Wednesday, September 28, 2011

note on radiotelescopes and nibiru

An image was posted to youtube by a leaker from the South Pole Telescope,
generally interpreted as an IR image. It was quickly taken down, the account
cancelled and being an anonymous or fictitious account couldn't be recovered.
It had however been downloaded and reused elsewhere.

Now an argument has been made, that that telescope is not IR but a
radiotelescope. It is a radiotelescope. However the kind of images
produced by radiotelescopes, incl. the same kind of image production
that that photo had.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dutchsinse exposed and demonic plan involving solfuggio frequencies

Everybody needs to listen to these two videos
at this link.

Solfuggio sounds are allegedly based on Gregorian
and Byzantine chant, but this is just a trap for 
people who like Gregorian or Byzantine, and the
frequencies have been tweaked into something
abnormal and unwholesome. 

On one page, there are crustals that were produced
by the sounds, like snowflakes but 3D, each one
hollow, and with something in the hollow or hiding
deep in it.

I think these sounds unduce a simi;ar effect in your
brain THIS IS NOT HEMISYNCH! the effect is that
some kind of portal or channel is made, maybe with
a blob in the center which is inhabitable by a spirit,
and broadcasts its availability perhaps to them. 

The effects described on these videos by those who
have used them, are NOTHING like ANYTHING I
have experienced listening to Byzantine chants.

This is a trap not only for audio experimentally 
inclined people, but for RC and Orthodox and 
those who like their musical culture. The effect
is very bad very wierd, might facilitate possession
or make you usable as a channell or portal for 
something to come through you and do stuff 


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tea Party Gets the Constitution Wrong

September 18, 2011
Exclusive: The Tea Partiers love to cite the U.S.
Constitution as supporting their contempt for the
federal government. But they don’t realize that
the Constitution represented the most important
assertion of central authority in American history,
writes Robert Parry.
Robert Parry broke many of the Iran-Contra 
stories in the 1980s for the Associated Press 
and Newsweek.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Looks like they finally got a photo of nibiru!

the position makes sense. Obscured by bright full sunlight, but let
a cloud block the sun and it becomes visible. Its position doesn’t change
relevant to the sun. This is probably to the left and BEHIND the sun,
taking light from it and reflecting it. Being a brown dwarf star, it doesn’t
produce any light to speak of, just infrared. John Moore said in “Global
Warming, What The Government Isn’t Telling You,” that most people
made no preparation until 1999 when Y2K was looming. That only got
corrected in time because of the fuss everyone made. So 2012 is
being pushed (presumably by those who want us to survive) and later
dates (presumably by those who want the population culled). The
real date is 2013, therefore with that hint. I guess he’d have been
signing his own death warrant if he did more than hint. Both parties
save as many as possible, and let as many as possible die, would for
a long time be in agreement in keeping things quiet.
This would also explain FEMA’s refusal to let help into New Orleans
and now into the fires in Texas. ALL THOSE PLACES, EVERYWHERE
evac themselves in response to a disaster now, then die later. Evac to
a supposed safe point nibiru relevant, might end up evacking millions
to a kill zone. precision is impossible. California is a siesmic nightmare
and impossible to call, but the whole west coast will be down, or a string
of islands, and the flat plain in Washington State flooded. Oddly, the
naval prediction map, NOT a chanelled nonsense map, shows the California
valleys still intact.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Mysterious Booming Sounds Heard Around the World.

Its the Earth's crust slowly moving. and it will only get worse, nibiru or no nibiru, as per Hapgood.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Pale Horse

This, I think, is what a "pale horse" would refer to, Kambarbay at this
link. Cremello is a similar color. This turns up in a lot of breeds with
Turkic blood in their foundation ancestors, incl. the American Saddlebred
I think, and some others. At the time Revelation was written, many would
know of these horses in the hands of destructive Scythian tribes, ancestors
of the Turk peoples. So one would get the picture of a massacre happy
rider who was pretty invincible and not outwittable like the rider on the
black horse, who related to economic issues and probably oil, the same
color as the horse.

Medieval artists sometimes painted this horse a green color, for lack
of any idea what it might be.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Blue Kachina, Red Kachina

I am very hesitant to advise people to get into anything that
promotes the Kolbrin Bible (a copy of the Bible with odd
additions found in the box of mojo and miscellany of a
fortuneteller in the 1800s) or Edgar Cayce (obviously misled
by demons who used useful information as bait).

A point was made on such a site, regarding Hopi Prophecy.
The Hopi got here c. 500s AD, and have some very strange
things about them. First off, their Kachinas incl. one that it
bloody, with feathers, messed up looking but very powerful
called Maasau. Said out loud, it sounds vaguely like a warp
of Messiah, and supposedly Maasau used to come play and
dance with them long ago, but stopped doing so.

This would fit a warped vague memory of Jesus, the way
He would have looked from the beating and damage on
the Cross, and the feathers would relate to The Holy Spirit,
and that the kachina in question used to meet with them, but
stopped doing so, would also fit a scenario of the pulling
away of the divine presence, as the people fell into paganism
and other things.

They were given prophecies, presumably during that time,
that seem to have partly come true, and incl. Christlike
approach to dealing with some problems.

Specifically, the coming of the white man, and that they
should follow a path of nonviolence. When the dust settled,
and the oppressive Apache and Navaho (in flight from
which they developed the pueblo style of living), it was
they and their relatives or imitators the Zuni who came out
on top, having peace and prosperity, and the Navaho,
though technically an Apache category, had borrowed a
lot of their culture, basket weaving and turquoise and
silver working (though there is ongoing strife between
Navaho and either Zuni or Hopi I forget which over some
land, the problem originating with white designation of
property lines).

They have this prophecy. Apparently the Blue Kachina
will come as a harbinger of trouble. After him the much
more dangerous Red Kachina, and when the latter
dances in the plaza, and TAKES OFF HIS MASK, then
all hell will break loose, there will be disasters and
upheavals which will change our way of life on earth.

Also, WW III will not begin in Africa, the Islamic
nations, or China, and USA will be nuked.

Their elders have made visitations to the UN to give
warnings based on their prophecies. Alone among
prophecy keeping peoples these seem to have a
disinterested (not after their own gain) concern for
the rest of the world.

Revelation in The Bible speaks of four horsemen,
and given the economic issues of the one riding the
black horse, we are probably in his time now. The
one on the "pale" horse, death from all kinds of stuff,
may be fading into the scene now. Right after all this,
there is an earthquake that affects all lands at once,
all islands moved out of their places, the stars seem
to fall, sky rolls up, people calling on the rocks to
hide them from the wrath of The Lamb.

This scenario is all set to play out now, because the
conditions described are what would be seen by
someone on the ground, when a catastrophic crustal
displacement occurs, by itself or aided by the brown
dwarf star passing by soon, or even the full axis
reversal it could cause. And governments and private
rich have been building bunkers for decades, even
more AFTER the Cold War ended, and the contractors
 are too backed up to build anything more right now.

And FEMA is buying up all disaster supplies from
private suppliers, who can't fill orders from regular
citizens on time any more, and have told them that
FEMA's orders are the cause.

The above behavior by those in a position to know
if something is going to happen, is consistent with them
expecting something to happen.

IF Elenin is the Blue Kachina, and its hydrogen cyanide
outgassing looks blue or bluish green before its apparent
breakup (which may have left some big chunks available
to hit us or do nothing), then coming soon after is the
Red Kachina, which will suddenly become apparent when
before it has been hidden.

Nibiru. A brown dwarf star gives off no light, though
perhaps might be visible in reflected light at some angles.
It gives off radiation, it gives off infrared.

If Elenin is orbiting Nibiru, then the latter is real near.
If Elenin is being driven by Nibiru, having been flung
out of a normal orbit and dragged but in advance of it,
then Nibiru is farther away, but soon will be close.

The disasters that corellate to positions of Elenin to Earth,
would instead reflect the presence of Nibiru, invisible, but
with Elenin orbiting it. If it is not orbiting Nibiru, but
driven by it - and the presence of two or three other objects
travelling WITH but not around Elenin would point in this
direction - then the disasters reflected Nibiru's gravitational
and electromagnetic influence from a greater distance.

Now it might be that Nibiru is due to pass between us and
the sun this month, September AD 2011, or this might not
happen for some time, if Nibiru is driving, not dragging,

Elenin's main risk, because of its nature with the hydrogen
cyanide as a huge capacitor, would be to trigger "cosmic
lightning bolts" shorts between sun and earth Carrington
Event or worse, but if its disintegration incl. going dark,
then it has shed that hydrocyanic coma and is now harmless.

Remember, Blue Kachina is a harbinger, not the problem
itself. The relationship of Elenin to Nibiru if orbital, means
we are about out of time. If merely driven, by a kind of
slingshot and dragging along effect, then we are not out of
time. It may be the latter is the case, because although the
great eclipsing of the sun by Planet X and other disasters
are being touted for this month, starting Sept. 26, that is
dependent on Elenin being the brown dwarf, and its very
visibility rules that out, there are extant orders out by the
Russian government for the building of some 5,000 more
bunkers, which sounds like they are privy to information
that gives us another year or two.

Nibiru, or the Red Kachina if that is what it is, comes in
on a long, oblique orbit, which has been duplicated on a
Swiss bank note design by the way. Interesting. The Vatican
and several other places around the world has strange
sculptures, each a little different, but all of them huge brass
balls with breaks and deformities in them that might reflect
omething about Nibiru's appearance at various times under
radio telescope observation, or possible rip up the surface
effects on Earth.

If Nibiru is in the part of the orbit, that puts it on the other
side ofthe sun from us, then it has caused the disasters we've
been having, and will eventually complete the solar loop,
coming back between us and the sun, about this time through
winter in 2012 or more likely 2013. John Moore observed,
"Global Warming, What The Government Isn't Telling You,"
that it had been noticed that when the Y2K thing was looming
(a disaster that was averted by a scramble of software rewrites
and so forth because of all the fuss being made about it), most
people delayed their preparations until a year before.

Therefore the 2012 date and later was being put forth, but its
the wrong date.

Sounds like those who want a population cull, will have us
looking for a much later date, or to go for 2011, it passes
uneventfully so to speak, and they shrug it off and are caught
unprepared the next two years, or will buy a much later date
and not prepare at all in time.

And the ones who want to warn, but don't dare be too
aggressive or be killed, promote 2012 so as many as possible
will be ready by 2013.

That was my original scenario, until the Sept. 2011 scare came
on, but that is dependent on (a) Elenin being Nibiru which it
isn't, and (b) Elenin orbiting Nibiru which it might not be.

When Nibiru swings back around the sun, and is between us
and the sun, we will get (as one person put it) a kick in the ass,
and earth's axis will tilt over to a full reversal, and the north
pole physically will be where the south pole now is and vice
versa. Welcome to the Southern Hemisphere, USA and Europe
and Russia. The sun will rise in the west and set in the east.

(I hate to think what kind of disruptions this will cause within
the Eastern Orthodox Christian scene, should we continue
praying to the old east direction, towards The Holy Sepulchre,
or towards the new east, old west, which when you run around
the globe will still put you at The Holy Sepulchre anyway?)

Thursday, September 8, 2011


"The new pictures that will hopefully shut up the conspiracy theorists were taken by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. The probe homed in on the Apollo 12, 14 and 17 landing sites..."
enlarged photo showing abandoned equipment, lander and tracks of the rover.

How Rick Perry Has Been on the Public Dole His Whole Life

Yet another welfare bum. Rick Perry has mostly created low paying
inadequate jobs in the private sector, the big job growth is in the
public sector, and from childhood up he has been receiving nothing
but government money himself!

"So when this taxpayer-supported lifer flits into your town to 
declare that he will slash public benefits and make government "as 
inconsequential as possible," he means in your life, not his.

Perry literally puts the "hype" in hypocrisy. Forget his tall tales and
political B.S. -- look at what he actually does."

click here to read to rest of the article

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

nibiru relevant links wheat sorted from chaff, it still looks bad.

there is a lot of hysteria and confusion on the web about all this,
here is the sanest and most likely correct I can find. on some youtube things, it cuts off and you click on the next one or find the same title on the right column, with the next up number. somewhere in the Global Warming What the Government Isn't Telling You bunch of videos (or go to and download the whole thing) is an earth changes map John Moore got to see from some Navy guy, classified map he reconstructs, and unlike the usual earth changes chanelled nonsense maps this shows the Rockies intact and the eastern seaboard, all gulf coast states and the California coast is gone. California impossible to call because of seismic issues they said, interesting that the valleys are shown intact.

Washington State's flat plane inland from the mountains is an
inland sea, Mississippi River is 50 miles wide connecting the Great Lakes to the Gulf, and Wisconsin is gone, underwater.
try to ignore the emotion laden music and pay attention to what is said and shown.

the peculiarities reported about Comet Elenin make sense if it is orbiting or being dragged along by something else, and a brown dwarf star would be invisible except with it occludes something else you can see, or in infrared photography. 

the alignments of Elenin and Earth that corelated to massive earthquakes, makes no sense as per Elenin, which is not a snowball, but a 2 kilometer rock, but if it is being dragged by something bigger and more massive, then the apparent corelation to Elenin is actually a corelation to the other thing with it.

 the video series free online, that

has for sale as a DVD, mentioned on the above link. Probably argues all biblical disaster had to do with this not miracles, but that doesn't do much regarding events in The Bible that are not explainable this way involving God's speaking and other things. Timing of 3600 years is based on this idea, the actual orbit
is probably different. Egypt and others claimed that the sun used to rise in the west and before that the east and several such changes, which would point to a total global flip several times in human experience, I don't think you can blame The Flood on this one or it would have happened several times.

THE VERY FACT THAT WE ARE OVERDUE FOR SO MUCH, TELLS ME THAT THE 3600 YEAR CYCLE THING IS WRONG, and there are serious problems in ancient chronology adding up to anywhere from 250 to 500 years wrong in Egypt and parts of ancient Grecian post Mycenae.

Revelation after the four horsemen describes an event exactly like what we can expect, followed by an unspecified length of peace before all hell breaks loose, during this time the Jews convert to Christ before the antichrist and all that.

Asteroid Vesta - a mothership?

looking at this photo, what strikes me most, is those impact points
with white splatter. They remind me of rock or bullet impacts on
resistant glass.

Now obviously Vesta is not glass. But I have long considered, that one way of making a
space base, for longterm occupancy, that might even survive after the occupants left or died,
would be to make it, or cover it with a thick hide made out of, material that would not only
stop all radiation, but would absorb impacts without transferring any or most of the force
to the interior. Such a material would of course pick up pock marks and craters and would
probably resemble some natural surface. It might even have some deep dents over time.

Radiation resistance is the main argument used against the lunar landings by the moon
landing hoax theorists, but it has been stated that what was done, was to take note of the
solar cycles and avoid the high activity times, aside from whatever radiation proofing
could be used (lead was out of the question for weight, mostly, but barium is a radiation
grabber and may have been in use in some materials, and the astronauts reported flashes
in the eyeball, the result of some particle hits going through).

Another argument was the flapping flag, ignoring the statement, and photograph, that
a wire was rigged along the top edge to give this false impression, and the motion
shown as it was positioned stopped after it settled down from the jogging of placing it.

In the case of Phobos, there is a photo that shows a light at the center of the big crater,
which Sagan reported shook up him and a friend, it looked like an opening that had
been open when the photo was taken, then they laughed it off as a reflection or a
photo artifact. But maybe it wasn't. The hollowed out asteroid as space base idea has
been around a long time. Maybe we weren't the first to think of it.

Vesta was on my short list of candidates for being a space base.

The purpose of this trip incl. the future of civilization. That might mean only seeing
how deflectable an asteroid might be, and it might mean seeing if this thing is

Meanwhile, on the surface of Mars, there are features that are clearly trees and mangrove
or banyan colony like places. But there are also features that look uncomfortably like
titanic sprawling life forms of some sort.