Wednesday, October 20, 2010

covert financial profiteering games and the road to WW III

get ready to dump your happy illusions and face the ugly reality of
unchristian greed and satanic lust for power back of a lot of
America's supposedly patriotic concerns, not to mention problems
we made for ourselves.

I would add, that I do not agree with those who dislike the Patriot
Act's undermining of freedom from wiretapping, because the
Supreme Court decision to incl. this in search and seizure was
the product of buying the arguments of the lawyers for perverts,
mobsters, and other filth, and the failure to notice that the line
of argument pushed far enough, would eliminate testimony from
a human as well as from a machine, because the rationale was
that the wiretap was like the General Warrant in bringing in too
much stuff, too vague and far ranging, when that was not the
issue specified in the search and seizure amendment.

The problem with the General Warrant, wherein the British would
shake down a whole block or more on sheer speculation, was
the matter of security of person and papers and not being subject
to random vandalism, theft, destruction and sometimes violence
to one's person. The issue was NOT that too much information
would be acquired. The purpose of requiring a court order that
was specific in what was looked for and where was to be searched,
was to correct for the problem of disruption, not for the problem
of maybe you might get caught.

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