Saturday, May 29, 2010

Evidence of Revision

   This is a compilation of stuff that was stated publicly,
   then quickly cut off. Some were edited out and never 
The compiler had connections and a good collection and was able to put together these clips.
Part 2 is so explosive, that the Internet Archive said that it had deleted
the material because of the content. The rest of it is there, however.
Perhaps copyright was the excuse thrown at them on some things,
though by now I would guess this stuff is either public domain or
brief enouch to qualify as exempt under fair use and comment. has the whole set and many other things.
here are the links.
This shows all the things Kennedy was saying and doing that
were enraging various power blocs native to the USA, Not
Israel, and not commies. some of his policies, in fact, were
those things that derive from Roman Catholic hard to enforce
teachings on poverty and society and so forth, locatable
in the Middle Ages and earlier, but easily confused by the
rich and greedy with "socialism." Some was his support
of equal rights for Blacks. Some was his determination to
get us out of Viet Nam, which would have undercut the
money making plans of the military industrial complex.
 Part 2

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