Saturday, September 28, 2013

how junk food advertising is messing up our kids

and lets face it, we ourselves are from two or
three generations of this stuff.

My own suggestion about the need for sugar,
fats and salt, is put this on the veggies you
want the kids to eat, wean them off the junk

The typical everything on it pizza, however,
strikes me as not that worthless.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

A good thing to remember.

"Do not fall victim to the false mantra of freedom 
and liberty. Those words do not mean the same 
thing to me and you as they do to the 1%."

comment on the article the last post linked to.

Monday, September 9, 2013

The True History of Libertarianism

The whole problem with libertarianism is, that it is essentially big corporate
POLITICAL ENVIRONMENT, to help regular people regain some

But much of what we take for granted as worker's rights and safety issues,
a lot of it enshrined in law and not dependent on contracts and strikes,
came ONLY as a result NOT of laissez faire capitalism, but of the revolt
by unions (which later became corrupt and oppressive also), and the
freedom loving corporations would get the government as well as private
thugs to come in guns blazing to stop strikes and protests in the 1800s.

Meanwhile, all the accomplishments of big industry and rail and so
forth, were because of govt. involvement with them. Rail was essential
to a lot of business, even small ones, and rail was a product of govt.
partnering with corporate interests.

Laissez faire and no govt. involvement is strictly out the window when
it benefits such people, and only means no govt. oversight. With enough
money (and fear) judges, police, etc. can be bought off.

Laissez faire in the classic libertarian form was NEVER a feature of
the USA or of any economically successful country.

The only principle to observe is, does something promote godliness
and decency and kindness and the interests of the people in a given
context, or not? "principles" like libertarianism and other groups with
agendas like to uphold, over and above all other considerations, are
usually smokescreens and rallying points that often help evil. Not
always, but often.


Sunday, September 8, 2013