Monday, December 28, 2015

China takes a more proactive stance against terrorism

This is going to bring them into the Middle East more, very
likely. Note scenario indicated by Daniel chapter 7 in the Bible,
if the attribution of China to the four headed leopard is

"Beijing (AFP) - China has legalised overseas counter-terror operations by its military, details of a controversial new law
showed, as it tries to tie violence linked to mainly Muslim
Xinjiang into global  concerns about extremism. Under the
counter-terrorism legislation passed at the weekend Beijing
"may send personnel outside the border to carry out anti-terror activities" when the "relevant country" agrees, according to
the text published by the official Xinhua news agency.
The measure applies to the People's Liberation Army, the
People's Armed Police and employees of the country's public security organs, Xinhua said."

rest of article is at

check my other blog for likely China as 5 headed leopard of Daniel's prophecy

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Nazi origins of EU and Shadow of the Swastika Nazi origins of the EU whatever the page or author's connections, this summarizes information I already have from other sources. The Hidden Roots of the European Union It has been observed that American presidents are not elected, they are selected, and they are selected by Bilderberg. Everyone who has become president since the mid to late 1970s visited and was approved by Bilderberg, more specifically by David Rockefeller of Chase Manhattan Bank, the biggest drug money launderer in the USA. Maybe anywhere. Not sure of that. Bilderberg was getting sick of Obama not getting us into WW 3 like they wanted for war profiteering motives and figuring the chaos could let them bring more of their idea of “order” out of it. But Obama won the second term anyway.

Nazis in the attic all kinds of dirt on everybody incl. USA leaders of business and politics before during and after WW 2 also called Shadow of the Swastika I have only read a couple of articles at this site it looks good. 1600 Nazi scientists, soldiers, war criminals adopted by USA.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Investigation Exposes Jeb Bush Nazi Treasure Holdings

Maybe we should all retire the nukes and focus on thermobarics - firestorm climatic issues

nuclear bombs can cause firestorms, several bombs several firestorms, and the millions
of tons of debris in the air would cut down world food production. A fight of this sort
between India and Pakistan would impact China, you don't have to be involved in the
fight to be affected.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

yellowstone is doing very wierd stuff

Go to  and if you go any day after
Dec. 17th today, make sure the upper left hand corner date is set to Dec. 17 2015. Then scroll
down and look at YMS-Mt. Sheridan.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Alliance and Clash of Civilizations

We got this thing on in the UN now called Alliance of Civilizations which
basically says that if you take your religion seriously as truth vs. any other
religion, you are a potential terrorist, by definition an extremist, etc. etc.

This is to counter the Clash of Civilizations which has been observed by
some for a while now, a major clasher being islam. Now, the Alliance
approach basically considers that any criticism of islam, including anyone
other than a mullah speaking in house to his own people as to how to
behave, who exposes what the Koran and hadiths and shariah say, is
doing a no-no.

On Cumbey's blog the Ahmadiyya heretical Islamic sect cropped up, and
while I had always dismissed this group as peripheral in fact it isn't. One
of its leaders was also a major figure in Pakistan and the UN. And to get
where he was he had to have major Theosophical backing. The Theosophical
Society was involved in founding the UN, and maintains the meditation
chapel which is a weird looking spiritually by way of mentally disorienting
thing. Specifically Lucis Trust maintains it, renamed from "lucifer trust."

Not surprising.

Anyway, it seems Ahmadiyya claims that the Messiah and/or founder is
a reincarnation of, get this, some kook from ancient times, who in the days
of the foolishness of the 1800s when some tried to pretend Jesus never
existed (very few attempt that now), was viewed as the prototype Jesus
was based on, Apollonius of Tyana. This is not a famous philosopher you
run into in books on Greek philosophers. And Eliphas Levi in one of his
books makes a big deal about him and even conjured him or some demon
pretending to be him up briefly.

So....there is something very odd about Ahmadiyya.

While rank and file islam would reject Ahmadiyya  and people like ISIS
would exterminate them in a heartbeat, what they are proposing is such a
conciliation of islam as to weaken any resistance. It is easy enough to have
your people taught to do taqiyya, permitted deception in advance of Islamic
interests, and pretend to not be that serious about islam, but keep its laws
as a quaint cultural pattern which (female genital mutilation and four
eyewitnesses to get a conviction of any crime included) should be respected,
while pretending to be peaceful. The typical lecture in a madrassah would
not be exactly saying the same thing.

Ahmadiyya has made inroads with the Seventh Day Adventists to some
extent, sharing a belief in continuing revelation. (not private input from
God to deal with some specific situation but doctrinal development and
so forth, and/or "explaining" Scripture to make it say something it
doesn't, materials meant to be permanent public guidelines until "god" has a
moodswing or whatever and the next revelation comes down the pike.)

The Alliance of Civilizations undermines Christianity by opposing the
words of Christ, that "none comes to The Father except by Me." (possibility
of salvation during or after death of a person who did not believe in life is
not a contradiction of this, since it can only happen by the person meeting
and accepting Christ, or remembering hearing of Him and calling on Him
in desperation as things start looking bad after death or during the death
process. the calling can be done in the mind even if one cannot speak. This
still leaves it that no one comes to The Father except through Jesus Christ.)

This undermining, by getting people to consider all faiths are true (or for
that matter equally false) facilitates conversion away from Christianity,
because then there is no inhibition on exploring other options. and Islam
is there to make an invitation, so is the New Age scene which can merge
with Sufism. Now, though Sufism seems peaceable their orders, some of
them, have always been part of militant islam.

So between New Ager plans to exterminate those who don't go along
with them, and Islamic jihad plans similar, we are in for a rough ride if
these laws get passed and enforced. One is going to have to tread
carefully, and Christians will have to once again set themselves outside of
society and culture and nation state, and conduct proselytism carefully.

By Christians I mean the ones who take Christ seriously and at His word.
The sloppier sort may get saved at the last Judgement or may not, but the
only safe position is to take Christ seriously and be prepared to suffer
and die for Him, and not deny Him for any reason including for the sake
of loved ones.

I don't think the antichrist will come from all this, not yet. Daniel 7 says
he comes from a world empire that doesn't exist yet, not its founder but
a displacer of three rulers of it. The New Age is definitely an attempt to
lay the groundwork for him, which if successful would be a slap in God's
face, if the antichrist came to power outside of the circumstances God has
mandated he will have to operate in. SO IT WON'T HAPPEN. But that
doesn't mean the Church won't get persecuted by NEw Agers if they have
the capacity to do so and think "ascension" or whatever is around the

Adding to the mix would be the Joel's Army crowd, currently recruited
to spiritual warfare only, but a timeline by Bill Hamon, discussed in a
previous post, shows it will be physical starting AD 2020 or later. So
we got New Agers, Moslems, and Joel's Army after us. Joel's Army
explicitly states (Joyner said so) that eventually they will have to kill
those Christians who do not go along with them.

But if you start making concessions internally and stop believing that
Christianity is the only true religion, you are weakened. Maybe you
will prefer Jesus Christ over the other options, but your witness is
going to be weak and your interest in converting others or financing
missions is going to be little to none.

Meanwhile, jihad will continue, and the often paganized types of the
Euroracist crew will be the shocktroops opposing it, and gain credibility
they haven't had since the 1930s and 1940s.

So far this mess hasn't developed in an obvious way yet, but the fact
is you couldn't have an Alliance of Civilizations type laws get proposed
or put in effect without a severe lack of faith (meaning dedication to
Jesus Christ) which is exactly what has been going on in Europe. And
to a lesser extent in the USA.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

"Allies of Humanity" are not allies but part of the same greyskin and reptoid team.

Looked into something called "Allies of Humanity" because of its mention in the preface or first chapter of The Evil Empire of the ETs and the Ultra-Terrestrials on the kindle view. While the analysis of the problem aliens present is good up to a point, it draws on this book (three in fact) that some friendly aliens are warning us against all this, and the plan to rule by controlling through mental powers capable hybrids that Dr. David Jacobs exposed.
But there is a problem.... these "people" talk about how we gotta advance to a state of greater telepathy in general.
And the information was "transmitted" to the writer after a lot of "spiritual" work so probably channeled. It is essentially New Age crap, and it is "good cop bad cop" game. The same guys doing the abducting and scheming are transmitting the books. TO INCREASE OUR TELEPATHY IS TO INCREASE OUR VULNERABILITY TO THE CONTROL BY TELEPATHY PLAN.
Also indicated by the table of contents (didn't want to read it) is that the aliens meeting some resistance from the humans have stirred up trouble using islamic fundamentalism probably by telepathically encouraging leaders who are also sufis or influenced by such. This of course would take the blame off the real creators of all this, USA founded Al Qaeda and the whole salafist movement from the 1800s which is a throwback to original islam. the conditions resulting from concessions of convenience, greed and necessity by the moslems were viewed by them as apostasy. Salafis were talking rape and murder from the start. These are not decent, honorable people. Sure some telepathic prompting using mystics (easily compromised) might be in play because chaos and war means more people can be taken and eaten or enslaved offworld without being noticed as gone and psychic vampirism by aliens and demons they are allied with would feed on the suffering and fear and bloodshed.
But the whole allies of humanity game is the same as that of the pleiadeans and so forth, nordic types, who pretend to oppose the greys, but in fact they and greys and reptoids have been seen working together on ships by abductees, and at least one report had a nordic commander of such. These "friendly" aliens like to communicate telepathically and by channeling which is mediumship which involves psychic boundary violation. Most "spiritual" work sets you up for this.

what's the deal with letting all those obviously questionable refugees into europe?

if you examine the Nazi background of the EU and how it matches exactly to the old Nazi plan for organizing Europe, then another game is in play. not as simple as clash of civilizations, but using it.

let the right wing and Europe for Europeans and closet Nazi power build up to where it can face down a threat.

bring in the threat.

the soon radicalized population joins the skinhead etc. and other uprising.

threat is eradicated.

Nazis back in power.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

wolves and unhealthy interdependency of world peoples  go to articles list on the right for excellent material.
there is a romance about wolves fomented I think at the start by people like Ernest
Thompson Seton who had occultist involvement somewhat, and whose book
Wild Animals I have Known very oddly (at least the edition I read as a child) has
Egyptian cartouche type design down its spine. This focusses, as do many anecdotal
and scientific information sources on the humanlike qualities of feeling and sometimes
thought of animals. their social life, etc. THIS IS NOT FALSE, but there is more to
things than this. Their emotions mostly orient around their interests, as do most of
our emotions,  and we have to prioritize because we cannot survive with such
competition and we cannot breed with them to keep our species going in a hybrid
form, and even if we could the result would still face competition from them.

God designed us to be managers of nature, when everything was plant eating, and
maybe even monogamous which cuts down population growth to some extent.
Vegetarian versions of carnivorous creatures have been identified from the fossil
record and alive. It is speculated they are mutant forms, but more likely they are
the original, and that carnivorousness developed to deal with food lack. It is also
possible that only humans were immortal, and that depending on getting at the Tree
of Life (as distinct from the tree of knowledge), and that carnivorousness was
originally scavenging of the dead. One Orthodox writer speculated that death existed
outside the Garden of Eden but not in it, and I would add perhaps it was supposed to
be gradually eradicated elsewhere by human population increase and management
of nature, and presence of the Tree of Life. Paul speaks of death entering through Adam,
and may only refer to humans, but it also would affect the rest of nature, the warp in
the human from eating the tree of knowledge passing into nature by being dissolved,
incorporated, eaten after death. the disease would metastasize throughout the natural
world. chaos and abnormalities of one kind or another would ensue. Hints in Romans
and Revelation point to ALL creatures being included in the Sacrifice by Christ.

Old Man of the Ski is a blog I am following now, and he has excellent
articles on the wolf problem. I wrote a post, don't know if it will get
accepted, but I think I will post it here also. The problem is that wolf
populations growing undermine wild prey populations, spread the deadly
and slow to be noticed till its too late hydatid disease, and sooner or later
they prey on our food supply animals, our pets, and us. Hunting the wolves
by focusing on alpha  members of packs increases breeding, since they
actively interfere in breeding by younger members of the pack (this I picked
up from a documentary). Hunting should focus on younger and stray wolves.

this whole picture reminds me of the fourth horseman of the apocalypse, incl. death by wild beasts. (It also shows that carrying capacity IS an issue with animals, humans always increase the carrying capacity by ingenuity and so forth, but you will note how long the patriarchs in the begats in Genesis took to reproduce and "fill the earth" well, define "fill" population control of humans by any means that involves actual or potential abortifacient measures or killing of the ill and eventually whoever is of course NOT ACCEPTABLE, but a lot of that population growth is due to almost (in some cases literal) forced conception you HAVE to reproduce as fast as possible for social acceptability or even to avoid divorce and being a beggar in the streets. at risk of physical attack or rape even out there on the streets. so between forced depopulation and forced population production, the humans are facing abnormal conditions the former murder the latter  often a slow death for women most of whom can't handle lots of births. only in modern times where the medical help was in play did childbirth not represent a real threat to the mother, and infant mortality and death of younger children was not unusual. In the present time we take it for granted the children should always outlive the parents, but in the 1700s and 1800s in America it was standard expected you would be burying some children.)

I am NOT a proponent of aryanism, etc., but I do know their propaganda, and there is a peculiar irony historically.
the crazies who think there is a war against the white race put the white race in danger by fomenting as many wars as possible to encourage the warrior quality, etc. etc. like the Nazis. seems to me if there is any danger to "the Aryan race" it comes from their own damn leaders and propagandists especially the depredations wrought on it by its  supposedly greatest representative and defender, adolf hitler, we hear of the deliberate killing of Jews, white as anyone else, but the wars killed lots and lots of even Nazi definable pure Aryans.
To revert back to pagan warrior cultures of Europe before the Roman conquests (which enforced some peace), would be to reduce the political scene to tribal segments busily killing each other, with the best of the breed male and female leading the charge in killing each other, what would that do to breed quality? 
similar issues would pertain to other races in some places. The Chinese ancient political theory was that empire was the highest form of civilization, bringing order and peace. But a world empire would mean the worst idiocies would be in charges and no where to go to escape. Large political bodies like the nation states we have now are ideal, giving the advantages, with their sovereignty of both empire and variation and option to go elsewhere. THINK QUARANTINE, of culture, law and economics, so one error in one place doesn't impact everyone everywhere else.
yes were are "interconnected" and "interdependent" now AND IT NEEDS TO STOP, ROLLBACK ALL THIS INTERDEPENDENCY,  ONE ELEMENT GOES DOWN IT TAKES THE REST WITH IT, economic crashes have typically been on both sides of the Atlantic at once more or less, this is NOT RIGHT.

Turkey fires on Russian plane again.

Satellite imagery shows the plane may have strayed over real Turkish land, but
was on its way out or already out when fired on. Turkey wanted a no fly zone,
remember? when this was denied to it it set one up anyway. It is protecting ISIS
and keeping their supply lines open which come from Turkey. money comes from
Saudi Arabia and Qatar, but materiel from Turkey.

Putin has decided to not attack Turkey but visits are suspended, and businesses are
being assessed to not be affected who trade with Turkey while implementing possible
economic reaction. Mainly Putin has stated that any plane drawing down on a
Russian plane is going to get shot down.

This is as I predicted (not a prophet just a dot connector) that  Russia would not
directly attack Turkey because it is a NATO member, until and unless Turkey is
kicked out of NATO. But Russia will fight Turkish air and probably ground forces
if there are any in Syria.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

A pseudo christian form of New Age trending militant.

Bill Hamon started the heretical and unbiblical school of The Holy Spirit and later school
of prophecy, on the idea of first describing the gifts of the Holy Spirit, then the next
getting students to activate these gifts. In other words, first load their minds then
immediately get them to counterfeit them with autosuggestion.
" One semester he taught on one of the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit in one session, and then in the next session had the students practice moving in that gift. These were the first attempts Bill made at activating saints in their gifts of the Spirit."
"The heart of Bill Hamon’s ministry is the Genesis principle that every seed reproduces after its kind. This is the fulfillment of a prophecy that was given to Bill in 1984 about how he would train others: “…It’s going to be a multiplying of yourself, producing reproducers reproducing reproducers who will reproduce reproducers.”

IMAGE OF YOUR TRAINER IN YOU. excuses like Paul saying imitate me as I imitate
Christ may be made, but what is really in play is a kind of cloning of the self
appointed prophet and superman. and the trainees get to feel the power and glory
from spiritual reproduction, taking someone and making them into their image.

The concept is in play of teaching people to hear God's voice for themselves. This
means that any goddam bullshit you produce on your own, or get from a demon, is
automatically the voice of God. total chaos could be expected, but with the discipling
cloning whatnot and accountability to bishops and apostles, this would not be
allowed to move away from New Apostolic Reformation guidelines. Thus without
a formal church organization structure or doctrines like Roman Catholicism, their
authority concept and network of same would function the same way or better for
control issues.

Supposedly one hears the voice of God for yourself and are free of the institutional
churches, lately being accused of being paganized, and the house church is the   
solution to this problem. House churches are an atomization, an isolation of the
target by the predator.  

 Ditching supposed pagan practices of the physical sort, they end with pagan practices
of the mental sort, their whole "holy spirit" game being essentially shamanism. the
"tarrying" of the Pentecostals from the 1830s Welsh revivals and later is the same
passivity as a mediuim in training! They use all kinds of fleshly and worldly systems
of church growth and they have to rely on this because they do NOT have the Holy
Spirit,  and because they are looking for  vast numbers to join them, when in fact
such huge popularity with the world is an indication something is wrong. The
dominionist position became evident in more recent decades. And another writer
pointed out that one of the targets of Joel's Army or whatever it calls itself, is the
Christians and churches that don't agree with them and are not part of the NAR!

 Currently they are working on emergency preparedness team building and learning
how to work with local police and so forth. This is a good way to expose people to
dealing with unusual and sometimes potentially violent situations. They will
develop relationships with police and other first responders, maybe convert some
to their brand of Christianity, God forbid. Look for an uptick of military imagery
of the sort that however "spiritual" it is supposed to be instead of literal, it will
acquaint the readers with weapons and their use, ancient and modern. Even some
tactical things. This is a gradual training and a weeding out of those who are
not so devoted, not so recruitable to the next level, and the next level.

They are building an army all right. And they haven't gotten to physical training and
talking about killing people yet, but they will get there.

These people either generally have too big a smile or a kind of abnormal calm.
There is nothing spiritual about them, a lot of hokum and probably some real
spiritual deviance, whether it is demonic or a malformation of the energy body is anyone's
guess. But it is the result of an unbiblical focus.

This was back in the 1960s. And a long term plan seems to be in play.

Herescope is one of the best discernment sites anywhere. Its characterization of the
church the bride of Christ as a warrior as "homoerotic imagery" is really outrageous.
There is no same sex flirting or necking, just the warrior woman that is styled as
lesbian ipso facto. Obviously they have a sexism problem and they have a pre-
tribulation rapture problem, considering any opposition to this deception they fell
for to be part of deception. aside from these, which rarely crop up, herescope is

scroll down to third Apostolic Reformation,
"Hamon then published a more complete timeline, which seems to be the “blueprint” that the NAR and IHOP are using in their eschatological countdown:

2003 the Church will begin moving into Phase 3 of the 3rd and Final Apostolic Reformation. This Final Apostolic Reformation contains 5 movements or they can be called 5 phases. The Church which is walking in present truth is moving into Phase 3 in 2003 which is the Saints Movement.

3rd Apostolic Reformation

1988 – 40 years – 2028
•Phase 1 Prophetic Movement 1988
•Phase 2 Apostolic Movement 1998
•Phase 4 Army of the Lord Movement 2018
•Phase 5 Kingdom Establishing Movement 2028[8]"
"8. This timeline by Hamon was originally published here: "

" Hamon described these movements in terms of progress towards Dominionism, i.e. ruling and subduing the earth:

We’ve crossed over the Jordan. The moment you cross over Jordan you’re going into warfare…. In this movement, it is constant warfare and you don’t stop until all of Canaan is subdued and the children of God are ruling and reigning.

As fanatical as it may sound to fundamental evangelical Christians, the Church is destined to subdue all things and put all things under Christ’s feet before He actually literally returns from heaven.[10]"

citing 10. Jennifer LeClaire, “Dr. Bill Hamon answers your questions about the eternal Church,”
as the source for all this.

this got me to thinking just now, since 2003 began the 2008 third phase, a phase
presumably begins in trace form five years prior. predecessor trends may have existed c. AD 1983, and an uptick in detailed military analogies and physical fitness may be locatable in trace form c. AD 2013 to now.
this article was first published 2006. the original page disappeared but I got it anyway.

So in 2003 he paints a picture of inevitable development and moving into the next
phase, and this is a sorting out phase. So by now there should be some kind of
excessive focus on military stuff as a model in details that make actual training
easier in future years. actual recruitment for physical action easier also later.

doing spiritual warfare and spiritual mapping is good training for attacking weak points
and identifying targets to take out physically not just spiritually. (given their
bad track record in changing things, it doesn't sound like their sort of exorcisms
are much good.) This is likely going to get violent by 2020 or 2028 at the latest.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

the Cybernetics Group de facto think tank

the review of David Livingstone's book Transhumanism on says this whole thing started with
The Cybernetics Group. searching for that, I found a copy on google books, but
not set up to be read online. the review says that "This is the engaging story of a moment of transformation in the human sciences, a detailed account of a remarkable group of people who met regularly from 1946 to 1953 to explore the possibility of using scientific ideas that had emerged in the war years (cybernetics, information theory, computer theory) as a basis for interdisciplinary alliances. The Macy Conferences on Cybernetics, as they came to be called, included such luminaries as Norbert Wiener, John von Neumann, Margaret Mead, Gregory Bateson, Warren McCulloch, Walter Pitts, Kurt Lewin, F. S. C. Northrop, Molly Harrower, and Lawrence Kubie, who thought and argued together about such topics as insanity, vision, circular causality, language, the brain as a digital machine, and how to make wise decisions.Heims, who met and talked with many of the participants, portrays them not only as thinkers but as human beings. His account examines how the conduct and content of research are shaped by the society in which it occurs and how the spirit of the times, in this case a mixture of postwar confidence and cold-war paranoia, affected the thinking of the cybernetics group. He uses the meetings to explore the strong influence elite groups can have in establishing connections and agendas for research and provides a firsthand took at the emergence of paradigms that were to become central to the new fields of artificial intelligence and cognitive science.In his joint biography of John von Neumann and Norbert Wiener, Heims offered a challenging interpretation of the development of recent American science and technology. Here, in this group portrait of an important generation of American intellectuals, Heims extends that interpretation to a broader canvas, in the process paying special attention to the two iconoclastic figures, Warren McCulloch and Gregory Bateson, whose ideas on the nature of the mind/brain and on holism are enjoying renewal today.Steve J. Heims, once a research physicist, has devoted his attention to the history of twentieth century science for the past two decades."
two things jumped off the page.
that Margaret Mead was involved.
that the brain is viewed as a digital computer.
I think the latter is an error, though some of the synapse firing is like this I
think it operates either also or more like an analog computer. If this is correct,
then the foundation of cybernetics applied to the brain is flawed.
in a digital system, something is either on or off and the strings of 0s and 1s
reflect this condition, so that an incredible string of such is needed to state
something fairly simple.
In an analog system, it is more comparable to the flow of water in a hose, full on,
restricted in varying degrees, full off.
Margaret Mead "was a respected and often controversial academic who popularized the insights of anthropology in modern American and Western culture.[2] Her reports detailing the attitudes towards sex in South Pacific and Southeast Asian traditional cultures influenced the 1960s sexual revolution. She was a proponent of broadening sexual mores within a context of traditional Western religious life. As an Anglican Christian, Mead played a considerable part in the drafting of the 1979 American Episcopal Book of Common Prayer."
Basically she worked from the presupposition, stated or not I don't recall, that
the "primitive" is closer to original humanity and therefore a proper model. This may
have been partly driven by her personal inclinations. While three marriages (one to
a man who researched sorcery in eastern Papua) is not necessarily that big of a
problem one wonders what she was up to before and between her marriages. at least
one possible lesbian relationship is indicated and "In her writings she proposed that it is to be expected that an individual's sexual orientation may evolve throughout life."
"In 1976, Mead was a key participant at UN Habitat I, the first UN forum on human settlements."
this looks a bit like an ancestor to Agenda 21, though it goes in a rather
opposite direction in disliking urbanization, which Agenda 21 would maximize, while
pushing everyone out of the rural scene including small farmers. The huge amount
of proposed off limits to humans shown spaces on the map would mean camping and
fishing and hunting trips are ruled out also.
Kurt Lewin was a great scientist, but he also had a theory of change, which while
it might be an accurate picture of acquiring radical new information and applying
it, is essentially amoral, doesn't suggest sorting what to dump and what to retain
and why, and is a blueprint for messing with the public mind.
"An early model of change developed by Lewin described change as a three-stage process.[14] The first stage he called "unfreezing". It involved overcoming inertia and dismantling the existing "mind set". It must be part of surviving. Defense mechanisms have to be bypassed. In the second stage the change occurs. This is typically a period of confusion and transition. We are aware that the old ways are being challenged but we do not have a clear picture as to what we are replacing them with yet. The third and final stage he called "freezing". The new mindset is crystallizing and one's comfort level is returning to previous levels. This is often misquoted as "refreezing" " atheist aside from anything else.
"was a logician who worked in the field of computational neuroscience.[1]
He proposed landmark theoretical formulations of neural activity and generative processes that influenced diverse fields such as cognitive sciences and psychology, philosophy, neurosciences, computer science, artificial neural networks, cybernetics and artificial intelligence, together with what has come to be known as the generative sciences. He is best remembered for having written along with Warren McCulloch, a seminal paper entitled "A Logical Calculus of Ideas Immanent in Nervous Activity" (1943). This paper proposed the first mathematical model of a neural network. The unit of this model, a simple formalized neuron, is still the standard of reference in the field of neural networks. It is often called a McCulloch–Pitts neuron."
Norbert Wiener "Norbert described his father as calm and patient, unless he (Norbert) failed to give a correct answer, at which his father would lose his temper.
He became an agnostic." hmmmm. often one's theological tendencies get shaped by
experience of parental behavior or misbehavior, probably because one doesn't
separate the behavior from the belief (or lack thereof) or go check the Scriptures
to see if the person is acting in accord with or against what is taught as right.
While it doesn't say this experience influenced him, a failure to note the timeframe
involved (instant reaction by his father vs. decades or centuries before God
cracked down big time after lots of warnings and offers of forgiveness and over far
more important things than math wrong answers) might have got him equating God with
his father. Stalin was once an altar boy or something like that, got a vicious
verbal assault for a minor error from a priest or bishop and ended up an atheist and
hating the church. "Northrop was personally acquainted with and close to a great number of leading figures in philosophy, politics, and science. These included G. H. Hardy, Bertrand Russell, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Erwin Schroedinger, Hermann Weyl, Norbert Wiener, Mao Zedong, John Foster Dulles and Mohammed Iqbal, among many others. For instance, see the dedication to "Man, Nature, and God.""
off the top that's two crackpot philosophers one Communist tyrant and near demigod,
and Dulles the architecht of acquisition of Nazi scientists and agents and part of
the JFK coverup and other dirty stuff, and a poet (poetry is hypnotic and induces altered states of consciousness in the readers and hearers, I read once that in
ancient times the swedes considered a love poem a kind of psychic attack, a spell)
who essentially founded the disastrous Pakistan movement along with Jinnah, the latter
praised by ex British intelligence WW 2 agent (who used his experience on how a
man sounds when dying of being stabbed, having stabbed him, to duplicate this in
a scene he played as an actor later) Christopher Lee. One wonders what British
Intelligence maybe had to do with creating the Pakistan mess perhaps revenge for
Indian independence?
Lawrence Kubie was harder to locate, perhaps for good reason. maybe this background
is dealt with in some references to a Dr. Lawrence Kubie psychiatrist, but the
serious dirt, if this is the same man, is at this link. use "find" in "edit" be sure
to spell his name k u b I E don't forget the I or you miss it kubie.
the computer as such has ancestors in the 1800s in Europe, in China in the crude
calculator the abacus (with that name it sounds like it came from an arab land or
was named by an arab before it got to China) and even something the antikythera
device found on a sunken ancient mediteranean ship. adding complexities of
purpose and function and electricity ramped it up. printing function added and you
get onscreen typing on the one hand, and actual printouts on the other.
yep, that was Dr. Lawrence S. Kubie

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Russia and Israel likely to become partners in defense of holy sites the Palestianians are trying to claim as moslem

they are claiming the church of the Holy Sepulchre. this is going to put them
on Russia's radar. I think the "Palestinians" are going to face the wrath of a
combined Russian Jewish force one of these days. Either that or God is going to
blast them when they try to interfere with the Holy Fire Ceremony.

I already predicted Russia and China would enter the Middle East, based on things
in Daniel chapter seven, but this prediction I can't relate to prophecy in the Bible,
but is based on the existing interests in the Holy Sepulchre.

Putin has repeatedly stated he is going to protect Christians, and is in the Russian
Orthodox Church, Moscow Patriarchate. The Holy Fire Ceremony is held on
Julian Calendar Holy Saturday, and the Holy Fire only comes to the prayers of the
Eastern Orthodox Greek Patriarch of Jerusalem. back in Turkish times, the
Armenians bribed the Turks to lock the Greeks out, and the Holy Fire would not
come to the Armenian Patriarch's prayers, but crashed through a pillar of the
church to light the candles of the Greek Patriarch praying outside the church.

A Turk saw this,  declared Christ is God, and was martyred by his fellow Turks.

The Palestinians will probably try to interfere in this ceremony.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

retired military brass vallely, mcinerney and boykin - exploiting ISIS for their own takeover agenda

A new alternative to evolution and it doesn't really interfere with Creationism proposes a wild new idea (and the author has a
hilarious fiction book based on the premise of someone trying to replicate
this). Frankly the photo of the author looks a bit like this kind of ancestry,
I hope he will take this statement in good humor, and the video of stages
of development of a human embryo's face at one point definitely does a
brief pig snout though flat.

Humans are a (or descended from) a chimp pig hybrid.

pause to give you time to get up off the floor where you've been rolling
and laughing.

details at the site. Basically he suggests that evolution of the Darwinian
sort is not supported that well by the evidence, but might be explained
not by gradual changes but by sudden changes, new lineages, created
by a hybridization event that was fertile enough to backcross to one of
those in the same group as one of the parents. The writer is an expert
in hybridization in animals.

Myself I have no trouble imagining that when God formed man of the
dust (or dirt or mud) of the field, He used some that contained epithelials
of primates and pigs and reshuffled some of the genes on purpose.
This would be a dandy thing to hold over us later those who got smart
enough to figure it out, it becomes standard fare like Darwin is now,
and we still think we are evolving into gods perhaps with transhumanism
and its technology to help.

Along the lines of Ezekiel 16:3 "...your father was an Amorite, and your
mother an Hittite."

fill in the appropriate species origin parents in place of the human ethnic

Personally I suspect the primate was gibbon or something similar more
than chimp or bonobo for several reasons, one of which is that the human
singing is not unlike the same skill in the gibbon. One big problem is
that the few primate pig hybrids reported don't survive well, but he notes
that the parental forms were not the modern versions we know now.

In hybrids there is (those that are fertile and reproduce) a reshuffling
often of genes across chromosomes and DNA testing is harder to
nail it.

Of course it could just be that such genetic similarities as exist (incl.
potato genes in humans) are the result of God using the same format
chemically in many different creatures.

interesting read if noting else and buy the book its hilarious.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Here's what I think is going to happen in Kurdistan

for background, read
but even if all this is wrong, most of what I am about to say is
based on patterns evident now.

KRG Kurdistan in northern Iraq (southern Kurdistan) is inherently at
odds with PYD Kurdistan  of Rojava canton in Syria (west Kurdistan).
These two systems cannot mix, and the KRG has its own tradition
based corruption and nepotism and culture problems, that the PYD
has escaped.  PYD is allied to and same ideology as the Turkish
or northern Kurdistan PKK which was originally Marxist but went
to democratic federalism after Ocalan read a book in prison.

Right now, KRG is asking PYD/PKK to leave Iraq and stop helping
them against ISIS, because Turkey is bombing southern Kurdistan
to get at its PKK helpers along with the restart of attacks on the PKk
inside Turkey. PKK is still listed as a terrorist organization (not
islamist quite the opposite, but separatist).

Seems under a treaty at the breakup of the Ottoman empire the Kurds
WERE given a chunk of southeast Turkey, which Kemal Ataturk
took back, apparently the reason for Urfa being renamed Sanliurfa
in honor of some war that gained freedom for Turks or some such

Putin, wise to the plan of Erdogan  to restart the Ottoman Caliphate
and be Caliph and his use of ISIS/ISIL to do this, has told him in
exactly these terms to "go to hell" and threatened to destroy his forces
in Syria (apparently Erdogan is moving troops across the border? or
plans to do so). the proposed safe zone for Turkey is actually not a
buffer against ISIS but would be a safe zone  continuing the supply
lines for them that the Kurds of PYD have almost entirely cut, which
supply ISIS from Turkey.

I think the attack on the PKK in Turkey was the excuse to bomb them
(and as a result all other anti ISIS forces as collateral damage) in
northern Iraq, while making a nearly one time show of bombing ISIS
because a couple of Turkish soldiers were somehow killed by ISIS.

So, I think that at some point Russia will have boots on the ground in
Syria to block Turkey, and support Assad, since Putin now realizes
that the anti Assad move is part of a larger picture of Turkish imperialism,
and will definitely be a risk to Russia, already a target of jihadis.

As long as Turkey is in NATO,  Russia can't attack it. But if Turkey
outrages USA/NATO enough to get kicked out, it will be another matter.
At that point, Russia will mop up the floor with Turkey, and perhaps
elder Paisios' prophecy that the Armenians and Kurds and I think one
other group will get their desired homelands, will be fulfilled.

Iraq is too fragmented to be restored as single nation, and the KRG
has already cut Baghdad out of the loop in oil sales. Syria will maybe
continue as a rump state, with the Kurdish section independent.

But  the PYD Kurds and the KRG Kurds might be at war with each
other at some point, nothing unusual in the past.

As for eastern Kurdistan, west Iran, I have no idea.

But I think what eventually will happen, is that there will be a Northwest
Kurdistan (Turkish and Syrian Kurdistan), and a South Kurdistan (Iraq)
and maybe an East Kurdistan (Iran) or maybe not. But I don't see how
the dream of a single united Kurdistan can operate except perhaps as
autonomous elements under an umbrella government.

Is Kurdistan (with its four centers of gravity) or China the fourheaded
leopard? I don't know. But I guess its China, because it seems the PRC
has direct rule over FOUR municipalities, incl. Beijing, which would
fit the four head picture.

I think that China will play a bigger role than Russia in Southern
Kurdistan's independence. Whether it would broker a deal with IRan
about eastern Kurdistan would depend on what it could gain from
this and what Iran could gain.

China's main interests in the Middle East are oil (and such business
ventures as they do in Africa and South America), and stopping jihad
(which is raising its head in China).

The typical moslem may not grow up to be a jihadi, because they are
not that trained in islam, or have more sensible alternative interpretations
such that for instance fornication is recognized for what it is, and not
redefined as some tiny category of fornication and the rest okay.
earlier peaceful verses in the Koran, abrogated by later more violent
ones, are assumed to be not abrogated and are convenient for  modern
life most like. The demand for four eye witnesses to convict on any
crime is not in play in a secular government mostly. The evils of
shariah are not experienced daily or heard of daily, so the romantic
vague notion of shariah as perfect justice gets some play, which is
itself dangerous.


The Kurds have those among them who take islam too seriously and
some went jihadi, and there is some minimal type of female genital
mutilation among some such, but it is being driven out. Mostly they
have a tradition of favoring their own practices over hardline islam,
so that the women always moved about freely and almost never
went veiled, before modern times, according to travelers in past
centuries. in the 1700s the Kurdish Zand tribe in Iran had woman
warriors. This goes back actually to traces of Median (as in Medes
and PErsians) culture, which had woman warriors routinely.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

the REAL evil of freemasonry

the greatest evil evident in Morals and Dogma is not some misquote that looks explicit.
the TEACHINGS are themselves the seduction of satanism. Masonry is the outer court
so to speak of satanism of one form or another.
in its earlier ranks, its great word is the blasphemous JahBulOn which equates the
True God Jah or Jahveh (YH or Yah short form of YHWH) with the false gods He hates
and whose ways He hates. 
various grades  reduce prayer to a force, which is the essence of the word of faith heresy,
and focus on astrology and "ancient wisdom" which if pursued b y the initiate of masonry
on his own will lead to witchcraft and black magic. While piously denouncing various sins
like greed and cheating and so forth (which after all would be disruptive to any society,
including a brotherhood of some sort) "equilibrium" is taught.
Origen and Celsius are appealed to. The idea of the Bible being merely disguised truth
that the ignorant take at face value,  the keystone of many heresies and that led Origen
to his errors for which he was anathematized.
In the final degree it is reiterated that there is all this balance between God's power and
our free will, and between various natural forces, the universe is held to be without beginning
because God was always thinking and it is the expression of His thought, and finally in a
list of balanced opposites all of which are good there is good and evil and while the devil is
denied as being a coeternal with God opposition to God, the picture painted is that every
evil is a necessary part of creation so in effect  instead of being a potential within creation
if the creature decides to misuse its free will, it is a functional part. This of course means
that the individual to be complete might feel he should (or could) do all evil and all good.                     \
the quote regarding lucifer is a denunciation of him, as a false light, but equates this with
the superstitious worship of Christianity of any but the most stripped down protestant
version. Thus a near diabolist could comfortably hide in protestantism, and once saved
always saved and grace not works be promoted to excuse (and no judging to prevent punishment)
all kinds of evil done and "balanced" by good, NOT an actual Christian repentance from the evil,
NOT a permanent move in the opposite direction, but as an ongoing seesaw, never intended to
be any different. 
Masonry with these teachings is evil as hell, whether it ever did overtly recognizable satanic
rituals or made such statement as ascribed by Taxil or those looking for the overt.
Masonry is the front porch of an evil building the essence of which in its social presentability
and secret vileness and shared secrets not to be revealed is displayed in Eyes Wide Shut.
(I am not sure that movie follows the original book Traum Nouvelle but it doesn't matter. )
Notice that at the end, quoted in Latin (which despite denunciations of "superstition" is used
to make you feel important and elite like Latin speaking priests one envies?) is Proverbs 25:2
"It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter."
BUT ONLY THE FIRST PART, "It is the glory of God to conceal."  the last word given to the highest
level is that one must conceal. and snoops and snitches are left out in the cold since the
second part of the sentence is left out.
THIS IS THE REAL EVIL OF MASONRY. It is the leading in stages into a state of mind and values
that makes any evil possible. At various stages, those in serious evil operating as such like a
brotherhood attached to masonry, not a mere political attachment like illuminism, but the
spring off secret brotherhood of social network that built the lodge system and looks for suitable
fellows, would spot those likely to be moving in their direction.
Masonry grooms you for evil. it gives you the key ideas to develop evil if you want to. it gives you
the social network to find evil people who have taken it to the extremes you are eventually
feeling okay to look for.
In Spain some men were accused of being masons, and the judge on finding out they led chaste
lives dismissed the charges because he had never heard of a mason who was chaste.
what does that tell you?

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

women clergy bad idea even if biblical

I won't make the biblical and historical case for women's
ordination. some others have done this, in some cases
flawed in other cases well. I agree with this picture, but
I oppose ordaining women. why?

Something can be biblically allowable but not a good
idea in a given context. Even if a woman priest were
doctrinally orthodox, even a traditionalist old calendar
no pews etc. priest or even bishop, even if she had the
mind of a man (as 1800s critics of women speaking in
public said some really sharp woman had), even if she
was of perfect virtue and humility, was post menopausal
so no disruption of service by periods or childbirth
and   40  days after that could occur,  there is one major
problem. the fact that she is female, and the message
this sends.

The move towards women's ordination has been primarily
one of moving with cultural trends that infect the church.
The typical seeker or recipient of ordination in the
protestant/evangelical and now episcopal scene, argues
for and satisfies the desires of those who think in terms
of, political and gender representation reasons.

A woman priest who does NOT think in these terms
is going to have to constantly denounce them and make
the case for her role instead of focusing on the Gospel
and lives of saints as examples for us and so forth,
because her presence in the altar is catering to such
feelings, and seeming to be a triumph of them.

Because of the packaging of women's rights with all
kinds of wickedness, such as "sexual freedom" that
no man should have either in fact fornication by a man
is a sin that was subject to penance in ancient times
and St. Paul said was grounds for what would later
be called excommunication. Now the idea is, that
the double standard is wrong (it is) and that women
should be as free to be sluts as men are sluts (no,
men should be forced to be chaste, by various legal,
ecclesiastical and social measures). Abortion is
another issue packaged as "women's rights" and
somehow the perverts get their rights listed as women's
rights because the female of the  pervert crew, the
lesbian, and the male to female transgender (who
is really just a eunuch and a fraud) are women, so
their "rights" or "issues" that wouldn't be an issue
if they weren't perverts, becomes "women's issues"
just because they are women.

So a woman priest  would be supporting all this
that she opposed (if she opposed it), because the public
mindset packages all these together.

Until this packaging can be broken up, and they are
all seen as they are, SEPARATE ISSUES, a woman
should not be ordained. this though done because of
her value in that role  for NOT her "feminine
qualities" but her priestly or episcopal quality,  what
is modernism and reverse sexism and lesbian and
abortion "rights" and the tired old capitalism vs.
Marxism argument can even be dragged into the mind
of the person observing her, when in fact these things
are both frauds.

So I do not support female ordination. Not only does
this send a wrong message even unintentionally, by
doing so it strengthens those who would modernize
things even more and gradually doctrine is chipped
away at. This is not inherently one package, but since
it is often presented this way, with gender neutral bible
translations for instance, and other things which perhaps
originated as an effort to add to the ranks of a movement,
the presence of female clergy regardless of what they
teach, gives a support to this kind of thinking, and the
next ordained woman may not be of priestly or
episcopal quality and may be shaky on doctrine and
down the road it is heresy.

This is SOLELY because of the social and political
context that any such female ordination would occur
in, if it happened today. Not because women inherently
bring this and that with them, but because  the mindset
around them does package them together.  Thus
loosening doctrine may be a situation some women
may find more helpful to get ordained in.  but in an
orthodox doctrinal scene, her presence giving an okay
to the  incoherent mentality of most people (it seems),
would make it easier to undermine doctrine later.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

existentialist nonsense

"Sartre posits the idea that "what all existentialists have in common is the fundamental
doctrine that existence precedes essence", as scholar Frederick Copleston  explains."
This is patently absurd. of course there are many meanings or applications of the
term "essence" but in terms of the essence of a thing, what it is, this neither precedes
nor comes after existence but comes into existence with the thing that exists. Sure
you can have an idea of some invention you want to make, but that idea is merely
descriptive of the essence of it, that essence doesn't really exist until the thing does.

Existentialism also posits that "the individual's starting point is characterised by what
has been called "the existential attitude", or a sense of disorientation and confusion in
the face of an apparently meaningless or absurd world." (same link.)

now, I suppose a child waking up to its new environment at birth may feel like this
at the sudden transition, but it adapts quickly unless there is something wrong with
the environment. As it develops consciousness in the womb it probably doesn't have
confusion about anything. It just floats along. The sense of meaninglessness or
absurdity probably requires a prior sense of meaning and rationality that has been
disrupted,  a rapidly changing social and political environment would do this, and
this was going on when these ideas got going. One eventually meets the reality of
death, usually someone else's or an animal's death before one's own. This may raise
questions. A kind of gut level knowledge of God may exist also. Converting all
this into verbally expressable thoughts is when you get philosophical speculation.

One can just take it on faith that there is a bigger picture, just assume it as part of
your core ideas, or you can base the sense of meaning and rationality on short term
issues like family and nation and world current events, and then if there is a
disruption you will get a sense of meaninglessness and absurdity.  

The disruption of death may raise questions. but the existential despair is a product
of external conditions. your sense of "meaning" you had before may merely have
been a sense of certainty that  dinner will be served on time. granted if you have
worked at planting a garden and a tornado (or runaway herd of animals) tears it up
you may feel it was all for nothing, but a little more thought and you can see it was
not nothing while it lasted, you can try again and so forth. what is this "meaning"
everyone blithers about? seems to not even be defined the same way by everyone,
especially since some seek it in drugs, drugless drug trips (meditation) and crazy
ideas.  Perhaps it adds up to a sense of being okay, which in fact may be a delusion.

Seek God and resist sin and don't give into it, take note of Ecclesiastes whose end
conclusion was, fear God and keep His commandments for this is the whole of life.
Do all for Jesus Christ, and if some garden gets torn up, or if after you die, you think,
the next owner of the property will tear it all up to make a parkinglot, while the
garden lasted God was hopefully happy with it, and remembers it.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

refutations of myths of the militia/patriot movement

from the article: (for links in it, go to the linked page itself)

the idea that Militias are in anyway necessary or good for a free State has no historical justification, especially in the modern era. ... A historical analysis reveals that Militias are typically the gateway to tyranny, not the safeguard against it. ...
  1. Our own Revolutionary War shows militias are effective at protecting liberty.
  2. Militias promote liberty.
  3. Armed populations deter tyrants while unarmed populations are defenseless.
  4. Disarming a population is the gateway to genocide.
All of these arguments are false. Let’s first look at our own Revolutionary War.
The idea that militias are the bulwark against tyranny typically begins in a faulty reading of American History. The Revolutionary War was not won by Militias, but rather the Continental Army with considerable help from the French. While it is probably an exaggeration to suggest that the Militia was completely worthless during the War, that is far closer to reality than the myth promulgated by some pro-gun advocates. And the Militias that did significantly contribute to the cause were organized by the states and represented a well-disciplined, cohesive fighting force that mirrored the Continental Army, not the minutemen of lore.
Moving to the modern era, Militias have a terrible history of creating tyranny, even when fighting against foreign powers. Militias that have been successful in warding off foreign aggression overwhelmingly opposed democratic rule. A few examples are Vietnam, Afghanistan, Cuba, Somalia, Iraq, and southern Lebanon; in none of these countries did the militias promote a free State. Add to this list countries where militias have ripped apart society in tribal states or civil war (such as Pakistan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mali, Colombia, and the Palestinian Territories) and we can form an even clearer picture of militias. ...
... Every democratic country, with the exception of Costa Rica, has a standing army to defend it, not militias.
For examples closer to home, we can easily see that the Klu Klux Klan, Neo-Nazi elements, and the Black Panthers (all of which are or were unregulated militias) have done little to promote a free society. Perhaps the best example in America of the influence militias have on society is “Bloody Kansas” during the 1850s. Pro-Northern and Southern settlers, armed to the teeth, streamed into Kansas in order to sway whether the state became free or slave. The constant skirmishes killed 56 settlers, out of a total population of 8,000. It is safe to conclude that the sudden explosion in the number of armed men did not contribute to a democratic process.
... Yemen is currently the second most heavily armed country in the world (per capita), and it is currently a battlefield between a Western dictatorship and various Jihadist organizations who have no love for a free State. Saudi Arabia and several other Arab countries are heavily armed, with what can only be described as tyrannical governments. Iraq before the 2003 US invasion is perhaps the best example. Saddam Hussein falls under any definition of a tyrannical dictator, yet the Iraqi people were very heavily armed with a gun culture mirroring that of the US. How armed a population is appears to have no empirical bearing on how free that society is.

Hitler took the guns

If only to affirm Godwin’s Law, the most frequently used example of gun control leading to genocide is that of Nazi Germany. At a superficial glance, gun advocates do appear to have a point. After all, didn’t Hitler praise gun control? Hitler clearly lays out his beliefs here: “This year will go down in history! For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration! Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future!”
However, like many widely circulated pro-gun quotes, this attribution is fake. There is no evidence that Hitler actually made these remarks. In reality, Hitler was relatively pro-gun. Most of the strict gun control was implemented by the Weimar Republic in direct response to rising street violence and to prevent an armed coup from either the Nazis or Communists. And to a small degree it was successful, as it prevented Hitler from seizing power by armed insurrection. The “gun control” law implemented in 1938, when the Nazis were fully in power, actually loosened restrictions on gun ownership. If the “armed populations prevent tyranny” maxim held, the Germans could have removed Hitler from office with relative ease.
When presented with these facts, gun advocates typically reply that their theory still holds, as Hitler did do his utmost to prevent Jews (as well as Gypsies, homosexuals, Slavs, communists, and Jehovah’s Witnesses) from owning weapons. Therefore, if they had been armed, genocide could have been averted. However, the notion that small groups of armed Jews could have succeeded where the entire Polish and French armies failed is completely inane. It took the combined might of the US, Britain, Russia, and our allies to finally defeat Hitler and his allies. Comparing this reality to the Red Dawn narrative of armed resistance gun advocates offer highlights how little merit the “guns prevent tyranny” hypothesis has. The few instances of armed resistance such as the Warsaw uprising were quickly annihilated.

Stalin took the guns

The hypothesis that a heavily armed Russian population could have stopped Stalin and communist rule completely overlooks the massive civil war (1917-22) that culminated in the triumph of communist forces. Lenin and Stalin didn’t need gun control. They simply annihilated any domestic threats to their rule. As Omer Bratov, a historian from Brown University, explains about Stalin, “the very idea of either gun control or the freedom to bear arms would have been absurd to him. His regime used violence on a vast scale, provided arms to thugs of all descriptions, and stripped not guns but any human image from those it declared to be its enemies. And then, when it needed them, as in WWII, it took millions of men out of the Gulags, trained and armed them and sent them to fight Hitler, only to send back the few survivors into the camps if they uttered any criticism of the regime.” It also defies logic that where the military might of Nazi Germany failed, scattered bands of Russian resistance could have somehow succeeded.

The Turks took the guns

It is true that the Ottomans/Turks seized the weapons of many Armenians. But the Turkish government also took the Armenian’s right to speech, property, livelihood, etc. Anything the Turks could take, they did. Seizing their weapons was simply one of many tools used by the Turks to carry out genocide, not the cause. The idea that a better armed Armenian population would have stopped the genocide is na├»ve. Although some Armenians were able to hold out versus the government (with the help of the Russian military or French naval forces), most batches of armed resistance were annihilated with artillery bombardment and overwhelming military force. As the Armenian National Institute explains, while the armed resistance was noble, it was ultimately the International awareness and pressure on Turkey that saved the remnants of the Armenian population.

Mao took the guns

Like the Russian case, the idea that Mao’s gun control allowed him to commit genocidal acts completely overlooks how Mao gained power in the first place: a massive civil war. If guns could have stopped Mao, they would have then, not at the height of his power. It also overlooks the fact that any type of gun laws would have had only a negligible influence of gun ownership as the vast majority of Chinese peasants (those bearing the brunt of Mao’s disastrous policies) were too poor to even consider owning a gun. Gun policy shouldn’t enter any meaningful discourse on Mao’s rule.

Guatemala took the guns

The rationale for Guatemala’s wanton slaughter of the Mayan population was to eliminate the threat of Marxist rebels by removing their support base. Guatemala’s genocidal acts were a response to an armed threat, not an opportunistic assault to take advantage of a recently disarmed population as some gun advocates suggest. The tactics to remove this armed resistance, unfortunately, involved the slaughter of unarmed civilians, and was spurred by decades (if not centuries) of pent up racial tensions. It was the presence of armed resistance, not the absence of it, which led to further atrocities.

Idi Amin took the guns

... Had the population not been “disarmed,” the people of Uganda could have stopped the reign of terror. However, this analysis completely overlooks two very basic facts. First, the gun law implemented in 1970 was mostly an extension of a colonial firearms law dating back to 1955, meaning the number of gun owners would not have changed substantially. Second, the idea that the gun law was stage one of genocide is not viable, as the law was implemented in 1970 and Idi Amin did not seize power and begin killing people until 1971.

Pol Pot took the guns

The claims of Cambodian gun control leading to genocide is, like the Uganda case, a post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy that conveniently ignores the fact that there was a massive five year civil war from 1970-75 in which the Republican forces protecting the “one million educated people” were decisively defeated. As Robert Spitzer, the author of “The Politics of Gun Control” states the idea that gun control led to genocide in Cambodia and the other countries mentioned represents “a cartoonish view of the complex events” and the people touting these ideas “don’t know comparative politics, they don’t know international relations, they haven’t studied war.” ....


  • Militias were largely ineffective in our own Revolutionary War.
  • Militias in the modern era have overwhelmingly fostered tyranny, not liberty.
  • Liberty and the degree of gun ownership in a society are uncorrelated.
  • Even if they were positively correlated, the idea that gun control leads to tyranny is a post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy.
  • Even if this thought process wasn’t fallacy ridden, the historical examples gun advocates supply don’t hold up under closer scrutiny.
  • Even if the historical cases displayed what gun advocates contend they do, the argument would still fail as applying the lessons from the examples to the US overlooks massive cultural and socio-economic differences.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

for all you antisemites out there who think "the Jews" is a monolithic term.....

From Constance Cumbey's blog comments section today

Anonymous said...

Not that I expect it will be remembered beyond this post itself, it is pretty obvious that readers know little about Jews and Judaism more than what they are given to think about, primarily by those who need someone to blame for all of the troubles in the world.

When it comes to the religion of Judaism, there are basic lessons based on the Bible, known to Christians as the Old Testament. From there on it's commotion. Utopians knew the religion would be hard to remove from having an effect on morality started to destroy it from the inside in the late 1780s. Until then the Jewish community was held together by what is now called Orthodox Judaism. They began by pulling Jews away from the main group under the label Reform. When that didn't work they started another branch called Conservative. All this can be found in the books written by Rabbi Antelman. Well Jews, being a stiff-necked people, didn't want to give up leadership. Now we have many different religiously bound together groups in the Orthodox community as well as the liberal ones with names like Reconstructionist, Humanist, etc.

t's interesting that the site comes out of Boston where there is a famous doggeral.
And this is good old Boston,
The home of the bean and the cod,
Where the Lowells talk only to Cabots,
And the Cabots talk only to God.[2][3]

Like Christian Protestants, many of the Jewish groups think they are the only ones who speak to God, that their interpretations are the best of all. The Orthodox, the very conservative religious and political group, don't associate much with the other groups. The Reconstructionists, it seems to me, are very New Age, even though they adapt the customs and garb or the Orthodox. Their formation came out of a very, very liberal political group. Since Jews stay among thinkers similar to their own ideas, they have no idea what is going on among other groups of Jews. Only when ugly antisemitism rears its head to they start to band together.

Then those who want more information can go to where 615 secular organizations are listed by their interests. There are larger organizations composed of groupings, but there is no one overall group where all groups belong. It's laughable when one Jew is expected to answer for all Jews when attacked for being a Jew. No one would expect a Southern Baptist to explain and defend all Catholic beliefs for instance, yet this is what all Jews are expected to do regarding other Jews.
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Monday, June 1, 2015

Here's what I think about several things......

Khazar 13th tribe theory - maybe true, but irrelevant because
of Jewish blood acquired by intermarriage since then and
the issue of effective adoption.

pretrib rapture - false. Matt. 24:29,  2Thess 2:1-3 (repudiates
a secret Second Coming some thought had happened and
they had missed so effectively repudiates all secret rapture
and pretrib stuff and says the Second Coming won't be
until AFTER the antichrist appears, which is after or at
the latter phase of a great general apostasy, which may or
may not indicate a much greater worldwide acceptance
of Christianity) vs. 7 "taken out of the way" does not mean
removed but moved aside from a blocking position.
vs. 8 Jesus will destroy the antichrist when He comes back
"with the brightness of His coming," nothing secret about
it and not human armies from earth either or aliens.

Daniel 7:21,22 little horn aka antichrist will make war
with the saints until Jesus comes back, scene seques into
the Last Judgement so this is NOT about the statue dream.

Events are probably around 500 years hence, here's why.

Daniel 7:1 the dream is in the first year of Belshazzar
king of Babylon. vs. 16,17 Daniel asked the angel for
the meaning of the four beasts dream/vision, and was
told "these great beasts, which are four, are four kings,
which shall arise out of the earth."

Now, this was said during the time of the head of the
statue dream, Babylonia. if the four beasts were a
rehash of this the angel would have said one king
present and THREE which were to arise. But he said
FOUR. The statue dream ends with the rock cut without
hands out of a mountain that beats the statue to pieces,
that in the days of those last kings of the legs and feet,
the eternal kingdom would be set up. This was done at
the first coming of Jesus Christ, His Incarnation Atoning
Death and Resurrection and Ascension. It is brought to
fulfillment in the Second Coming. The statue dream
shows no Judgement scene. The four beasts dream/vision
does show a Judgement scene.

If the four beasts are Britain-America-NATO and Russia
and China the fourth beast is an empire that does not
exist yet. Typically empires last several hundred years
or at least a few. And to be in prophecy, you have to be
a major player in the Middle East, either IN the Middle
East or directing events there in a major way.

So from whenever Russia and China become permanent
fixtures in the Middle East, military and political
presences there, you might expect the situation to go on
for another 350 years or more.

When the fourth beast arises, it will have ten rulers likely
in sequence. Or it might be ruling over ten regions, each
with its own region, the result of conquest by one ruler
who organizes things in ten but then when he dies while
the rest are alive the little horn who has flattered his way
into control displaces three of them takes over and rules
the rest.

It seems more likely, that they will be ten sequential
kings, except that in the days of the eighth king the whole
will be ruled by a triumvirate. The vile person will gain
great power by flatteries perhaps become a second in
command under them, and then will strike down the
triumvirate and take charge himself.

At that point, he will rule for seven years, and in the
middle of the fourth year, i.e., at 3 1/2 years, he will begin
the 3 1/2 year persecution of Jews and Christians, which
will be ended by Jesus Christ coming back, Who will lift
believers out of the way of the wrath of God which will
be poured out on the antichrist and on those who have
worshipped him since we are not appointed to wrath, and
the tribulation is not the wrath of God. Confusion between
tribulation and wrath of God is the core driving error of

Now if you figure 350 years plus 5 or 10 from now to
establish the situation the fourth empire destroys, and
maybe 30 years apiece for the rulers for seven rulers and
a few years of the triumvirate then the seven last years,
and you get 577 years or less. The length of the rule of
each of the last empire's rulers would bring it down to
500 or 487 or maybe even higher than 577. Also it might
take longer than 5 or 10 years or the 350 might be a
wrong estimate.

Prov. 31 depicts a woman who is the support of her husband
thus keeping him from temptation economically and he is
proud of her, and who is an aggressive businesswoman and
physically strong like a man. So much for "biblical" roles
and nature of the sexes.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

the identity of the antichrist

all kinds of theories now and have existed regarding the
antichrist. The word in Greek means "instead of Christ"
the word in English means "opposed to Christ," but it adds
up to the same thing. The Apostle John in his first Epistle
refers to many antichrists as well as the main one, and
seems to say that the former are precursors to the latter.

In general, especially since the protestant revolution,
writers read their own political (or in these days geopolitical)
concerns into Revelation. Usually the technique with this
or any of the Prophetic books of the Old Testament, is to
"spiritualize" or declare merely symbolic whatever doesn't
fit, and read literally what does. Of course they often don't
agree on which to spiritualize and which to take literally.

The Roman Catholic Church as Babylon the Great and pope
as antichrist idea is a nonstarter. The Vatican does not sit
on ANY of the seven hills of Rome, and is outside the city
limits of both old and modern Rome. No pope has even
tried to control commerce to limit economic activity to those
who were RC members, let alone demand latreia full on
worship of himself or his image in return for which one
receives a tattoo indicating one has done so.

(RCC has serious problems but this is not one of them.)

Perhaps it is the details which rule Rome out as antichrist
that was why Luther wanted to throw Revelation out of The
Bible, though his entire pope as antichrist idea depends on
elements in it, but only some. The general idea of antichrist.
The details given rule the pope and roman church out.

Obviously "the beast" is a symbol not a talking vicious
animal. But what does it refer to? Beasts are prophetically
kingdoms and sometimes specific kings. They are always
predators that are feared by the people addressed with such
prophecies. The antichrist's number is the number of a man,
an individual, so this beast is an individual.

The idea that he will come in with flatteries be a man of
peace and all that is highly dubious, depends on a single
verse in Daniel, and might perhaps apply briefly to how he
gains power local to himself, or not. Because this passage
is part of a larger picture which was already fulfilled in
all details in the days of (and leading up to) Antiochus
Epiphanes. However, the early church writers considered
him a prototype of the antichrist. They knew all the stuff in
Maccabbees and Josephus but still expected the antichrist
to appear later, never mind Nero who was dead and gone.

Therefore some, though not necessarily all, of these points
will be replayed again.

Daniel 7 shows four beasts that interpreters have traditionally
(from protestant times at least) seen as a rehash of the statue
dream. But the statue dream of Nebuchadnezzar, which
Daniel interpreted for him, was about four empires including
Babylon, while the beasts represent four that would arise
after Daniel's time.

Grab your KJV or similar Bible and read that chapter through
carefully. Don't ignore a single thing.

the statue dream ends with the Roman empire, which was
indeed divided into east and west, and which tried to prop
itself by strategic marriages and allowing all sorts of people
to become citizens and filling the ranks of its legions with
locals until the typical Roman legion was mostly of people
of the ethnic group it was near. This is what the toes and feet,
mixed clay and iron weak and strong, and trying to mix with
others but it wouldn't work refers to. And its over and done

Forget the statue. No nephilim, no ten nation revived Roman
empire in Europe (if such a thing does happen not one of the
members need be in Europe, since the Roman empire spanned
Europe, Asia and north Africa.)

The research regarding such issues is not worthless however,
because the old dream of a unified Europe and a Holy Roman
Empire or equivalent, or reviving Roman glory does exist
and has driven many efforts in the past and now.  These
efforts will always fail, but while they are being attempted
they will do various things that should be kept track of. But
that is just pragmatism and geopolitics, nothing to do with

Daniel lived through the time of the first element of the statue
(Babylon) into the time of the second (Persia). The four beast
dream was given during the reign of Babylonia, and the angel
said they were four kingdoms that WOULD arise. This
doesn't fit being a rehash of the statue dream, and it would be
a redundancy.

Also the statue dream ends with the Eternal Kingdom being
set up, which was done at the Incarnation, Crucifixion and
Resurrection of Jesus Christ, Who will bring it into power
when He comes back. The four beasts dream ends with the
Ancient of Days coming and ending the persecution by the
fourth beast against the Christians, and shows the Last
Judgement, so clearly this is the Second Coming. (Revelation
adds more details.)

Daniel is told that the people of the prince who is to come
would destroy the city (Jerusalem) and the sanctuary, and
this was done under Roman emperor Titus by the Legio X
which was Syrian. Titus ordered the city destroyed but not
the Temple and tried to stop its destruction but was
unable to control the legion made up of people who hated
Israel. Titus esteemed it for its beauty.

Some argue therefore that the antichrist will be a Syrian,
others answer that what they did was under Roman orders,
so it qualifies as Roman action, so the antichrist will be
Roman. But the sanctuary was not destroyed on Roman
orders but against Roman orders, by Syrians.

Yet both destructions are mentioned in one breath by the
angel as by the people of the prince to come.

So it might well be that the antichrist will be of both Roman
(or rather Latin, or perhaps Italian in general, which includes
several ethnic strains) and Syrian descent. This doesn't rule
out speculations about the tribe of Dan, but all the records
except priestly family identity traditions being lost, of Jewish
descent since the Diaspora began, this would have to be
something that is hidden and probably remains so.

In my other blog,
I explain all this in detail in various posts. basically (and
reasons for this are at the blog) the Eagle winged lion is
Britain-America and probably American puppet NATO, the
bear is Russia, the four headed four winged (but not eagle
winged) leopard is mostly likely China, and the fourth
beast is an empire that does not exist yet.

if this is a reconstructed Roman ten nation thing, it will be
from those modern countries once held by Rome in north
Africa, and without serious partitions I don't think there
are enough for that.

The last empire comes from the south. So it is from Africa.
Could be Islamic (the Islamic antichrist theory people are
onto something, but it isn't what they think it is and not
exactly for the reasons they think it is.) BUT MIGHT NOT

This empire will crush and make tributary to it the other
kingdoms, that of Britain-America-NATO, Russia and
China (or whoever). And the antichrist will come from this
last great empire at its end, displacing three rulers perhaps
a triumvirate and taking over.

That means the antichrist and the mark of the beast and all
that will not arise, until AFTER an African empire has
conquered Britain-America-NATO, Russia, and China (or

So all the hysteria and speculation are wrong, but the issues
they address are not wrong to fight or be wary of, because
they are usually dangerous in and of themselves. RFID chips

The antichrist is not the archer on a white horse in Revelation,
or any of the beasts, unless the rider of the pale horse
represents the tribulation, which seems unlikely given what
happens immediately next. Most likely it is the rise of the
Islamic empire.

the biggest error of all the prophecy interpreters, is to focus on
Europe or worse yet, America. Because you don't get mentioned
in prophecy except maybe as a half sentence aside, unless you
are in the Middle East or a major player in it. The Britain-America
thing certainly qualifies, because Britain shaped the present
Middle East scene incl. giving the Balfour Declaration and
America has been Israel's mainstay among the nations of the
world. So although America certainly is a player there, and
apparently Russia and China will become so and are moving in
that direction, the rise of totalitarianism in America is not in
itself indicative of the antichrist or the tribulation. America as a
political entity and world power would not be affected by this.

In arguing against the Islamic antichrist theory, antipas ministries
writes: "The same problem occurs when you consider Revelation
17:10-11. In this passage the Apostle John is told that there are
seven kings or empires to be considered in world history and that
"five have fallen, one is, the other has not yet come; and when he
comes, it must remain for a little while. And the beast which was
and is not, is himself also an eighth, and is one of the seven, and
he goes to destruction."

"At that point in history, the five fallen would have been Egypt,
Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, and Greece. The one existing
would have been the Roman. The one to come would be the
revival of the Roman, out of which the eighth and final empire,
the worldwide kingdom of the Antichrist would arise."

Of course there was the Chinese empire, but it played no direct
role in the Middle East, nor did any pre Islamic Indian related
empires or the Aztec or Inca or whatever.

Now, in one sense Rome never really fell. the classic date for
the fall of Rome was just a crisis resulting in a sharp decline.
Present day languages, cultures, legal systems, technology and
the phenomenon of major road systems (which Rome borrowed
from Persia) all derive from Rome. America is the spawn of
Europe and fan of Rome, which was spawn of Rome. Middle
Eastern cultures had Roman impact on them to some extent,
even in the form of islam itself a hodge podge of arab paganism
and Christian heresies and a few dabs from Judaism, it is a
product of a multicultural panasiatic culture that could not have
existed without Rome and Greece. And Russia owes its very
identity to its start to Byzantine Christian influence and a case
can be made that it is, theologically, the Third Rome.

China moving into the Middle East will by that time be itself
the inheritor of Rome, in the form of all the "modern" influences
and technology development, from nations and lines of
development that track back to Rome. Even its self identity and
ideology and directions it has taken though informed at times
by its pre western contacts nature is western, i.e., Roman.

The fourth empire will be totally different.
Though the beast is described in Revelation as having the feet
(someone pointed out these are weapons) of a bear (Russian
weaponry) the body of a leopard (Chinese infrastructure) and
the mouth of a lion (speaks English and/or has some british
or American ideology, economy or mystic royal pretensions
or something) somehow it will be distinguishable from being
yet another spawn of ancient Rome.

It may be that this is the picture it will present when it has
accomplished its conquest, and taken over the things of these
other kingdoms and absorbed them, and perhaps the triumvirate
that may rule and be displaced by the antichrist will be an anglo,
a Russian and a Chinese. But its origin and self image and
culture will not be so easily identifiable as descended from
Rome. it may even claim to be a continuation of some earlier
African empire. But that would not be Egypt (though Egyptian
culture and political concepts shaped African tribal culture,
unless they originated in such) because then it would be a
revival of Egypt. There is a pagan look to the Babylon the
great figure, and the false goddesses associated with lions
or tigers are the most vicious and depraved cults and violent
including that of durga in India, which was the false god of
the thug cult. Something of this nature may develop.