from. or what degeneracy (which 4chan is known for) they are into and want fresh meat for?

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Trump and Ukraine

Trump talked to the Ukrainian president about
investigating Biden's son's corrupt activities in
the Ukraine. This is viewed by the usual yapping
dogs without common sense and eager to be rid
of him (because he isn't in their shared trance
state and never took any initiations or joined any
secret societies or satanic cults) as trying to get
a foreign government to interfere, to his advantage,
in an American election.

Biden has not been nominated yet. And probably
won't be with his sloppy and sleepy ways, unless
someone is desperate to have a president you can
slip anything past. Therefore nothing would
qualify as an attempt to interfere in the upcoming