Thursday, August 23, 2012

22,000 volt stun gun to cure snake and spider bites

22:50 time point electrical shock to cure or improve
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Sunday, August 12, 2012

UPDATE to the Possible history of Life on Mars page

this relates to the old post

Also, in reference to source of waters in The Flood, I was in error in saying
they came from below and the rain and waters above the firmament, the latter
two are the same thing. However, since such a column would look like rain
as it dissipated on arrival, it would not look much different from rain.

By now, everyone has heard of Betty and Barney Hill. The alien type they

reported, was the long-nosed greyskin, and the leader wore a visored cap.
Barney thought of him as a Nazi. Physically, they seemed to be the long
nosed greys. The usual technology using extraction of egg and sperm
seems to have been done.

A star map was shown to Betty, that she was able to remember and
reproduce under hypnosis. Marjorie Fish found the best alignment of the
stars on the map, was to the Zeta Reticuli system. Also, two stars on the
map, at the time thought to be incorrectly positioned, were later found to
be more correct, than the then starmaps of Earth astronomers. Updated star
maps matched the Fish map.

(This probably influenced the 1979 horror sci fi film Alien writers, in that
when the crew is waking up to the fact that they have been awakened too
early, and are nowhere near Earth, they find themselves near “Zeta 2 Reticuli.”
The planetoid that the “xenomorph” is lurking on, is circling a strange Saturn
like planet in that system. Oddly enough, in the sci fi horror movie, Pitch
Black, again we have the action sited on a moon orbiting a ringed Saturn
like planet, and aggressive dangerous life forms on, that have eaten up
everything and are working on each other, and whoever lands there. I
wonder if someone knows something about Titan, or just picked up on
something subconsciously, while trying to put the story together and day
dreaming so to speak accidentally psychically read a similar situation.
Of course it wouldn't be identical to the movies, but it may be that something
dangerous lurks on Titan.)

Of course, Mars is our nearest neighbor, so when the UFO waves of the 1950s
and 1960s were found to coincide with the closer approach of Mars in its
orbit, some figured they came from there. Later sightings apparently don't
follow this pattern, since I never hear about it anymore, it is in the older UFO

Hill-Fish Starmap update. some researchers took another look, noticed
the failure to account in the Fish map for a star that is in the Hill map, and
decided that the map was of our solar system, from a position parked on
an asteroid (or a moon?) near Saturn or Jupiter. The two big striped balls
instead of being stars would be Jupiter and Saturn, and the rest had to do
with perspective of view of things at that time.    "NEW DISCOVERIES IN BETTY
HILL'S STAR MAP" I am not advocating everything else on that site.

But, I suspect that accidentally Fish may have been on target also, due to
Divine Providence. All God had to do, was either hurry up or delay the
kidnapping or cause a failure opportunistically replaced by the Hill
capture, or cause or allow the captain to opportunistically grab them as
well, at that time, when the looks of our solar system from that perspective
closely matched the stars in the Zeta Reticuli vicinity.

So both theories about the Hill-Fish map could be correct.  That the aliens
are primarily operating from within this solar system, and are also based,
or originating, from the Zeta Reticuli or nearby systems.

Regarding the star map theory, the latest info does make it look more credible.
"In their highly technical paper, DaSilva and Foy offer two very important conclusions about these stars which radically contradict earlier findings. These are that neither star is metal-deficient and that neither is a close binary (or double). Earlier evidence (published by Bonneau et al., 1980) identifying Zeta 2 as a very close binary turns out to have been mistaken (Bonneau and Foy, 1986)." from The Zeta Reticuli Star System Robert M. Collins with William Moore & Rick Doty discusses SERPO.
This finding of course ruins the whole SERPO story of a bunch of humans sent to
live with the aliens, because their planet orbits a double sun, one of the Reticuli
stars at issue in this map. But neither are binaries. Which rules out the SERPO
story, while making the possibility some life supporting planet is there more likely.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Sumerian eunuch on a rampage i.e., Nibiru

Nibiru, according to an online translation, means eunuch, it was a servant
created by some Sumerian deity for another lesser deity.

Zechariah Sitchin is a total fraud. Michael Heiser
and show all this. Sitchin's game
like that of Velikovsky, is to write off all Biblical miracles of the disastrous sort
as strictly natural phenomena. Velikovsky makes excellent points regarding
chronology, but waxes absurd when he claims that terrified observers
misinterpreted the groanings of a volcano as "no adultery" and "no murder" and
so forth.

On is some alleged translation of Russian examination of a
captured Nazi who had been on some trek to Tibet or of some of his writing,
I forget which, which claims all kinds of things incl. a brown dwarf on a
3600 year orbit. This is not the sort of thing you can get from Tibet, but
it IS among the bits of information Maria Orsic & associates presented as
channelled automatic writing info (in Sumerian no less) to the Thule,
Vril and Black Sun societies in between the world wars.

the following is in Russian, with English subtitles.

So with all this as a dubious bunch of original sources, what are we looking
at here?

First, Sitchin probably has connections as bad as freemasonic if not worse,
and vectored through the freemasons most likely. (Allegedly they are to
discuss anything but religion and politics, its in their rules. In practice they
apparently discuss nothing else, aside from business, and their wisdom
lectures and initiations are full of religion and politics.)

What would be the motive of the Aldebarans in giving technology info
of a free energy sort to proto Nazi occultists? Though it is argued they
thought the disparity this would correct, lead to wars this would
prevent, it is more likely that (aside from the demonic angle, and even
incl. this) it is a scenario more along the line of the movie SPECIES,
in which information is sent, the purpose of which is to destroy us.

The Aldebaran information then, should be examined with a view to
three things. firstly, it might work, but get people focussed on the
senders and their probably unbiblical theology. Second, it might be
a typical dead end that doesn't work, like the plans to make a flying
saucers, supposedly given to some contactees by aliens in the US
and maybe elsewhere, and they don't work. Third, it might work,
but contain dangerous elements, whether of a destructive sort,
either inclined to blow up or easily weaponizeable, or of the sort
where a human has to be part of the circuit preferably as an 
antenna, which would facilitate infiltration of the human mind
and soul. 

Even if the Aldebarans were strictly flesh and blood, and there is
no reason a strong sender type telepath couldn't use automatic
writing and channelling to communicate, this wouldn't rule out evil
intent, and demonic involvement if they were themselves involved
with such entities.

Certainly the very means of communication, automatic writing
and channelling, are inherently evil because they violate a boundary
and make a person into an automaton at least partly.

This style of communication is never even hinted at, in The Bible
where it writes of God speaking to prophets.

The very style of communication itself, when present, rules out
God in particular, and anything good in general, as the origin
of the communication.

Another possibility, is all of the above AND the Aldebarans
were in fact humans on earth pretending to be from elsewhere for
whatever nefarious purposes.

So we can write Nibiru Planet X Brown Dwarf inbound as garbage.....
or can we?

None of this information changes the fact, as detailed by John R. Moore
in "Global Warming: What The Government Isn't Telling You" and
others, that the elites and governments here and elsewhere have been
busily building survival bunkers and doing the Alternative 2 thing
for decades, and generally acting like they expect something damn
serious is going to happen.

Now, it could be they were taken in by people with money to make by
building for them, who sold them on this crap.

But then there are the peculiarities connected with reports from
Richard Harrington (suddenly died of esophegeal cancer, maybe
polonium poisoning?) and IRAS and South Polar Telescope of
something peculiar.

The Harrington research pointed to something perturbing Uranus
and Neptune pulling them DOWNWARDS, and that it was on an
orbit tilted at about 30 degrees to the ecliptic.

That doesn't mean this necessarily swings in close enough to be a
gravitational problem, but it MIGHT come close enough to fire up
the sun somewhat as per Electric Universe theory, and it definitely
could divert asteroids in our direction.

It might only be that the powers that be are expecting WW III and
have been all along, and some of them planning it.

Of course, if you are prepared for nibiru you are prepared for WW III,
and both nibiru and WW III as depopulation measures are not
something the elites would want you to be prepared for.

so all I can say is, keep prepping. All nibiru is going to do is bombard
us with asteroids and trigger (or the asteroid impacts could trigger)
massive earthquakes and tsunamis, and exactly this is a worry
regarding the Canary Islands El Hierro and Cumbre Vieja and the
New Madrid Fault and asteroids.

The fact still remains, that right now, with all those deep underground
military (and civilian) bunkers, you have the scenario in place and
ready to go, described in Revelation chapter 6, in the disaster that
displaces all islands and mountains, right after the fourth horseman,
during which all sorts of people hide in caves and call for the
rocks to cover them and hide them. Rev. 6:12-17.