Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Theotokos Queen of Heaven

I keep running into the idea on facebook, that Mary is not the mother of God because she
provided no divinity only humanity to Jesus Christ. This is assuming that to be a mother
one must be strictly an origin and that nothing else matters or can be in play. (which of
course ignores adoption.) Theotokos is better translated Birth Giver of God (in the flesh).
Jesus is God The Second Person of the Holy Trinity in the flesh. He was this from His
conception on, He did not acquire divinity later. WHAT CAME OUT OF MARY'S WOMB
WAS BOTH GOD AND MAN. Therefore she is mother of God Incarnate because she gave
birth to Jesus Who is incarnate God.

the very narrow mechanistic understanding of Protestantism is inherited in part from Roman
Catholic scholasticism, but Roman Catholicism was inhibited from taking things too far because
they inherited a tradition from Orthodoxy which they had broken from in AD 1054 (the real
beginning of Roman Catholicism as a separate church), which was rooted in intense Scripture

The fathers of the first Council of Nicea hesitated to use the word homoousios same essence
because this word, though it accurately consolidated Scripture teaching, was not itself in
the Bible, you would think they were a bunch of sola scriptura people!

The pagans had a "queen of heaven" false goddess, and this is pointed to by those objecting
to this title for Mary, and the doctrine though extant among believers was not official required
belief until declared in the 1800s. The argument for it in RC was that the Jewish queens
were never the wives of kings, but their mothers.

This practice provided some continuity between the deceased prior king and his son the
then current king. In the Kings or Chronicles it is recorded that a righteous king had
deposed his mother from being queen because she had sacrificed to false gods.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

ROTFLMAO dept. 1 TheRighteousness of Judge Moore

"Bannon said opponents of Moore are "out to destroy him.... Because they cannot take the righteousness the people like Judge Moore represent.""

so he represents all this righteousness no one can stand and it turns out he's fooling
around with teenaged girls one as young as 14. Of course this means he's cheating on
his wife and cheating on the girls most likely. Not to mention taking advantage of
youthful impressionability and stupidity or perhaps weak mindedness if he kinda
bulldogged them into this.

Trump seems to have surrounded himself with idiots, Bannon being a case in point.