Wednesday, July 7, 2010

language links between Siberians and some Native Americans

Interesting discussion on evidence for connection 
between the Siberian tribes and some Native American
I recall reading that some Turkish tribes consider the
Amerindians to be their lost brothers, though whether
they came to this conclusion due to some of their
own bringing back behring strait info from school, or
had some legend developed earlier, maybe in
connection with Russian exploration and trading,
I don't know.

I DO know, that some Turkic rug designs and some
Amerindian designs look similar.

FYI "Turk" is not properly a synonymn for moslem,
except in the old millet system of the Ottoman Turks.
Turkish language group people exist in many tribes.
The Bulgarians though technically Eastern Orthodox
are in fact turk by origin, but not Osmanli/Ottoman
turkish descent. Many Turkish tribes in the old
Russian empire and later USSR domains, have moslem
and Christian members and often some shamanistic
animist people as well.

The northwestern Indians retain legends of the
ghostwind horse, probably a leopard appaloosa, that
was given them by Russian explorers long before
the Spanish came. Bashkir Curly type horses also
occur among Amerindian breed descent horses in
the USA, another Siberian variety. A segment of
the Nez Perce is trying to recover its original
appaloosa horse, by crossing Akhal Tekes with
fairly high percentage Ameridian derivation appys,
calling this the Nez Perce Horse, reminiscent of
the high quality animals that Lewis and Clark
reported among the Nez Perce, Shoshone and

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