Sunday, July 26, 2015

the REAL evil of freemasonry

the greatest evil evident in Morals and Dogma is not some misquote that looks explicit.
the TEACHINGS are themselves the seduction of satanism. Masonry is the outer court
so to speak of satanism of one form or another.
in its earlier ranks, its great word is the blasphemous JahBulOn which equates the
True God Jah or Jahveh (YH or Yah short form of YHWH) with the false gods He hates
and whose ways He hates. 
various grades  reduce prayer to a force, which is the essence of the word of faith heresy,
and focus on astrology and "ancient wisdom" which if pursued b y the initiate of masonry
on his own will lead to witchcraft and black magic. While piously denouncing various sins
like greed and cheating and so forth (which after all would be disruptive to any society,
including a brotherhood of some sort) "equilibrium" is taught.
Origen and Celsius are appealed to. The idea of the Bible being merely disguised truth
that the ignorant take at face value,  the keystone of many heresies and that led Origen
to his errors for which he was anathematized.
In the final degree it is reiterated that there is all this balance between God's power and
our free will, and between various natural forces, the universe is held to be without beginning
because God was always thinking and it is the expression of His thought, and finally in a
list of balanced opposites all of which are good there is good and evil and while the devil is
denied as being a coeternal with God opposition to God, the picture painted is that every
evil is a necessary part of creation so in effect  instead of being a potential within creation
if the creature decides to misuse its free will, it is a functional part. This of course means
that the individual to be complete might feel he should (or could) do all evil and all good.                     \
the quote regarding lucifer is a denunciation of him, as a false light, but equates this with
the superstitious worship of Christianity of any but the most stripped down protestant
version. Thus a near diabolist could comfortably hide in protestantism, and once saved
always saved and grace not works be promoted to excuse (and no judging to prevent punishment)
all kinds of evil done and "balanced" by good, NOT an actual Christian repentance from the evil,
NOT a permanent move in the opposite direction, but as an ongoing seesaw, never intended to
be any different. 
Masonry with these teachings is evil as hell, whether it ever did overtly recognizable satanic
rituals or made such statement as ascribed by Taxil or those looking for the overt.
Masonry is the front porch of an evil building the essence of which in its social presentability
and secret vileness and shared secrets not to be revealed is displayed in Eyes Wide Shut.
(I am not sure that movie follows the original book Traum Nouvelle but it doesn't matter. )
Notice that at the end, quoted in Latin (which despite denunciations of "superstition" is used
to make you feel important and elite like Latin speaking priests one envies?) is Proverbs 25:2
"It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter."
BUT ONLY THE FIRST PART, "It is the glory of God to conceal."  the last word given to the highest
level is that one must conceal. and snoops and snitches are left out in the cold since the
second part of the sentence is left out.
THIS IS THE REAL EVIL OF MASONRY. It is the leading in stages into a state of mind and values
that makes any evil possible. At various stages, those in serious evil operating as such like a
brotherhood attached to masonry, not a mere political attachment like illuminism, but the
spring off secret brotherhood of social network that built the lodge system and looks for suitable
fellows, would spot those likely to be moving in their direction.
Masonry grooms you for evil. it gives you the key ideas to develop evil if you want to. it gives you
the social network to find evil people who have taken it to the extremes you are eventually
feeling okay to look for.
In Spain some men were accused of being masons, and the judge on finding out they led chaste
lives dismissed the charges because he had never heard of a mason who was chaste.
what does that tell you?