Saturday, April 25, 2015

could pre trib rapture doctrine set believers up for a fake rapture?

Matthew 24 read entire chapter.
Jesus warns that some would come pretending to be Him. and later
He warns that if someone says He is in some hidden place or in
the desert "do not go forth."

The Second Coming will be obvious like the sun rising in the east
sending its light to the west, also unlike any blue beam or flying
saucer type setup.

Most of this would probably refer just to cults and NEw Agers
claiming to be more manifesting of the "Christ spirit" than others.

But maybe since He says not to go to meet such a secret coming
false Christ, there is a possibility of getting grabbed by a blood
thirsty cult or even an alien harvest or something like that? or a
blue beam fraud that let's you get slaughtered or worse. Maybe an
alien harvest?

If you are expecting a secret coming, and you are told to come
to a place you would be more likely to fall for the trap than if you
believed in post tribulation rapture.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

problems with marijuana effects on the brain confirmed.

Russian and American history

cites Frank A. Golder, "Catherine II and the American Revolution," The American Historical Review 21.1 (1915): 92–96.
In some peculiar way, our history and Russia's are linked.

Another interesting thing, is that the Nez Perce Indians and/or
Shoshone, both of whom had the appaloosa horse as it came to be
known, claimed their spotted horses did not come from the Spanish
sourced Plains Indians they traded with, but from a couple of
spotted stallions that came off a Russian trading ship. This kind of
spotting is to be found in one or more breeds in Asia, including in
Siberia. Even in at least one cave painting.

The Nez Perce preferred the blanket pattern, where the spots are on
the horse's croup (top of butt), which is why you rarely see spotted
horses in old Nez Perce photos, since the photos mostly are taken
from the front, as they are about the Indians not the riders. The
majority of their horses weren't spotted, but it was considered a
very classy thing. Eventually after the American Army attempted
to minimize Nez Perce rebellion risks by killing or removing and
selling their horses, including the spotted ones, one tribal
subgroup's few representatives attempted to collect and breed only
the spotted ones.

Art and I think legend indicates that the leopard pattern was
preferred by the Shoshone, who were often enemies of their Nez
Perce neighbors. This odd type of spotting is to be found in an
occasional art from Europe, so obviously this and the pinto got
here from Spanish sources, but the vast majority of the appaloosa
type spotting came from the Nez Perce and Shoshone, which
means it comes from Russia.

Russia was trading and setting up trade colonies in Alaska,
originally Russian property, and as far south as Ft. Ross near San
Francisco, CA, "Ross" refers to Russia. The bear on the California
flag also refers to the Russian background. The Russian Orthodox
Church was also the first to evangelize the Inuit (eskimo) and
others in Alaska, whether they got this going in the Pacific north
west or not I don't know.

After the Spanish took over, an Aleut eskimo Russian Orthodox
named Peter was in California and seized by Spanish who
demanded he convert to Roman Catholicism. St. Peter the Aleut
was tortured to death but would not change from Orthodox to
Roman Catholic.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

What color is your aura supposed to be?

well, leaving out the issue of whether most who claim to see
auras can do so, and are not just being subjective and self
deceived, and viewing an aura they hallucinate in response
to what they sense about the person anyway,

and leaving out the issue of fraud and calculation and saying
what supposedly it would like if it fit what they figured by
a "cold reading" anyway,

and leaving out the SERIOUS issue of confusing the color
of one's own aura with that of another, whose aura you are
looking at THROUGH YOUR OWN,

lets look at the issue itself.

Confusing everything from the get go is the hindu and Tibetan
and tantric Buddhist based information that links various false
gods and yantra symbols and colors to each one.

In general, if you don't see auras that much, if at all, but are
overwhelmed to it being almost visible, by a sense rather than
a full visual picture of some color about a person, you might
want to sit up and take notice. Most likely dirty brown and dark
colors and black are a bad sign. Red can mean powered up
logically, either in pain or in anger or whatever.

But the thing that has always bugged me most, is the notion
that a golden aura is a sign of superior spirituality. What kind
of spirituality are we talking about here? Even one writer on
it warned that it could become an unwholesome brassy color.
Eastern Orthodox monastics with some experience, say that
a brassy gold with red flecks present is an indication the
devil is involved. My own experience, before I knew anything
about this, was that everyone who had a gold yellow aura
impression about them, had a demonic influence, were to
some degree involved with demons. The only exception were
those with whom I had no conversation or knew nothing

I also noticed this on someone I didn't get to talk with about
this, but he was an old guy who had been in the Flying Tigers
in WW 2 and the subject of the brothel kept for them came up
and he looked back on that with nostalgia and he turned that
not directly demonic in all cases, it is something damn bad,
whether prostitute client or demon familiar linked.

I saw this sometimes a little in connection with some stuff I
later figured out was evil, along with a kind of smile and
narrowing of the eyes.

In general, particulate impression is bad also. Whatever
color, if it is demonic it will be like a mass of particles not
a solid impression, and the latter isn't absent from some
evil either.

At this point I am talking about the color in the atmosphere
the saturation of a place an object or something pouring
into a house or room from somewhere. Blue is anti demon
to a great extent, and is rarely used by them. A very dark
nasty midnight blue is likely evil and muddy grey blues
even though sometimes used as part of the haint blue anti
demon technology so to speak, are probably not good.

In my experience, living in a raunchy hotel, and doing
cleaning in someone's house a few times, a kind of
particulate or streaky white light can be present when
there is cocaine in the systems of the people generating
the influence and saturating the environment.

What does true light do? It makes visible. It doesn't blind
you (though the sun if you were to look straight at it
would be blinding) it doesn't make a fog you can't see in
(aside from the occasional divine miracle of fogs that
interfered with those attacking those praying for help
in Russia and in Anatolia/Byzantium many many
centuries ago), it lets you see more clearly when it is

The RC iconography doesn't help. Highly naturalistic
figures are given a naturalistic looking not artificial and
symbolic looking aura. (maybe some of these artists
had the wrong ideas and spiritual associations anyway,
there is a lot of interesting dirt on popes and artists who
set trends in the Renaissance.) These are golden to pale
and in general look like what you DON'T want to run

The Orthodox iconography is, well, cruder. The halos
are obviously symbolic and not something that seems
to tell you what to expect to see if Jesus or a saint were
to appear, or on a remarkably holy Christian. So this
is safer. Colors have specific symbolic meaning about
suffering, heaven, etc. They are not realistic, so less
likely to create confusion.

It took me a while to figure this out. It was odd to me
that someone could be part of a group of drunks and
have this look from across a street and park. That
someone else who was a heroin user and immediately
engaged in an act of economic deception on a sexist
pretense could seem to have some peaceful nice vibe
and a bit of this white light look.

I finally figured it out, this crap is of the devil. At best,
the effect on the electrical system of generating a self
deceptive or other deceptive fog.

Now lets look at Ecclesiastes chapter 12. People who
never heard of a sheep and knew nothing about
shepherding would not understand anything in the Bible
about it, unless they heard from or read something
written by someone who did. Same with this.

"Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth, while
the evil days come not,....
"Or ever the silver cord [links soul and spirit to body,
reported by many bilocators and some near deah
experiencers] be loosed, OR THE GOLDEN BOWL BE

stop a minute. Golden bowl? this still puzzled me once
I knew what gold implied. But recently by the grace of
God, I figured out that the writer is addressing someone
who has forgotten his Creator, and is living after the
flesh, misled by seducing spirits he may not even know
he has with him. After all, doesn't the writer say,
"Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth"?
why say this to someone who has not forgotten his

The person being addressed has the wrong fleshly-
demonic aura and feels good as is often the case a false
peace, a false pleasure, and the writer is reminding him
to turn to YHWH his Creator and stop getting high on
whatever drugs or state of mind.

"Or the pitcher be broken at the fountain,"
this is still a bit puzzling, perhaps this refers to the
physical side of the death process, the internal breakdown
beginning, or perhaps to a layer of aura that is strictly
about the life supporting electrical system of the body.

"or the wheel be broken at the cistern."
The word chakra is Sanskrit for wheel. The reason chakras
or wheels are given this name, is because the resemble
wheels, rotating or still, vortices. Exactly how these came
to be known is anyone's guess, probably some who had
the unusual ability, perhaps also while out of their bodies,
may have been able to observe these. Perhaps the writer
of Ecclesiastes had this ability, perhaps the addressee
had this ability and was proud of his misuse of ability.

Both of these, the pitcher at the fountain and the wheel
at the cistern, seem to be involved in getting or managing
life processes for fountains and cisterns relate to water
which relates to life. the pitcher seems to be some function
that would draw from a fountain which is probably fed
by the wheel which draws from some cistern or holder
or collector of life.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

posters on anti new age blog attack any serious attack on new age

over on Constance cumbey's blog comments section I have come under attack
when I post something that is critically dangerous to
the New Age, some recommendation or analysis that
hits at some critical point. Lately ANY remark I make
of any kind any link I post draws fire in terms of my
even being on the blog.

I am not thin skinned, I notice patterns. One thing that
got me labeled "occultist" was when I pointed out that
the energy body or etheric body aka soul, has energy
center aka chakras validated somewhat in Ecclesiastes,

This is a bit of information that would undermine New
Age credibility. Instead of putting it to work these
people get into a lather and accuse me of preaching

Another point was that the idea of original sin and
being fallen, rejected by the NEw Age, was in a warped
way supported by a notion that we had acquired
reptilian qualities we shouldn't have, from some primordial
interaction long ago (david icke related garbage, but
useful in an argument about original sin as being
something not entirely denied in one form or another by
the philosophies these people like).

Another thing that drew fire was drawing attention to
Agenda 21 as important to fight. (aka sustainable growth,
smart growth, etc., which even many liberals and pagan
types don't like because its goal is to get everyone off
the land, out of separate houses with gardens and into
stack and pack small apartments, entire blocks being
one building, a pandemic pathogen's perfect situation
and hardly any pets and forget about veggie gardens).

And lately I figured out from re reading A Planned
Deception that there was flat out ritual magic going on
to back this New Age consciousness crap up. Ritual
focusses intent and energy to get something done, and
is therefore stronger than mere visualization alone, so
more dangerous. Combine this with two or more
generations of self centeredness and subjectivism, and
the potential for influencing masses of people in a bad
direction should be obvious. Hysteria, demands I leave
(not from the blog owner and all anonymous posts) and
false accusations flew wildly.

Friday, April 10, 2015

the BLM and Cliven Bundy - more than meets the eye?

Right now, I'm reading the latest stuff that the Southern Poverty
Law Center emails me because I subscribe to their newsletter or
whatever it is. SPLC is an interesting thing. Run by a man who
is said to be homosexual and accusations of child abuse by his
ex wife, it started out going after white supremacists. These
people usually pose as mere separatists, or wanting to be proud
of their ethnicity like blacks are proud of theirs. In fact, for the
few who really feel like this, most seem to be old fashioned
racists, often with anti-Semitism thrown in.

I know that arabs are semites also, but the term "anti semitic"
has always meant anti Jew so don't give me any flack about it.
This attempt to redefine a term is comparable only to the
dishonesty of redefining the American Civil War as not a Civil
War because it doesn't fit the criteria these people (neo
Confederates and suchlike) say is a civil war. Trouble for them
is, the definition you will find anywhere of civil war is a
description what happened, and the criteria they use is closer to
a coup, which with rioters in support you could call a putsch.

I am very sad to see that Paul Craig Roberts accepts this line
of crap also. And he is not uneducated in political terminology
or history so he knows better. Roberts is one of the founders of
Reaganomics, and realized later it was a failure. I really like
most of his evaluations on his page. I guess he is one of those
closet unreconstructed Confederates. I don't feel like checking
his biography, but even if he and his parents were born and
bred in the north, that doesn't mean a family tradition of
southern confederacyism doesn't exist.

SPLC is very good up to a point but then they included, after
making their fame by bankrupting the White Aryan Resistance
in a wrongful death lawsuit, the pro abortion, pro perversion,
and wildly uncontrolled immigration crews in those they protect.

In their articles on the Bundy Ranch incident, they said this,
which got my attention, but not for the reason they noticed it.

"What is puzzling is why the BLM allowed Bundy to get away
for 20 years without paying grazing fees that all other ranchers
pay. And what is equally surprising is the almost amateurish
way the BLM finally moved against Bundy. What both point
to is a failure of the federal government to come to terms with
 the true nature of the war in the West."

Frankly, I don't think this is the problem. I think it is something
I call monkey wrenching. That's where you do something that
creates a small problem that will eventually escalate to extremely
serious, and by the time it does so you are out of range of being
blamed for it. And it only takes one or two people in the right
place at the right time to do it. Another form, is to persuade
some people to adopt a policy, that will have an effect you
want, but they don't want, so you persuade them to adopt this
policy for some other reason they will buy.

Webster Griffin Tarpley drew attention to the fact that Bundy
is a Mormon with Mormons in Mexico connections or family
background. And with his racist remarks, he probably represents
the old line kind.

Here's what I think. Someone wants a grassroots radical right
or anarchist right revolution, draw them out so they can be shot
down. That's why Bundy was allowed to slide on payments
until they were big enough it could be handled in a way that
would result in a major reaction.

Another possibility is that Bundy had fundamentalist Mormons
in the BLM helping him out.

But assuming that isn't the case, or it is, and someone else
noticed this going on and let it go on so it could escalate when
it got officially noticed after whoever was in the way retired,
then we got a situation where rebels are being encouraged to
act up, so that a revolution can break loose before it can win.

A long time ago I got wind of a group of well placed devil
worshippers, who presented themselves publicly as anything
from Christian to wicca but recruited as being a higher form
of wicca or traditional druid or something. Probably infest
the Identity Christian crowd. Something they are networked
to in Texas is apparently using the Hebrew Roots Movement,
to lure people step by step, individuals of course not entire
churches, away from Jesus Christ onto occultism, through the
focus on the Jewish Mosaic festivals and food laws and this
would be then the conveyorbelt to get them into kabbalism
as deeper secrets and that would be the conveyorbelt to
ritual magic and all kinds of occultism. At the core of this
network organized like onion layers, is a smaller group
which engages in human sacrifice when they can get away
with. Redhead white females were ideal targets in the 1990s.

The procedure involved kidnap of those they figured
wouldn't be missed or get handed to them by family who
didn't like them, wait two or more weeks (during which
time they were raped while drugged, this feature not being
known to all who knew of the human sacrifice) to see if
anyone reported them missing, and then kill by disembowelment
on an altar that was a peculiar flat slab, heavy, needed four
men to move it, and sun and moon symbols exactly which
form I never found out, around the edge. I think it had
fluid receiving grooves to drain the blood.

In those days, you had to be missing for at least three days
before a missing persons report could be put on you, but
after Kristen Modafferi disappeared, there was enough
uproar that the law was changed and the report can go out
immediately. This created problems for them thank Jesus

One woman was mixing both wicca and Jesus, and woke
up on the altar, and apparently prayed to Jesus for help,
because "the ritual went wrong, everyone turned on each
other and she got away." got away was the phrasing for
escape due to flaw in the captors, escape would be escape
on the intended victim's own ability.  This was in Belmont
California in San Mateo County, whose sheriff of the
time was the high priest, after a county supervisor was
high priest and after him a member of the Palo Alto City

known that the raid was expected. THIS GUARANTEED
A BLOODBATH, which would be a cause celebre for
the militia crew.

These devil worshippers were looking for a domino to
push over that would take down the USA "into the kind
of chaos they could use." They want a situation where,
like David Myatt of the order of nine angles (who then
became a moslem, presumably pro jihad) in England,
the largest political unit was something like a city state.
(or a county?) This of course means that whoever runs
such can be a big fish in a small pond. And plenty of
small ponds to rule in.

You see how the county supremacy movement and the
extreme rejection of centralization and federal involvement
plays to their hands?

Christianity gets hijacked in terms of "liberty" and our
Christian roots and limited govt. to get a movement or
patch into an existing one, that will serve such demonic
interests. At the very least, such a political devotion, whether
of anarchist small city state or county sized nation sort, or
of a big govt. sort, will compromise your walk in Christ.
you may start out thinking you are bringing the country to
Christ or to "Christian principles of government and
economics" but you slowly shift from Christianity and....
where Christianity is dominant, to Christianity and.... where
whatever is after the "and...." is dominant.

Been there, done that, repented of it.

While some may want a revolution to start when it can be
defeated, and therefore buy into the plan to let it show its
face now and then and think it is getting stronger, there are
others who want this event to create such chaos they can
overthrown the central govt. and have their small ponds to
be big fish in. Boss Hogg as the typical American statesman
is their ideal.

While they incl. nonwhites in the overall movement, the
uniting thing is the desire for racial separatism, and for a
return to whatever false gods an ethnicity's ancestors once
worshipped. Anything but Christianity.

And the core is white supremacist.

Missler and Clement

I don't follow "prophets" and other losers and fools so I didn't
know this Kim Clement creep had been prophesying that
new Bible books will be discovered, according to the comments
section, or that Missler was getting involved with him.

Chuck Missler may prate against the NWO but his proudly
displayed resume is NWO and powers that be and intelligence
connected. Missler is one of those of what
calls the PPP or Postmodern Prophecy Paradigm group (or is
Postmodern Paradigm Prophecy? I forget), an excellent term.
L. A. Marzulli is part of the charismatic and/or New Apostolic
Reformation crew also. (As someone once said, its not new
and its not apostolic.)

I speculated some time ago, that Missler's talk about demonic
hybrid nephilim past and present, could lead to a claim of
identifying DNA markers to tell who was an alien hybrid.
Step one would be the initial propaganda, getting Christians
who are activist inclined to accept that these a. in fact are real
and exist now, b. are not human, have no soul, blah blah,
which of course means, c., that they can be righteously killed,
indeed SHOULD be killed.
Step two would be the claim of finding alien DNA markers.
Step three would be a roundup and extermination of such.

And here it gets dicey. Because you only have some
technocrat's word for it that the alien markers have been found
and that they are in fact in the DNA of the persons targeted
for extermination.

those are two separate issues.

Anyone who is inconvenient, even a whole ethnic group can
be labeled as alien hybrid, viewed with horror and rounded up.
A large number of Christians would be supporting or looking
the other way rather than opposing it. (very likely the real alien
hybrids would be running the program, going after rivals in
power battles of their own, and eliminating people who might
be effective against them and their full blood masters.)

The involvement of an influential mega church prophet etc.
type with this crap is cause for alarm.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Black Rose only grows naturally in Halfeti, Riha, Kurdistan

other black roses are really a deep purple, red or maroon. This looks like the real thing.