Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Tarpley's going nuts

One of my favorites is Webster G. Tarpley. unmatched for European history, trails
to the present but he starts getting weak as he goes east, and is apparently seduced
by the legend of Islamic civilization. While he doesn't say this stuff, his behavior
would indicate this.

Well, he's been going ballistic over Trump and now Brexit. the former is a matter I
have no opinion on, but Tarpley seems to be as megalomaniac as he claims Trump
is. And demands Trump's psychiatric records because supposedly you can't be
diagnoses OCD and whatever Trump claims without a doctor. Bullshit. with half a
brain and information online you can self diagnose. Tarpley uses the royal we a lot,
in such context it can only be himself not some movement. The so called
"interventions" are a few people with a sign.

Brexit is evaluated by some as a game of the elites to play some Hegelian game.
Others think it was a disaster for them and the beginning of the end of the EU.
Frankly, elites would anticipate and have a plan B. I was glad to see Brexit win.
Webster of course is on the anti Brexit bandwagon.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Must See! Planet Mars Has Something Moving Under It's Surface!

finding life offworld does not validate evolution. One writer years ago suggested the real
reason for hiding indications on Mars was that since evolution is such a crapshoot it is
unlikely to have repeated elsewhere than earth, so would indicate creation to find life

God could easily have created life elsewhere, or it could have originated on earth and
gone elsewhere during some pre flood or later lost high tech civilization.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Army Chaplaincy Manual Reprint Shows Gen. Vallely Lied

Gen. Paul Vallely tried to do an American Spring march on Washington DC. then
he was outed by some of the patriot militia movement he was appealing to, as
having co authored Mind War with Michael Aquino of the church of satan who
founded the temple of set.

So everyone backed off. It would either have been a putsch and put Vallely and
Boykin and McInerny in charge, or a massacre being an excuse for martial law
which would put Vallely and Boykin and McInerny in charge effectively, through
their friends who would administer this.

Vallely falsely claims he never advocated such a thing was no part of it, that is
easy to refute online.

But he also claims he did not know Aquino was a satanist in those days, and had
almost no contact with him except to interrogate him when the Army investigated
Aquino, sez Vallely, for satanist activity.

Why? because the Army already accepted satanism for chaplaincy.

The only available Army manual showing this, dates from several years later. So
it could be argued it was not legal then. But that is a lie, because the no longer
available 1980 version is available as a reprint.

the 1978 Army Manual for Chaplains (not exact title) references satanism as
accepted to have chaplains, it is titled 165-13. It does not exist online except on
satanist sites, so can easily be dismissed by some as a fraud they constructed.

But the 1980 manual's satanist section REFERS TO 165-13 to say that no new
information or updates are available in 1980 for the satanism chaplaincy except
a change of address for the church of satan

"regarding proof US Army recognized satanism as legitimate religion for chaplaincy I bought a copy april 1980 "Religious Requirements and Practices of Certain Selected Groups A Handbook Supplement for Chaplains" from military/info PO Box 41211 Plymouth, MN 55441 which sells photocopies of old military manuals.

Table of Contents, Revision chart "Other" Groups lists American Council of Witches,
Church of satan and Gardnerian Wicca among others.

Church of satan is on page VII-21 and reads"

"The original description pertaining to the Church of satan, appears on pages vii-17 through vii-22, in Department of the Army Pamphlet no. 165-13

"No revision in content of original description has been made, however, please note change in mailing address listed at top of page vii-17 rom
Church of satan po box 7633 San Francisco, California, 94102
to church of satan PO Box 896 Daly City, California, 94017"

That's all. "

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I corrected the typos in my original post.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Newt Gingrich?

From Constance Cumbey's blog:

  • He is and throughout his political life has been one of the world's leading Globalists.
  •  It was Newt Gingrich who set up international networks of legislators to back each other politically in their separate countries [that's right -- COUNTRIES -- not STATES].   You can read all about it in Anne-Marie Slaughter's Princeton  University Press book A NEW WORLD ORDER.  Anne-Marie Slaughter served as Assistant Secretary of State under Hillary Clinton.   If you already own the book or plan to acquire the book, turn to pages 113, 126, 130, and 294 to read up on Newt's career and joint projects with leaders in the Soviet Duma.
  • Newt Gingrich was from the beginning one of the primary backers of the World Trade Organization (W.T.O.); NAFTA (North American Free Trade Organization); and other globalist measures.
  • Newt Gingrich is an unabashed New Ager -- one whom I have carefully tracked since reading in one of Marilyn Ferguson's 1983 Leading Edge Bulletin about the "brave Georgia Congressman" (Newt Gingrich) who was doing so very much to advance their New Age agenda.  Newt's New Age mentoring was, inter alia, by Alvin & Heidi Toffler and John Naisbitt.
  • Newt Gingrich's former Congressional campaign manager, Chip Kahn, stated in an 1983 magazine interview (Mother Jones, November 1984), that no matter no much good, he Chip Kahn did in the future, he could never do enough good to offset the evil he had helped unleash on the world by helping Newt Gingrich be elected to Congress.