Monday, October 9, 2017

40% of people are peer pressure susceptible

timestamp 5:26 an experiment showed that 40% of people will go along to get along
even when the answer provided is blatantly wrong.

how this translates to politics and morals is interesting. Just about everything shows
some influence by trend setters and so forth over the decades. 

while you're worrying about not obeying but questioning authority, you might
take a look at not obeying but questioning the authority of the herd. St. Paul warns
against both imitating and against being different for its own sake. in the latter
category you get both at once - being counter culture by showing by some
clothing or whatever that you are "different" which involves imitating the style
that says all this.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Max Planck Institute and Neanderthals

Recently I found that Neadnerthal DNA (not mitochondrial but nuclear DNA) is
in whites and Asians, but not pure African blacks. 2-4% but up to 5% in
Romanians. interesting.

Also, that a lot of genes for bad stuff are from the Neanderthal genome.

Neanderthal had as much or more brain size as us, ditto Cro Magnon, but
Neanderthal was stockier and stronger and probably had less need of tools.
Fine work could be done with teeth and nails, so their tools were cruder.
So their physical culture was inferior to Cro Magnon. Also they were the
sort of apish looking "primitive" sorts that would have been dismissed
as untermenschen under the old Nazi physiology ideas. So I figured this
essentially messed up the aryanist thing, we are the hybrid descendants
of a subhuman, Africans the pure human or at least uncontaminated by
recessive mutations from a peculiar population, so much for white
superiority since white skin and red hair seem to have come from the

Oops. Seems the Planckians are putting a "hybrid vigor" spin on this,
consistent with Darwinian survival of the fittest evolutionism (which has
always translated into social Darwinism which means enslaving and
exterminating lesser type humans and to hell with the poor).

Even said genes from NEanderthal were "advantageous" including
that some diabetes 2 related thing is good for you, so let the Asiatic
branch of hybrid human keep on being hungry I guess.  Supposedly
the ability to quit cigarettes is Neanderthal, but I read of addiction
capability genes being from Neanderthal.

Essentially, these people can't get their Germanic superiority out of their
guts, so they spin anything that could go against it in its favor.

As Shoebat has said (or was it one of his writers) European superiority
didn't come from genetics, but from Christian civilization (and I would
add some congruence of historical and geographic influences, which
included Roman Empire civilizing the half naked screaming hyped up
head hunting human sacrificing probably cannibalistic at times Nordic
type humans in NW and northern Europe).