Monday, March 30, 2015

two suicidesover accusations of being Jewish
"Sources say Spence Jackson, spokesman for the late Missouri auditor Tom Schweich, was found dead in his apartment Sunday, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and other news organizations. His death is being investigated as a suicide, the newspaper reported.
Schweich, who was running for governor took his own life in February after accusing state Republican Party chairman John Hancock of spreading rumors that he was Jewish. Since then, the party has been bitterly split, with former U.S. senator John C. Danforth calling for an end to smear campaigns."
My comment "WTF!? saying someone is Jewish is a SMEAR CAMPAIGN? it might be false which is a different issue, but SMEAR CAMPAIGN like being Jewish is a bad thing? And killing yourself over it? sounds like some kind of antisemitic undercurrent is alive and well in this scene. Are these people all secret members of some Nazi organization? John Hancock and John Danforth (if he used the word "smear campaign" and it wasn't just misapplied to describe what he said) included?"

Thursday, March 19, 2015

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Dugin not the big deal with Putin

Some people have noticed that Alexander Dugin has 
some influence on Putin. Dugin is a "National Bolshevist," 
a weird philosophy involving perennialism, nazism, and 
mysticism but got kicked out of the Russian version of the 
party or left it I forget. This is part of the Third Position idea
which often has neopagan and satanist overtones. But 
maybe Dugin isn't that big of an issue after all. This article 
shows how we don't understand what is in front of us, and 
what is really going on in Putin's head. Some links in it are 
interesting to read also. As usual, I link to an article that 
combines in one easy place all I've found out elsewhere 
and few new things, and do not thereby endorse anything 
else the writer or the publisher says.

"While Dugin is not irrelevant, his star at the Kremlin actually 
faded a decade ago, though he gets some Kremlin attention 
because his father was a GRU general. Far more important 
to divining Putin’s worldview, however, is Ivan Ilyin, a 
Russian political and religious thinker who fled the Bolsheviks 
and died an emigre in Switzerland in 1953. In exile, Ilyin 
espoused ethnic-religious neo-traditionalism, amidst much 
talk about a unique “Russian soul.” Germanely, he believed 
that Russia would recover from the Bolshevik nightmare and 
rediscover itself, first spiritually then politically, thereby saving 
the world.

Putin’s admiration for Ilyin is unconcealed: he has mentioned 
him in several major speeches and he had his body 
repatriated and buried at the famous Donskoy monastery 
with fanfare in 2005; Putin personally paid for a new 
headstone. Yet despite the fact that even Kremlin outlets 
note the importance of Ilyin to Putin’s worldview, not many 
Westerners have noticed."

Dugin's interest in the Russian Orthodox Church is typical of
those who treat it as a rallying point for an ethnic or national
identity, his philosophy is actually rather different from it. 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

cloning and mtDNA issues

Talk of cloning always focuses on the nuclear DNA, and they don't care where the cell came from that has its nuclear DNA destroyed with a laser and replaced with the material to be cloned. In one plan, a human might be cloned using a cow egg. Why? I think the result would have some bovine strengths of some sort. Why? mitochondrial DNA is transferred on the maternal line only. Very rarely does a sperm have mtDNA and probably such never meet an egg, being weighed down and swimming slower. The changes in mtDNA lineages might conceivably reflect this once in a blue moon happening. or just mutations. or both.
A cloned horse (several registries resist cloning) would not be the identical twin actually of its original, unless the cell was from the original and tricked into dividing like a zygote, or an egg from a horse of its matrilineage. The mtDNA would be different.
This is also a potential forensics nightmare. Identification of human remains, sometimes of possible perpetrators, and of family relations from the past, often depends on mtDNA. Change the matrilineage and you change this.
Exactly what the mtDNA does is anyone's guess. mitochondria is dismissed as just ATP energy production material, but it is probably more. in some horse breeds the frame and stamina are considered to pass on the female side, The health and strength of the female is important to that of the foals, cubs, whatever, the value of big strong males among deer and elk is to help produce stronger females. I can't imagine why anyone would want to mess with cow eggs to clone people with, unless they have figured this out and want to use it to make stronger people. or perhaps even more herd like people.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Ayn Rand, Conservativism, and Satanism
The Paul Ryan/Ayn Rand/Satanism Connection Made Simple
well, isn't this interesting.
last year earlier, I read  an article showing Reagan's interest in 
the occult predated Nancy hiring an astrologer in the White 
House. Also that his whole style was one of projecting a dreamy 
state with heroic fantasy and sometimes confused movie scenes 
with reality in at least one speech. 

This state of mind, and induction of it in others, is part of what 
is called "lesser black magic." It may be he was not just 
manipulative but addicted to it himself. Probably sped up 
the development of Alzheimer's. 

Very New Agey state of mind. Unfortunately, one that is 
chronic for generations of movie goers and novel readers 
and considered okay. the encouragement of fantasy in 
children adds to the problem.
"I lived in the San Francisco Bay area where the Church of 
Satan was founded (in SF City). When it first started it was 
more of just a fun, rebellious group of hippies, neo-Pagans 
and other similar folks. I have a friend who used to work 
there as the hostess at the front door. She greeted people, 
so she knew who attended. After I'd known her for a very 
long time, she disclosed to me that Ronald Reagan and 
Nancy attended the CofS. She was never one to gossip or 
speak ill of anyone and I've always found her to be reliably 
truthful. I'd read that he'd gone one time, but she told me he 
and Nancy came there quite a lot. She finally left, when the 
it began to get really weird, with alot of neo-Nazis and the like. 
When she left, the Reagans were still attending. It sounds like 
Mr. Wilson is right on the money when he says Republicans 
like Ayn Rand's philosophies. "
the sort of people who pioneered privatization of social security.