Saturday, July 29, 2017

notes on the loss of culture wars article.

"The Faith Based Partnership / Multi Sector Collaborations of management theorist, Peter Drucker, are central to Leadership Network’s training and view of the Church as solely a social organization that creates community.  Doctrinal teaching and promotion of individual salvation are determined to be problematic, divisive and down played “for the common good.”  "

This view of the church is the key problem in itself, allowing all other evils.

"So, thinking this through a moment — the lead researcher for the SBC’s Lifeway Research is good friends and collaborator with the developer of “The Gay Christian Identity” which negotiates the reconciling of a Biblical view of homosexuality and LGBTQ identity.  Suddenly the host of mixed messages on LGBTQ issues coming from Stetzer, Moore and others begin to take on a more disturbing edge.  Is this why Stetzer’s Exchange blog hosts a journalist outed for a gay tryst  in 2012 to converse about “The Future of Evangelicalismand asserts that homosexuality, which was once considered a CURSE, is now considered a CROSS (to be born by the SSA Christian) to one day perhaps being celebrated as a CROWN?  Why is such a conversation being facilitated into mainstream Christian media?  The same interview described the current attitude of the church on a range of issues from homosexuality, gay marriage, abortion, legalizing drugs and more as being like “unbaked cookies which need to be placed back in the oven and taken out in three to five years to see where we are.”  This interview was about 3 years ago and the conversation and collaborations are about 33 years in the making."

incremental stages and you can see, I hope, that it would not be possible if the average
Christian didn't already to some extent view the church as a social rather than an otherworldly
God focused organism but instead more of a this world society whose value lies in facilitating
peace and smooth functioning of the secular society.

This is called civil religion, and while it is a good argument for Christianity against pagan
detractors, that a good Christian is a good citizen until some great evil is demanded by Caesar
and/or society, it is NOT Chritianity's  primary value or basis of truth.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

chakra errors

Sunday, July 16, 2017

chakra errors

years ago I ran across a chart showing the chakras as located NOT on
a line of the spine, but here and there. discusses differences
in ascribed locations and number of them, in fact some systems figure there
are only four and the Indian tantra 7 and so forth.

someone has suggested somewhere that some chakras are artificial and placed
in people to exploit them by aliens or demons or whatever.

the kundalini energy apparently runs up the spine from the lowest chakra to
the top of the head. manifestations of this are often disturbing to put it mildly
and appear in charismatic Christian groups and in the latihan of subud. clearly
this is not The Holy Spirit, and could be a demon or a facilitator of such.

What is more likely, is that kundalini does not normally lie coiled at the base
of the spine, and that the chakras are not for the most part deployed along
the spine, convenient to such an undoing of creation sort of thing as
laya yoga or kundalini yoga.

" Chakras play an important role in the Tibetan Buddhism in completion stage practices.[44] It is practiced to bring the subtle winds of the body into the central channel, to realise the clear light of bliss and emptiness, and to attain Buddhahood.

This is not identical with the raise kundalini idea but similar. whether it has the same
symptoms or not is not stated. however, several  new ager articles describe a
kundalini syndrome of bad stuff happening as a result of these efforts.

Clearly a lot of "manifestations of The Holy Spirit" are nothing of the sort, and much of
the lineage of "anointings" in Pentecostalism/charismaticism track back to William Branham,
who had an angel that acted more like a demon, and to who (instead of to God) Branham
attributed all his miracles. Branham also made a missionary trip to India, met an Indian
cultist who claimed to be the Messiah or Second Coming of Christ, and accepted him as such.
The shaktipat or transfer of Shakti by touch from a guru is identical to the slain in the spirit
and such like anointings, which Branham emphasized more than most did and probably
acquired in India, then passed it on pretending it was The Holy Spirit.

After some thought and prayer, I decided there is aside from the probability of either an
energy derangement that demons can use, or a demon itself or group of them transferred in
shaktipat or both, the whole chakra system is in error.

For one thing, the throat chakra is NOT center or base of throat, but top of throat ringing
it at base of skull. An attack on this point which I experienced twice in different ways,
caused a painful in one case, garotte cinching sensation in the other case, at that point.
Farther down, there is a center on the right side of the body where the belly joins the pelvis
in the flesh crease. Leadbeater (a pervert who was apparently also psychic) located chakras
some of them off center.

The error is not so much where they are naturally located, but in concentrating on them AS

These meditations bring the normally offcenter chakras into alignment, allowing an abnormal
straight flow upwards of energy. This derangement is easily used by demons, aside from
being a warping in itself.

So aside from opening them being to facilitate lying spirits, RELOCATING them centrally
is a warping of their position and creating an abnormal condition that, however peaceful or
whatever it might feel at times, is enabling a spiritually dangerous paranormal condition
or event to occur.

men who position themselves as gods

"the many scientists today who study animals and human biology and at the same time promote eugenics. Let this be a lesson to us, that these “men of science” who position themselves as gods — dictating who lives and who dies — look to humanity no differently than how they see bacteria and insects under the microscope."

Ted Shoebat, ponerologist extraordinaire (study of evil) is onto something important here
in this statement, and cites Chesterton about how humans studying humans become inhuman
in order to do so. But it is more than choosing who lives and who dies. and more than studying

while there are diseases and conditions that are inheritable and can be prevented by identifying
carriers and encouraging them to not reproduce, and perhaps genetic surgery can correct a
problem, the fact is that when you get to thinking about control and selective breeding and
stuff like this, you are very rarely able to do so without positioning yourself as god.

And I think that the subtle thrill of this position, and the false sense of safety in an insecure
world you get by such positioning of yourself as god, and therefore as all powerful and therefore \
as invulnerable is a big driver in this eugenics stuff.

in other words, the sin of pride.

there is also a considerable shortsightedness. even if you posit races or breeds of humans
having some qualities, that doesn't establish who is "superior." it depends on superior in
what context for what purpose? what is superior? that is serves some great values, well
what are these values? are they necessarily consistent with Godly values? are they
even consistent with survival and accomplishment outside of a context that genetics
can't control?

the much glorified western European civilization is not the result of bloodlines but of
Christian influenced culture. the original population was a pack of half naked brawling short
sighted seekers of personal glory with shifting alliances constantly and looking to kill
and die for little else. not exactly accomplishing anything. While the euro eugenicist
may think of black Africans and far southeast Asians as naked head hunters that is exactly
what the original European warrior culture was.

so we got a mix of pride and incompetence drawing in part on dishonesty about history
of one's own ancestry. if it is admitted, the history, and that the ultimate purpose of wars
of white supremacy is to restore the wild "innocent" naked barbarian society untinged
by semitic and other influences, this means that ultimately you would be working to
make a society where all the vaunted cultural and scientific developments that supposedly
set Aryan euros apart from all else would be thrown away.

and these accomplishments are not without precedent elsewhere.