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Karadzic the New Age Kook

well well. says something about both Serbian culture, and
the compatibility of the New Age and mysticism with

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the idea here is to take information and put it to work, to
roll back this iniquitous influence.

Common Core education is roundly denounced as unworkable
and lowers math and other standards. But how many know it
has its origins in World Core Curriculum of Robert Mueller?

This starts with the large and ends with the small. While there
is a superficial resemblance to the hierarch of values of the
Middle Ages with God at the top, God doesn't figure in this
at all, unless He is misidentified with the universe.

This is also the REVERSE of normal mental development
of the child. It starts out knowing itself, its desires and needs
and noticing increasingly what is outside of itself. Its range
of object of curiosity is not organized like this is, and
incl. both the immediately practical and the fun and interesting
and play that teaches it psychological and physical skills that
will be important as it grows up.

Nothing in this hierarchy of arranging subjects is inherently
in conflict with any of the nastier world views. And starting
big instead of mixing it all up like reality is, merely sets
the stage for some to become focussed on the remote to the
detriment of the immediately important (without which
they won't be able to deal with the remote), and/or to see
themselves as managers of the big picture.

This in turn can lead to what one humorous but accurate writer
on business and society called "injellitance," a mixture of
envy and incompetence which, when they reach a certain
proportion to each other jell and form the new thing,
injellitance. Such people are plagues in bureaucracies and
elsewhere. They can't manage their own scene but are always
on the lookout to manage others.

aka demon? This guy was into THEOSOPHY of all things!

The mother of all kookiness, whose practical element like
aura and chakra chart publishing can't even get that right?!

(see a post on
for details, seems the location of major chakras and
implications of some aura colors are dead wrong in most
published stuff, and that in turn derives from Theosophy
which gets its stuff out of tantric hinduism and tantric
buddhism, more compilations of fact and fraud.)

Mueller focussed his energies on world peace, but as I
said there is nothing in this educational system that
is inherently promoting of it, it could be as easily used to
promote a Nazi set of values and goals to educate for
that as for something peaceful.

And the Nazi ideals ranged from extermination of non
Aryans (and of inferior individual Aryans) to an ordering
of races with each doing their particular kind of thing they
were inherently inclined to, and the Aryans at the top of
the heap directing them all.

The final result might indeed be "world peace" when
all opposition was stopped, and you exterminate enough
people you don't have hassles over resources (here comes
the UN depopulation agenda).

While overpopulation is partly myth and partly reality,
since a big problem is not just space to stand on (plenty
of that) but water and arrable land (land you can grow
crops on, good soil), there is something to be said for
population control.

Proposed measures have included euthanasia, abortion,
and encouraging homosexuality because they won't
reproduce or not much (since most homosexuals are
actually bisexuals). Such measures however, are evil
and of dubious pragmatic value, so are most likely
the result of hidden demonic and perversion and
psychopathic killer but too clever to act on it where
one might get caught sort of agendas.

Sterilization, and birth control of sorts that does not
interfere with a conceptus implanting in the womb
wall (conception is NOT implantation but the
joining of egg and sperm to form a zygote, that then
implants in a few days) such a womb wall thinning
hormones or IUDs but barrier and spermicide
and maybe estrone only chemical contraceptives,
not to mention teaching abstinence and redirection
of sexual energy to non sexual purposes, would be
a real good idea.

Frankly, to accomplish world peace and population
reduction, Christian biblical values would be more
to the point.

This includes rejection of "traditional" family
cultures that demand reproduction a lot.