Thursday, September 10, 2015

retired military brass vallely, mcinerney and boykin - exploiting ISIS for their own takeover agenda

A new alternative to evolution and it doesn't really interfere with Creationism proposes a wild new idea (and the author has a
hilarious fiction book based on the premise of someone trying to replicate
this). Frankly the photo of the author looks a bit like this kind of ancestry,
I hope he will take this statement in good humor, and the video of stages
of development of a human embryo's face at one point definitely does a
brief pig snout though flat.

Humans are a (or descended from) a chimp pig hybrid.

pause to give you time to get up off the floor where you've been rolling
and laughing.

details at the site. Basically he suggests that evolution of the Darwinian
sort is not supported that well by the evidence, but might be explained
not by gradual changes but by sudden changes, new lineages, created
by a hybridization event that was fertile enough to backcross to one of
those in the same group as one of the parents. The writer is an expert
in hybridization in animals.

Myself I have no trouble imagining that when God formed man of the
dust (or dirt or mud) of the field, He used some that contained epithelials
of primates and pigs and reshuffled some of the genes on purpose.
This would be a dandy thing to hold over us later those who got smart
enough to figure it out, it becomes standard fare like Darwin is now,
and we still think we are evolving into gods perhaps with transhumanism
and its technology to help.

Along the lines of Ezekiel 16:3 "...your father was an Amorite, and your
mother an Hittite."

fill in the appropriate species origin parents in place of the human ethnic

Personally I suspect the primate was gibbon or something similar more
than chimp or bonobo for several reasons, one of which is that the human
singing is not unlike the same skill in the gibbon. One big problem is
that the few primate pig hybrids reported don't survive well, but he notes
that the parental forms were not the modern versions we know now.

In hybrids there is (those that are fertile and reproduce) a reshuffling
often of genes across chromosomes and DNA testing is harder to
nail it.

Of course it could just be that such genetic similarities as exist (incl.
potato genes in humans) are the result of God using the same format
chemically in many different creatures.

interesting read if noting else and buy the book its hilarious.