Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dr. Laura Gets Ridiculous

I  am watching CNN at 3 am or so, and here is the latest from Dr. Laura.
Seems she is quitting radio, when her contract expires which is soon, and
going to focus on the Internet, so that she can reclaim her "first amendment
rights" and won't "have to live in fear."

I am beginning to wonder about this broad.

While her point in her n-word laden remarks to the lady on the phone
had considerable validity, they ALSO had two major flaws.

Firstly, she didn't have to actually USE the n word, she could have
just said "n word n word n word" instead of "n....., n....., n....."
when she said this. After all, she was dealing with a woman who was
already offended, and the word has a long history of hurtfulness. Why
not deal with the lady more kindly?

Secondly, there is a certain obvious difference between a black person
saying this, and a white person, since it IS derogatory, and is a word
with a history of violence behind it, white on black violence and still
some possibility like that, and when a black person uses it, it is more
like when a white says white trash, there is no implied and somewhat
potentially sometimes credible threat or the possibility of empowering
those who would be a credible threat by using this word.

Black says n word, it is snooty. White says n word, it is threatening
and includes potential of social and even economically impacting
subtle or not so subtle exclusion, at the least.

Now, Dr. Laura isn't all that ignorant of history. She does have a
certain wide eyed staring dumb blonde quality though usually her
analyses aren't that far bad.

Maybe her choice of words on that phone call could be dismissed
as unthinking, etc.

but now this political phrasing?

What happened to concerns she has expressed about hurtful words
and all kinds of bad communication in families and so forth?

It comes with exceeding ill grace from a blonde with chisled nordic
features to be talking about first amendment rights and living in fear
(of WHAT? being criticized?) in context of using the n word.

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