Monday, May 8, 2017

the Islamic Antichrist Debunked

spat with Walid Shoebat

Walid and Ted Shoebat are of the Islamic antichrist theory persuasion, one of those
things of which I say "they're onto something but it isn't what they think it is."
Walid is accused of false personal history, though a news article turned up that
validates his story.

Ihave detailed on his site the contemporaneous beast theory of Daniel and I'm sure
he doesn't like it.

But lately I called him and Ted on mishandling Scripture. repeatedly they will
make some extensive article on some point, AND THEIR OVERALL ASSESSMENT
IS MOSTLY CORRECT, but mixed in with rightly quoted Scripture is wrongly
quoted Scripture. the latest thing is Luke 1:15 which they say is about Jesus Christ,
when it is about John the Baptist! I called them on this and Walid banned me with
this nasty AND TOTALLY FALSE accusation, which I answer here since banned

"Previously she stated she was charismatic pentecostal."
I have never said I was charismatic pentecostal I said here or elsewhere that I after many years came to the conclusion this was a deception not valid.
"She even mocked the birth of Christ in another comment regarding the story of Onan's "wasted seed" mocking how this could be the line where Christ came from."
are you drunk or maliciously lying? I never said or even thought anything remotely like this.
I did say that the term "young woman" alma implies per Strong's Concordance a veiling and isolating that would mean there was no contact, no petting no nothing, a betulah virgin could give birth without a miracle as non penetrative sex acts that can result in an oops exist, SO IT IS MORE OF A GUARANTEE OF A MIRACLE TO USE THE WORD ALMAH THAN BETULAH both can be translated "virgin" but the Hebrew word rules out any kind of oops and rules out artificial insemination also.
"This is no Orthodox, not even a charismatic Pentecostal Evangelical. This is someone who is in disguise and is dishonest and believes not in Christ."
you are slanderous and idiotic.
you are also wrong in several Scripture quotes. Luke chapter 1 is about JOHN THE BAPTIST GO READ IT FOR YOURSELF.
YOU DO CHRIST NO FAVOR BY ARGUING FOR VALID DOCTRINES USING INVALID SCRIPTURE QUOTES likewise Malachi doesn't say grain offering though the incense angle shows your interpretation is valid, but your quote is not.
" Its an impostor and for years I put up with them reveals my patience. So finally it is wolf be gone. There is no room for dishonest people who cover up who they really are."
I am more honest than you are per these slanders.