Sunday, March 4, 2018

The Myth of the Alpha Wolf

Interesting thing about wolves, they interfere in the efforts of the their young to
get sexy with each other. Sometimes in winter several packs will team together.

however, the alpha male concept of being focused determined, knows what he
wants, etc. is not invalid. it needs to be mixed with loyalty to a mate, monogamy
and tenderness however. ditto alpha females.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

MGTOW or Men Going Their Own Way

There is a movement out there of men who are sick of toxic feminism,
the third wave feminism, in other words. This began as "difference
feminism" which I labeled pseudo feminism at the time. Its premise is
you can get ahead as much as a man be a manager level person for
instance, and still be "feminine" i.e., use your wiles, your sex appeal,
maybe put out, exploit men for money etc. and generally continue
business as usual. (Granted women are raised to be like this.)

A typical woman complained of by mgtows uses a man up and tosses
him aside taking all his money and has been cheating on him in the
meantime. a category of men called "manginas" worships these
women and takes no end of abuse as okay.

Now, guys can make these problems, by lying, by not keeping their
word to their women like they'd keep their word to a male friend,
so they get "nagged" and their "loving" support financial is really
treating her as an asset to show off to other men that they can support
a hottie. Sex is demanded without the goaless eroticism of physical
affection throughout the day or here and there as possible, the courtship
behavior which kept her "in love" which has been described as
essentially a low intensity sexual turn on, is not continued. So after
a while both are seeing the "support" as payment for services (sexual)

and a woman who is an asset becomes a liability when he loses his
job so he starts abusing her.

now, we've all heard of this. but there are women who are toxic bitches,
totally selfish, unfaithful and greedy. they feel entitled to whatever they
can get. (that doesn't mean that you are paying for sex you got a right
to expect if you take her to dinner and a movie, this is not supposedly

but the big problem in this is the separation of sex from love, that a man
can (and many women can) fool around with people they wouldn't think
of marrying or settling down with or being permanent with.

Now, on the MGTOW board there are promiscuous sleazy guys, and
this is supposedly seen as part of manliness. Here is an example.

Cpig: Jesus f~~~ing christ. think about it bro. she was probably watching the superbowl high on meth and saw that T Mobile ad. Now she’s killed an unborn boy for the Feminist cause. Damn, guys we are facing some dark s~~~ these days."

yes, that is serious shit, this woman killing her baby for the feminist cause bad enough
for the usual reasons, but this is extreme.

"On the lighter side, my mangina neighbor is about to go to work and his girlfriend cooked for me last night. we are going shopping today because she wants to help me pick out some s~~~ for my crib. should be fun…i gotta work about four hours and she’ll be blowing me at the beach around 2 pm. damn, should be an ok thursday here."

okay, so MGTOW guys complain of women who cheat, but wait a minute....
right in their midst is a man WHO IS PART OF THE PROBLEM, a man who
will get sexual or as I call it parasexual (e.g., oral sex) from a woman who
effectively belongs to another man.

it takes another man in the picture for a wife or girlfriend to cheat with.

the MGTOWs who are these other men, are as much the enemy of the men
who are sick of females exploiting them, as are the women. because those
are the men that their women were cheating with.

its all very well to talk about life being short to live by other people's rules,
but it is sheer hypocrisy to complain of women cheating and aborting or
putting their husband's name on a kid a lover produced with her just to piss
her husband off as one is quoted from a feminist board one of the MGTOWs
lurked on, and then engage in sexual or parasexual activities with a woman
who is married or attached to another man.

it is sheer hypocrisy to sneer at a woman who brags of having sex with two
or three men a few minutes apart, and yet go out and have sex with a
hookup made at a bar or try to find such.

The unchaste man is as much a part of the MGTOW's problems as the
toxic feminist is.
This man is "Spectator 1159" who also "came out as a Christian" and complains
of the singer madonna giving filth to children and talks about Catholic church and
decency and whatnot offended by her or dissed by her song"like a virgin." and
of course nickname.

get wise you guys, spectator 1159 and his kind are the other half of your
toxic feminist problem, this is the guy your wife came home from at 2 or 4 am
smeling like man goo per one or two poems. or this kind of guy.

this hypocrite is really got a game going, he can play his games at work,
manage toxic manipulative women, keep them in line okay, but he's got a
following o of men sick of being cuckolded and financially drained, while he
or his kind at least were who cuckolded them in the first place!

Sure maybe he didn't do this with any wife or girlfriend of any men on that
board or part of the movement. but he did this to other men and still does and
WOULD HAVE NO ONE TO CHEAT WITH. Spectator 1159 is part of
the problem MGTOW complains of, the male half of it, they only see the
female half of it.

Spectator 1159 gives a heartrending complaint of how modern feminism has ruined
the women that he could have loved prevented the children he could have nurtured,
but he has apparently no concerns about male behavior other than do they rule
women or not? sure if you don't get drunk at a frat party you won't get gang
banged while passed out - unless someone slips a drug in your drink - but there
seems no condemnation of the guys who take advantage of this? its a matter of
common sense caution in a dangerous environment not blame the victim when
this issue is raised usually, but he almost makes it sound like blame the victim.

the guy who is being cock teased into blue balls - he's playing along and
enjoying the process and apparently too stupid to masturbate.

the gal who had a nice and traditional minded husband who she cheated on
because he wasn't up that much in bed, and is wondering how to get all
his money from him in the upcoming divorce (he found out), on the
femininazi board the MGTOW spies went to deserves to be shot. She's a
real piece of shit.

and she's too stupid to masturbate. or play with her man and find ways
for them to pleasure each other to orgasm if he can't get it up yes, it
can be done.

but the man she cheated with - is he a mangina, a white knight rescuing her
from the workaholic who can't get it up poor dear, or is he a MGTOW
himself? he could very easily be the latter, laughing at the fool who works
and supports a wife.

decades ago I came to the conclusion that most men are fit for nothing
but castration or extermination, and a somewhat smaller majority of
women are in the same category.

oh, yeah, spectator 1159 thinks he can find a "good one" in some locality
where the women are often better than this. But he's various other guy's
girlfriends and probably some casual hookups sloppy seconds. why
should a good one have to settle for damaged goods like him?

A big problem the MGTOW movement is looking at is unchastity,
specifically male unchastity, but they don't see it, its in their faces but
they don't see it. If guys weren't out cruising to get laid, then the
girls who do girls' night out wouldn't get any.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

maybe film reviews say more about the reviewers than about the film

Due to a recent interest in the movie Jaws, I have been reading a lot of analysis of it
that is often plain idiotic. there is all this talk about what the shark represents for

how about it represents a big ass shark.

some of the things at least one reviewer ascribes to hidden meanings etc. are
the direct result of mechanical failure of the fake shark. lack of information
(or ignoring of it or forgetting) can breed wrong evaluation.

biting off a limb is supposedly castration symbolism. Well, this writer should
look at photos of shark victims or a video of a girl who lost an arm to a shark.
its just plain facts that this can happen.

I think this kind of crap can only occur (that is, be written or thought of) in
a society that is comparatively safe. Back in the days when you might run
into a bear or pack of wolves or whatever or some godawful disease, no
one would be thinking of the symbolism of anything, though they might
consider the wrath of God was involved.

A few years ago, I saw a video of some people who live in a wild part of
the Horn of Africa (Ethiopia, Sudan, Somalia) and at night they had to take
turns sleeping because someone had to guard against lions.

that was just plain a fact of life. no garbage about the majestic nature of
the things, no garbage about what the predatory beast creeping about in the
dark looking to pick off someone represented, it was what it was and you
kept on guard and that's that.

That doesn't mean someone can't draw analogies to describe bad human
behavior that was done in societies that were not sheltered in lands free
for generations from some dangers that others just grow up with. Or some
city dweller might use a motif in some story maybe. But for the most part,
all this crap about "symbolism" is crap. the movies at issue describe
things that are in some places and were in other places stark realities.

That some characters might represent ways of doing things or embody
some philosophy is one thing, but again I think that this is accidental
in Jaws since it is drawn off a book and modifies to make the characters
more likable so everyone isn't rooting for the shark like one book
reviewer was (everyone in the book was crap).

Friday, February 9, 2018

"Pan Orthodox" council of Crete and the Globalist Agenda

from usenet aka google groups alt.religion.Christian.east-orthodox

Michalopulos Blog / Crete and the Globalist Agenda
Crete and the Globalist Agenda
July 4, 2016

We here at Monomakhos were going to wait another week or so before we read the entrails of the Council of Crete. That’s because things were pretty opaque in the immediate aftermath. The only thing we had was a gut feeling that the globalist agenda was derailed –at least for the moment.

And now, Antioch has spoken, calling what transpired in Crete neither “Great,” nor “Holy,” nor “Orthodox,” but merely a “preparatory council.” Things are starting to come into clearer focus.

So why the boycott in the first place?

Mainly because it had long been suspected that American, British and Israeli intelligence services were the most active in pushing for this Council to take place. In light of this, Moscow felt it had no choice but to throw a wrench in the machine. It did so by ensuring that other Churches led the boycott while it came in late in the game and delivered the coup de grace, effectively demoting it from a “Pan-Orthodox council” to a mere local one. That being said, we can be sure that despite it’s lack of substance, the Phanar and its eparchies will continue to give it more importance than is warranted. In short, it will become yet another lynch-pin in the Canon 28 mythology.

At present, Your’s Truly is poring over the documents from the Council and the only thing I can say for sure is that –to my mind at least–there is less here than meets the eye. His Holiness did his best to consolidate his claim to preeminence within Orthodoxy but given the fact that four of the fourteen universally recognized autocephalous Churches weren’t there, it’s hard to see how Crete will have any binding authority.

This in fact, is the opinion of “You Sunk my Vatican II,” an editorial recently published in Social Matter. The author, Mark Citadel, shows quite clearly how some Orthodox modernists were fervently hoping that Crete would serve as a kind of an Orthodox Vatican II –an attempt to drag Orthodoxy kicking and screaming into the modern world. All the stops were pulled out. Secular editorialists were assuring those of us who were reticent to get with the program. Didn’t we know that Pope Francis has over 30 million Twitter followers?

For good measure the Patriarch of Alexandria tried to shame those Churches, daring them to “come off their thrones” and be a part of the people. This of course is particularly rich coming from Alexandria, which like all Greek-controlled Churches treats the native Christians among them as decidedly inferior. For good measure the Archbishop of Cyprus spoke in a most ungracious manner as well. And of course there was the LGBT community of Europe which wrote paeans to the bishops in Crete entreating them to welcome into the fold of Holy Orthodoxy.

The stars in the modernist firmament were aligning rather nicely. Or so it seemed but neither Antioch nor Bulgaria nor Georgia nor Russia succumbed to their blandishments, while Serbia attended under duress.

Citadel’s take is that for these people, Crete was a spectacular failure. Not only did they fail in universalizing this Council, their desire to make Orthodoxy a part of the New World Order, in the manner of the post-Vatican II Catholic Church was a failure as well. It’s an interesting perspective and I highly recommend that you take the time to read it for yourself. The fact that it uses as its template Vatican II and the Roman Church’s subsequent irrelevancy means that Citadel speaks to the heart of the matter.

How easy it is under the present pontiff to forget that Catholicism was once a bastion against modernism in all its forms in that it saved Mexico, Spain, Portugal and Hungary from submission to the Bolshevist yoke. Under a stalwart pope like John Paul II, it helped bring down an evil empire. How times have changed; Rome has now succumbed to the Zeitgeist in almost every aspect where it counts.

When all is said and done, the fact that four –or five if you count the OCA– Churches chose not to attend means that Crete will be ephemeral. It’s certainly no “Pan Orthodox Council” by any stretch of the imagination, no matter what Dn John Chryssavgis says to the contrary.

Case in point: if we are to believe the Phanar triumphalists, this means that the OCA has no autocephaly at all and is automatically remanded to Moscow. This of course is belied by Metropolitan Tikhon’s concelebration in Istanbul last February. He could not have been there as a bishop of a semi-autonomous archdiocese of Moscow, because he would have had to ask permission from Moscow to attend. And as he is not apart of the GOA, then who did he represent but an independent Church? At any rate, and despite the fact that there is a strong Phanariote impulse in certain precincts of Syossett, I’d be surprised if the Holy Synod of the OCA agreed with the Phanar’s understanding of its newly “codified” status.

To be sure, the impression that Constantinople is the sole arbiter of autonomy in the Diaspora appears to be the Phanar’s only win –a fig leaf if you will. That being said, it is hard to see the various jurisdictions abiding by its directives, especially in the case of the replacement of superfluous bishops within a single city. According to this document, if there is a vacancy in an ethnic jurisdiction which is already served by a Greek ordinary, the non-Greek bishop is not to be replaced. This means that the ethnic parishes within that (vacant) diocese would be merged into the existing Greek diocese.

I wouldn’t hold your breath on this one if I were you.

For one thing, I see problems with this expectation ever coming to fruition under the current crop of GOA metropolitans in America. I imagine most would find it hard to believe that the Serbs (for example) would not elect another Serbian bishop for Chicago, or the Antiochians to not elect another Archbishop of New York when the time comes to do so. Or the Romanians to not elect another bishop for Detroit, and so on. We in the OCA haven’t been able to effect such a change in the ethnic dioceses within our Church and, given the fact that we are the only territorial Church in North America, the dissolution of the ethnic dioceses should be very easy to execute. That we have not been able to do so does not bode well for hopes of the Phanar-triumphalists.

More will be said about the particulars as time goes on. For now, I want to concentrate on the modernist agenda and two men whose work seem to align with the globalist program. The men in question are Alex Rondos and Fr Alexander Karloutsos and, based on what we know, they worked feverishly to make Crete happen through their fundraising skills and their proximity to a certain globalist financier. Much of the information (but not all) which follows comes from, a Russian think-tank closely allied with the Russian Orthodox Church.

According to, both Rondos and Karloutsos are active in globalist circles and extremely close to the infamous financier George Soros. (Karloutsos actually lives next door to Soros in the Hamptons.) For those who may not know, Soros is a notorious speculator and financier, leaving much economic ruin in his wake. An atheist of little conscience, he actually bet against the English pound in 1992, causing Great Britain to be thrown into a recession.

Alex Rondos is a United States intelligence asset who currently serves as EU Special Representative for the Horn of Africa. Rondos, a Greek citizen, was born in 1954 in what is now Tanzania. He studied in the UK and was a correspondent for West Africa Magazine and then worked for Catholic Relief Services, an American Catholic non-governmental organization (NGO).

In the 1980s, Rondos met with Soros and remains close to him to this day. Through Soros’ influence, Rondos was able to ingratiate himself into the Patriarchate of Constantinople and in 1992, he founded and headed the major emergency relief agency of the Patriarchate of Constantinople known as International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC). Soon after founding the IOCC, Rondos made the acquaintance of Rev Alexander Karloutsos (of which more will be said shortly).

According to Katehon, the IOCC served as a conduit for the flow of monies needed to finance the various “color coded revolutions” under the auspices of philanthropy. If true, this is shocking to say the least. All that is known for sure is that wherever Rondos and/or the IOCC is active, whether in Eastern Europe or the Middle East, pro-Russian governments tend to fall.

Perhaps it’s just a coincidence. However Rondos’ biography is more complex; not only is he involved in the ecclesiastical sphere but he is active in secular NGOs as well. Congruent with his work with the IOCC for instance, Rondos created the Centre for Applied Non-violent Action and Strategies (CANVAS) in 2004, while stationed in Belgrade. Shortly thereafter he served as an advisor to the ill-fated Mikhail Sakaashvilli, then President of Georgia, who upon the instigation of American neoconservatives, provoked war with Russia. (Whether Rondos had anything to do with this or not is presently unknown.)

Rondos has also been active in Greek left wing politics. A friend of former Prime Minister George Papandreou (also a Soros protegee), he worked behind the scenes to prevent a rapprochement between Russia and Greece. The Greek government published a report accusing Rondos of using government money to fund one of his NGOs. (For the record, I try not to put too much stock in reports emanating out of certain foreign governments but am merely reporting what the Greek government itself published.)

Rondos is also active within the World Bank and is a member of the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR), an American think tank which actively promotes the globalist agenda. It may be nothing more than a coincidence but wherever he appears, pro-Russian regimes tend to fall and the neoconservative policy of American hegemonism proceeds apace. Whether this is by design or also under the direction of the Phanar is unknown as well. If true, then Soros and the Phanar are in active collusion and whose primary purpose is to weaken the autocephalous Churches of the Balkans and Syria.

As for Alexander Karloutsos, he likewise is a friend of Soros. As one of the main spokesmen for the Council, it was Karloutsos who swatted down attempts by the Bulgarian and Russian churches to postpone the Council. According to Karloutsos, “there is no mandate to change or postpone and we are going to proceed. They asked for a pre-conciliar meeting on the 17th and we expect them to be here. We are the church of love and embrace everyone.” (Except the OCA it seems.)

“Fr Alex,” as he is endearingly called by various and sundry people, is close to several Greek-American moguls and controls the purse strings of Faith: An Endowment for Hellenism and Orthodoxy. This clumsily named endowment is the largest single source of funds that flows to the Phanar. (In 2014, it gave $250,000 to refurbish the Olympic sized swimming pool at the Ionian Village.) Because of his control of this endowment, the word on the street is that he has more influence in the GOA than any of the metropolitans.

According to Epikera a Greek news magazine, Karloutsos was instrumental in the overthrow of Archbishop Iakovos Coucouzis in 1996 because of his involvment in the Ligonier Conference. His contacts in the Greek government include Dora Bakoyiannis, Constantine Mitsotakis and other operatives within the Karamanlis family. He is also a link between conservative Greek politicians and the Bush clan. In this way Soros plays both ends against the middle: using Rondos to ingratiate himself among the Greek Left while use Karloutsos to influence the Greek Right.

Karloutsos has done well by doing good, as the old cliche has it. He lives in a house estimated at $700,000 in the elite suburb of the Hamptons and his nearest neighbor (as mentioned earlier) is George Soros.

Things get stickier from there. According to Turkish sources, Karloutsos is also close to Fethullah Gulen, a Turkish Islamist leader who resides in the United States and is active with American intelligence agencies. Gulen runs one of the largest construction firms in America and is a leading light of the Charter Schools movement. As such, his construction firm has benefited mightily from taxpayer monies awarded to it by the Department of Education.

Because of these complicated and intertwining alliances, Karloutsos’ and Rondos’ circle of friends make the Patriarchate of Constantinople a “hostage” of the State Department. According to Katehon, “[Karloutsos’] participation in the organizing committee of the Council reflects the desire of the American special services to directly influence this Council.”

Things are stranger than they seem at times. The apparent lack of good faith is stunning to say the least. All things considered, the engineering of the boycott of this Council by the Russians seems the best possible outcome.

No doubt more will be said in the future as more information comes out.

As to what this means for the Phanar and its continuing existence in a hostile environment time will tell. It is ironic that Patriarch Bartholomew, who began his archpastorate as an obstructionist in the service of a globalist program may well end it by being the victim of obstructionists who are opposed to the furtherance of this very agenda. All things considered, we can be glad that Crete will be soon forgotten.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Another Russian officer takes his own life rather than be taken alive by terrorists

the previous one I read of is posted in a much earlier post here, he called in an airstrike
on his own position when surrounded. This one was shot down by "anti Assad forces"
which are mostly ISIS and similar.