Saturday, May 21, 2016

Ramapo and New Madrid faults ready to go? might be nothing might be Ramapo fault system go (and take New Madrid fault with it? or trigger through faults in the sea floor the earthquake that will finish the slide of Cumbre Vieja and put 150 feet of water onto our coasts?)

Monday, May 16, 2016

last tape Randall Baer made before he was murdered.

Randall Baer went over a cliff a few days before his book came out,
Inside The New Age Nightmare. There was hardly any blood yet he'd
gone through the windshield in a 350 foot fall, no skid marks, his
briefcase had been broken over and rifled through. There was some
push to close the case fast, the Santa Fe police were not happy closing
it. Aside from "religious" interests and demon influence on people to
silence him, New Age has always been a big money making thing,
and his many lectures and his status as an ex New Age leader and
founder of the crystal system using many gemstones in arrangements
meant he had credibility with New Agers. During a meditation the
horrible reality was shown him like a veil pulled aside and he saw the
real evil behind it all. Someone had been praying for him. At first, he
tried to extract for Christian use what seemed neutral in New Age
practices including crystals, but found it didn't work.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Resurrection Argument That Changed a Generation of Scholars - Gary Habermas at UCSB

more manifest sons of God garbage

I love this description "most pious blasphemy." while the overall site has problems
like approving of Ruckman and his KJBO ideas and of course rejects the real
presence in the Eucharist and considers the RC the whore Babylon and if EO is or
gets on its radar would condemn it the same, it has a lot of worthwhile information.

Monday, May 9, 2016

remote viewing reconsidered.

since writing this, I have come to the conclusion that remote viewing is demonically
aided. It may be possible to do something like this without demons, but the whole
thing started with Scientologists who were using information from Hubbard who was
according to his son's biography Messiah or Madman? was a secret satanist and user
of Crowleyite rituals in private. Crowley in turn depended a lot on Vajrayana type
Mahayana Buddhism which is a whole other ball of wax I don't want to deal with here.
But the concept may have come from there. Mahayana Buddhism is so called "Greater
Vehicle" Buddhism which is the type we know most about. Zen may be a bit of a
throwback to the original Theravada or Hinayana ("Lesser Vehicle") Buddhism, but
it includes at times the same notion of the enlightened man being free from all moral
restraints and beyond good and evil. These greater and lesser labels were of course
applied by the Mahayana.

Mahayana in turn is Buddhism plus a plethora of less respectable pagan elements.
Tibetan has at times been the most depraved and is a product of hindu throwback
Buddhist tantrics plus Bon the pre Buddhist paganism and sorcery of Tibet.

The last straw for my suspicions was finding out that the trainees and practitioners
of Remote Viewing, as it was developed at Stanford Research Institute, often fall
back on a "sigil." of which the less said the better.

you can pursue the matter of dangers of Remote Viewing (and while you're at it
of Reiki) on youtube look for Ray Youngen for the latter. four or five videos
were made by an ex remote viewer and I think there are others. These two systems
are not related, but Reiki is even more demonic than RV.

Nevertheless, I think that the fact that Ed Dames came up with the RV result of
no prior lives, no reincarnation, only an illusion of this because of people in the
past who strongly resemble you, and having memories of others that you THINK
are your own in regession, is accurate, it is very similar to my own conclusions
balancing the Bible against reported experiences. At most, reincarnation would
be a kind of possession of the fetus, with two souls sharing one body. not healthy.

But I won't use RV sourced information anymore now that I know the problem.

Before I knew this, I had filled out an application to study this with Ed Dames'
organization online, and I felt someone "view" me. The atmosphere the impression
of the person, was thick and dark grey and a quality I have run into before that
while kind of detatched and neither friendly nor hostile could become hostile and
somehow aside from that seems similar to demonic related stuff.

I didn't follow up on the application.