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Talk about pincher movements

A game in the truth about NWO and illuminati scene, is that a lot of people
are taking the obvious, socially unacceptable angles on this, and claiming
that they represent beings of light that oppose all this, but they also reject
the historic Jesus Christ and Christianity, and attack the OT and NT as
false. These ideas have been disproved so well that they were rejected
even by those who were against Christianity. Dismissing The Bible as a
pack of lies just wouldn't hold water. The recent effort to claim Jesus
Christ never existed, was used back in the 1800s by atheists, briefly, and
quickly dropped for being too ridiculous. There is plenty of evidence that
Christ existed, and that He was worshipped as God and believed to
have risen from the dead, from the earliest times of the church, whether
one accepts these facts about Him, there is no way to reject the fact
that He existed. It took a modern less educated population to be worth
slinging this notion to.

For instance, Brian Desborough attacks the Bible and Christ, on the
excuse that he is attacking "fundamentalist" Christian British Israelism,
itself a spawn of occultist John Dee. But British Israelism is NOT
fundamentalist Christianity, though it and its variant Anglo Saxon
Christian Identity, tries to piggy back on such.

It is simply a game of satan transforming himself in to an angel of
light, a deception, such as St. Paul warns about in 2 Cor 11:14.
Petend to oppose an obiouvsly disgusting dark evil, while alienating
you from the greatest power against it, Our Lord Jesus Christ, and
advising along lines that can eventually lead to undermining (in
the name of "freedom" and rejection of illuminati control freak
made laws and being "open minded") of whatever legal and social
prohibitions exist against the worst of it. The result will be a
person who either converts to the darkness or stops fighting it
as it is supposedly the balance and part of the universe, or else
is crippled in a blissed out state that sees nothing and opposed
nothing and promotes nothing but the like of love peace bliss
that was rife in the Manson hippy cult, and did not prevent the
violence that he ordered. David Icke, Jordan Maxwell and
Brian Desborough are cases in point.

A side note. Desborough claims some entities encouraged him
to study Tesla and Reich. While this seems like harmless free
energy stuff, and may be just another way of pretending to be
good, there is a lot of nasty potential in these technologies
as well.

A Possible History of Life on Mars long post, not finished. if links don't work, cut and paste.



Mary Christine Erikson

CHAPTER 1. Mars, Earth, or Zeta Reticuli?

By now, everyone has heard of Betty and Barney Hill. The alien type they
reported, was the long-nosed greyskin, and the leader wore a visored cap.
Barney thought of him as a Nazi. The usual technology using extraction
of egg and sperm seems to have been done.

A star map was shown to Betty, that she was able to remember and
reproduce under hypnosis. Marjorie Fish found the best alignment of the
stars on the map, was to the Zeta Reticuli system. Also, two stars on the
map, at the time thought to be incorrectly positioned, were later found to
be more correct, than the then starmaps of Earth astronomers. Updated star
maps matched the Fish map.

(This probably influenced the 1979 horror sci fi film Alien writers, in that
when the crew is waking up to the fact that they have been awakened too
early, and are nowhere near Earth, they find themselves near “Zeta 2 Reticuli.” The planetoid that the “xenomorph” is lurking on, is circling a strange Saturn
like planet in that system.)

Of course, Mars is our nearest neighbor, so when the UFO waves of the 1950s
and 1960s were found to coincide with the closer approach of Mars in its
orbit, some figured they came from there. Later sightings apparently don't
follow this pattern, since I never hear about it anymore, it is in the older UFO

So where are the aliens coming from?
They don't have to all be coming from the same place.

a. Whether their original point of origin is Zeta Reticuli, with Mars only
a base for them, or originated on Mars, and Zeta Reticuli is a base, or
or whether they are descendants of Earth humans and all life started here,
doesn't matter. What does matter, is that they are here, and as early as
AD 1993, I was bored with reports of stuff in the sky. The real issue is,
what are they doing here, who are they doing it to, why are they doing it, and
just exactly who are they doing what with, in the sense of cooperation?

In any case, the immediate point of origin can be bases on Mars, the
Moon, even on Earth itself. No immediate point of origin need to be
habitable just able to physically support a base.

This of course means some asteroids not to mention Mars' moon Phobos
could easily be hollowed out bases. It might be, that some very few
asteroids could be totally artificial, and the external appearance be either
a deliberate disguise, or a material that incidentally disguises its real
nature, but consists of material(s) that is resistant to harm from radiation
and impacts.

b. The physical types reported are various. Complicating this, are the
“Nordics” and even more amorphous spiritual like things, and overtly
demonic entities. Given the ability they demonstrate to either actually
change form, in which case they are not all that material to begin with,
or to generate illusions in the minds of the viewers as to what they look
like, it is by no means clear that the human appearing ones, aside from
possible third or fourth generation hybridization products, are in fact
what they appear to be.
Someone once said, “never believe anything a government agent, or an
alien, has to say about the [UFO] phenomenon.”

Two possibilities for ultimate origin are:
      1. Earth, that all ET s that aren't just demons, regardless of appearance
        or whacked out biology and anatomy, are entirely human in
        origin, plus DNA manipulation and/or what happens when
        many generations grow up in radically non Earth environment
and/or both.

Nazis and others of course would fall into this category.

      2. They developed independently of us somewhere else. This does
        not prove evolution. It would rather tend to disprove it, because
        evolution is such a minimal chance crap shoot, that it can't have
        have happened very often, and developing intelligent life, of the
only sort that can develop technologically (i.e., humanoid) is
even less likely.

If you argue Creationism, however, it is very possible. Nowhere does The
Bible say God did not create life elsewhere. That possibility exists, but is not
developed. The Bible basically tells us what we need to know, for our
salvation from sin and wrath for that sin, and to make sense of things.

However, given the usual (but not invariable) pattern God exhibits, to make
things go from a point of origin, option 1 is more likely. Most of the beachhead
style of operating is post Fall, a more scattergun approach seems evident in Genesis
chapter 1, but the Garden of Eden is beachhead style again, though pre Fall. The
point of a point of origin style, would probably be to draw attention off
ourselves (the a number one false god) and other false gods, and back to the
concept of ultimate origins. But we have both behaviors exhibited by God
before The Fall of Mankind, which makes options 1 and 2 both possible.

For the sake of this book, however, I am going to assume option 1. Option 3
would be a scenario not unlike option 1, wherein some other planets would
have been created and life created on them, but only such as would make
them liveable when the human population got large enough and smart
enough to go offworld and need a new home. Sort of like God terraforming
some places in advance for us. Option 3 wouldn't rule out option 2, however,
because God might have made additional places to go for every separately
made intelligent life form.

(No, this is not the homo galacticus notion, which is more like the false
exaltation of some “philosophers,” which is just another manifestation of the
sins of pride and vainglory.)

Now, standard views of antiquity don't allow for offworld exploration, or
even flight, but there are some strange things here and there, OOParts or
Objects Out of Place, that work against the usual worldview taught in schools,
and are therefore ignored. An Internet search will turn up a lot of things.

Which brings us to the antediluvian world. (ante means before, not anti
which means against, diluvian means the Flood.)

CHAPTER 2. The Antediluvian Civilization, and Its End in The Flood.

In The Bible, we have indications of sudden and rapid development of skills
and knowledge. Some of this is said in The Book of Enoch, to have been
taught to humans by fallen angels. This is not the picture Genesis gives,
though it doesn't rule it out either. Probably there is a bit of both. This occurs
among both the Sethite and Cainite populations.

The frequent similarities of names, often in the same or close generations, in
the two lineages, looks to me like intermarriage was going on. Contrary to
promoters of the Two Seed Heresy, Cain and Abel (replaced by Seth his later
brother after Cain murdered him), were full brothers. The Two Seed Heresy
claims, that Eve was physically seduced by the serpent, not only spiritually.
That Cain was a hybrid, and Adam was not his father.

Supporting this, Eve's statement “I have gotten a man with the help of the
Lord” is quoted, and then it is noted that the Canaanite false god Baal means
lord.” It is then argued that Eve is referring to the demon later called “lord”
by the Canaanites.

But the KJV text uses all uppercase letters, the ord part shorter but still
upper case, i.e., LORD, whenever the Masoretic text the KJV drew on indicated, that
the Name YHWH was present, but it was read as Adonai, a different word for Lord.

Therefore, Eve says, “I have gotten a man with the help of YHWH.”

(Someone pointed out that that is also a way of saying it, like having begotten,
that you would expect a man to use. Hints of the rumors of there being a time
when either sex was not clearly understood as causing pregnancy, or the
female was considered the primary player in the matter, just as later it was the
male who was thought to be so primary, that the female contributed nothing
but a womb, and the male seed planted there grew to be a child. This was a
conceit of the ancient pagan philosophers, adopted by some medieval
A long time ago I realized, looking at the core of what chemistry and some
electrical stuff needs, bearing in mind how much was done in the 1800s and
early 1900s without the kind of extensive material, housing and staffing we
are used to in research and development facilities, not to mention among the
alchemists, that “once you have fire and glass, anything is possible.”

At the time I said that to myself, I was speculating about messing around with
recombinant DNA, though it wouldn't be thought of as that, and the
induction of mutations and multiplication of some strands of DNA by the
action of the drug colchine, in the crocus.

It would go far to explain the outrageous monsters reported in those Greek

Paracelsus, whose collected writings in a library seemed to have a dark
almost unclean feel about them, hinted at demonic involvement of some
alchemists, and was the first to talk about the homunculus. The homuculus
was to be produced by mixing semen and menstrual blood and letting them
ferment in a bottle in the natural warmth of composting dung. Eventually
some humanoid would form, and it would talk.

Some recipes called for the sperm alone.

While occasionally a live egg may be in menstrual blood, hence some women
have been known to get pregnant from having sex during menstruation, it is
real unlikely that an invitro fertilization was done. But it might have been.
And it wouldn't have lasted long enough to be anything but an embryo,
though a wild imagination might view it as a tiny man.

But the recipe that calls for semen alone, raises a question in my mind.

Among fruit flies, there is a thing called a haploid. It can occur elsewhere,
but fruit flies are the only ones I read about having this condition and
growing up. They grow up weird of course.

Diploid is the normal condition, of all the chromosomes you are supposed
to have. Occasionally there is the abnormality of a single chromosome
doubled, or missing.

A haploid is a creature, that is missing half of its chromosomes. If a sperm
were to somehow develop without an egg, the result would be a haploid.
Sperm normally have no mitochondria, but occasionally one does have some.
Such a sperm would be the only one out of thousands that would have a
chance to develop parthenogenically, but the result would be a haploid.
Such a human, if it could live, would be radically abnormal looking, and probably
of indeterminate gender, and would not pass unremarked as being weird as all
get out. This is an important point to remember.

And it could never happen outside of alchemic or modern technology conditions,
since it would have no safe place to grow in. And unlike the egg, no tendency to do
this on its own without some help to get it started in the first place.

Now for a brief discursus on parthenogenesis.
An egg can develop on its own, usually by electrical or chemical stimulation,
rarely on its own. Normally, the egg splits into a haploid condition as it
leaves the ovary, and half dies and the other half goes on to join a sperm, or

But should that egg not split, it would be capable of developing on its own.

Parthenogeneis or virgin birth, occasionally happens. One or two lower
species do it regularly. In birds, the result is male. In mammals, the result
is female, the identical twin of the mother. In insects, the result is also male.
Pre fertilization queen bees eggs hatch drones, so do those of the occasional
worker bee (who are all female, and usually sterile). Only the fertilized queen
bee eggs hatch as female worker bees.

Jesus Christ, of course, is male. And His mother was called not merely
betulah, but almah. Betulah only means the hymen is intact. And that means
effectively nothing. A hymen can sometimes survive sexual intercourse maybe
even a few times, if it is flexible and narrow enough. And oral and anal and non
penetrative sexual acts, dry humping and petting to orgasm and rubbing the
penis between the girl's thighs, pose no risk to the hymen. Such a girl is called
a “technical virgin.” Pregnancy could result from a semen spill without any miracle. The Kikuyu unmarried teens, used to engage in this thigh sex with a leather flap to prevent pregnancy. This was part of their pre Christian culture.

But The Theotokos, Mother of God, is referred to in prophecy as almah.
This is translated “young woman” by liberals, but Strong's Concordance says
this word implies isolation, veildness, etc., and Rebekah is referred to as “a
virgin [betulah] AND no man had known her.” clearly, a man could “know” a woman in the sexual sense, and leave her a virgin as long as there was no
penetration of the vagina.

In other words, an almah could not get pregnant without a miracle, absent a
standard parthenogenesis. Since Jesus Christ is male, as the reference to His
circumcision makes clear, He is not the product of a natural parthenogenesis. Since His mother is almah, it follows that His conception was miraculous. And He is not described as looking unusual in any way. Not spectacularly handsome, and
not weird as all get out either. So He wasn't an alchemically produced haploid, assuming that is even possible, either.

So with Jesus we have a mammalian virgin birth, which should be female,
but it isn't. So the human egg, was given a divine tweak to one of the two X
chromosomes to convert it into a Y chromosome. Parthenogenic creatures are
usually not haploid.

But I have often wondered, what if the standard greyskin, not unlike the
description of the homunculus, is what a haploid human looks like? What if they
ARE haploid humans, the product of some monstrous experiment to make slaves
or something that worked?

Which would of course be a variation on Option 1 discussed in the first chapter.

In Genesis chapter 6, there are several important things.
  • The wickedness of man was great in the earth”
  • every imagination of the thoughts of [mankind's] heart[s] was only evil
  •  “ all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth.
  • And incidentally, “....when men began to multiply upon the face of the
    earth, and daughters were born unto them, that the sons of God saw the
    daughters of men that they were fair and they took them wives of all
    which they chose. ...There were giants in the earth in those days; and
    also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men,
    and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which
    were of old, men of renown.”
It definitely looks like there were “giants” that were strictly human, and others
that were hybrids, presumably sterile. But maybe not. An old rabbinic legend
has one of these surviving the Flood by clinging onto the roof of the Ark.

If the antediluvian people were using semi modern technology, it would
have rusted away by now. The speed at which things distintegrate, without
maintenance, is shown in the TV series, After People. So they may have had
such things.

But let's assume they mostly got into something involving chemisty and
electricity and electrostatic phenomenon, and spinning things. The crude
Baghdad Battery type plus lodestones and wires and rotation. And maybe
low temperature plasmas. And genetics.

Recently some scientists figured out, that over half of the dinosaur species
never existed, that they were not different species, of minor differences other
than size, but different ages of the same species.

Long ago I read somewhere that gigantism is the easiest mutation to induce.
Even without inducing mutations, selective breeding can make drastic
changes in size and form. Just look at horses and dogs. Most of the breeds we
have now did not exist much more than 200 or in some cases 300 years ago.
This is aside from the ancient core types, but the phenomenon of registries
and closed stud books is from the late 1800s mostly.

Now you will notice that all flesh had become corrupt, or corrupted its way
or whatever. The increase in violence and unnecessary killing and cruelty for
sport, and the development of homosexual perversion and even rape among
animals is what is probably at issue here. Some of this is to be found in some
animals today, though not as much as humans. Some human psychic
influence may be at work with some of this. Maybe the eating of human flesh
by animals has transferred some of The Fall into them, though because of
their lack of brains it can't go too far.

Corruption is seen by the Eastern Orthodox modern writers, at least on the
Internet, as related strictly to death, but corruption is also matter of the heart
and mind. In fact, the term in modern English means it like that more than any
other way.

Corruption ALSO means death and decay, but these things have always been
used as a metaphor, along with uncleanness, for moral and spiritual evil.

But supposing the corruption was aided by human choices in breeding
and training of animals, and maybe recombinant DNA.

Let's suppose the then locals' idea of a war machine was animals. And there
was an arms race.

An awful lot of changes, in size and weaponry, you can see in the fossil
record, would be the result.

Triceratops would travel in huge herds, like the buffalo, but bigger, munching
everything in its path. Imagine the impact of such a thing let loose on the
agricultural infrastructure of an enemy.

Now, in Peleg's time, “the earth was divided.” It is usally assumed to mean
that this was the division of the nations, due to division of tongues at the
Tower of Babel. But some creationists argue that this refers to the separating
of the land masses that so strangely fit each other.

That all the land masses were in one place, is indicated in Genesis chapter 1.
It is also the opinion of geologists, who call it “pangea.”

So it is not at all unlikely, that the violent warlike pre Flood civilizations had
some of their major conflicts play out in those peripheral locations, that later
became “The New World.” aka Western Hemisphere. (Fighting over fishing
rights perhaps? Or some offshore mining rights?)

I have noticed that an awful lot of dinosaur discoveries, of the biggest and
meanest sorts, are in North America.

God got fed up and sent The Flood. Noah alone in his generations was perfect
with God. This “generations” phrasing has been used to argue, that Noah
alone was of pure blood. But you must remember, that Noah's life spanned
many generations in his time. And as each generation was born and grew up,
in his lifetime, all were evil, from youth up.

But no one can be perfect in God's sight, especially in that day and age, without
God's help. I strongly suspect, that when God started deciding to wipe out
most life other than lower life forms, He also set apart to Himself one man, for
whose sake he would save a remnant of all life.

So this was no effort to evade the first messianic promise, that given to Adam
and Eve, by simply having no people to keep it to. (millennia later, when
God was fed up with Israel in the wilderness for the golden calf episode, God
told Moses that He would destroy them, and make a new people for Himself
out of Moses (his descendants). Like, do another start over with Abraham
type thing. But Moses prayed for the people, and God relented. At no time
did God seriously plan, it would seem, to eradicate all mankind from Earth.

God loves us, despite us being so damn disgusting. (Don't you know people
like evil humankind, people whether relatives or others, that you care about
but only from a safe distance and will sometimes help them or inquire after
them, but won't have them in your house?)

The promise was that the woman's seed would bruise the head of the serpent,
and the serpent would bruise the woman's Seed's heel. Now, these are both
lethal or at least crippling blows. A snake that isn't poisonous, will bite while
grabbing, or in exasperation while struggling, but when you read “snake bite”
you think poison, right? So this is a verbal picture involving a poisonous

For this to be some kind of positive picture, you would have to be implying
in a way that would be understood as such, a Resurrection of the bitten Seed.

That something like this was early on understood, even though Judaism later
had no notion of a dying and resurrecting Messiah, is shown in that when
Abraham went to sacrifice Isaac, he told his servants he left at the foot of the
mountain, that he and the boy would come back. Given all his interactions
with YHWH, Abraham probably figured that Isaac was THE promised Seed of
the woman.

Let's look at this Seed of the Woman thing again. Eve as we have seen, had
claimed the male (in later thinking) role of “begetting.” “I have gotten a
man [male child] with the help of YHWH.” While she saw this as the fruit
of her body, she did not see it as her property, or all her own doing. The
honor, and ultimate ownership goes to YHWH. In family centered systems,
where the child is viewed as property of the parent especially the male head
of the house, which was typical in paganism and slipped into Judaism,
and to a lesser extent Christianity later, you will note that God is not really in
the picture at all in their minds. Whatever lip service is give to God, the gut
level attitude is quite different.

Once you write YHWH out of the picture as the real owner, ownership of
the child even after it is grown, shifts to the parent, who takes God's place,
and is seen have the right to dispose of the lives and persons of your produce, the people you have “created.”

Contrary to the theory that the ownership of other men by men, was made
possible first by the idea of ownership of women by men, and of children
by men, I think it looks more the other way around, and that it started with
women, who considered they owned their children. The bride price probably
started when some female led clans were short of women, they bought women
from other clans. Even now, the function of the bride price, as distinct from
the dowry, is to purchase the reproduction of the girl from her family, so
that her children count to the patrilineage she marries into, and not that of
her own family. In I Chronicles we read of a man in Judah who, lacking a son,
married his Egyptian slave to his daughter, and raised the children to his own
name, and they were listed in the records of Judah as of that tribe.

The women are shown in Genesis as the ones who name their children.
And when Laban uses trickery (backed up by keeping all negotiations with
Jacob secret and him even isolated from the rest of society, always out in
the fields with the sheep and goats, so he can't start comparing notes with
anyone else) and sells his daughters to Jacob, they complain of this later.

They say, that Laban had treated them as strangers, that he had sold them, and
devoured their inheritance.

This is normal behavior for patriarchal or male dominated societies in many
lands even today, far more so and in more lands, in the 1800s and early 1900s.
Wasn't it so then? Why did they complain of routine behavior?

Unless it wasn't routine.

In Genesis 2:18, we see that God's primary purpose for marriage was
companionship and love. It is also stated, “for the reason shall a man leave
his father and his mother, and cleave to his wife [ishah, woman as
individual derivation of ish man as individual] and the two shall be one
flesh.” Note the sequence, leave, cleave, sexual intercourse as an outgrowth
of a growing intimacy and closeness. St. Paul notes in I Corinthians chapter
7 in context of denouncing unchastity in men, that sex makes the two one
body or one flesh, even if done with a prostitute. Sex is such a serious
issue, that in some places it was an impediment to marriage, if the groom
had previously had sex with the proposed bride's sister or mother, as that
would make him a de facto brother or step father, and not just blood but
other relationships figured to make something an incest matter. In the
Mosaic code, a man's father's wife or brother's wife during his lifetime, is
referred to as “his nakedness.” In a situation where no sex occurs outside
of marriage this is easy to keep track of. It gets dicey as casual fornication
becomes commonplace.

But the point here is, that the situation depicted, as God's original plan,
was gynalocal, either the man follows the woman and lives with her, and
she is his ezer neged, his face to face as equal type partner helper, or they
live with her mother. Something similar is depicted in a verse or two of
The Song of Solomon, whose female protagonist is usually the pursuer
and expresses a desire to move him in with her at her mother's home.

There is another phrasing out of Genesis, when Abraham sent to search for a
wife for Isaac, that points to women having more position and independence
or rights on a par with men, than Middle Eastern practices we are used to
hearing about would allow.

It is so slight, you would miss it if you weren't looking for it.

The shift over from matriliny to patriliny, and from eqalitarianism to male
supremacy, was beginning in Laban's time. (Contrary to Gimbutas, who blames
war and meat eating on the Kurgan peoples, who in fact had woman warriors and rulers among them, and contrary to what I call neomatriarchal wannabe radical feminists, male supremacy of the worst sorts was normative, and “the matriarchy” dead in the water, long before Christianity got into the scene.)

Okay, back to the Antediluvian civilization(s) what did it look like?

Sex egalitarian, meaning both sexes were vicious, aggressive, ambitious.
But the curse on Eve was already operational. That curse is threefold.
"I will greatly increase your pain and your conception," this is how the
Hebrew reads, so not only was childbirth made worse, but fertility was
increased. Whatever benefit it may have to man, it is of no benefit to
woman unless very healthy and doesn't start getting pregnant before 25
years old. Probably before The Fall, Eve (who was not called Eve until
much later, back then she was "woman.") only ovulated once or twice
a year, like most animals.

And, "your desire shall be to your husband, and he will rule over you."
This phrasing, someone's desire being to someone or something, has
nothing to do with sex per se. We see it two more times, once referring to
Cain's sin inclination, and warns that sin lurks at the door, "and its desire
is for you and you should rule over it." In The Song of Solomon, the girl
describes the man as his desire being toward her, this phrasing is also
translated as yearning. The Cain thing is kind of odd, that because the sin
nature's yearning is towards him, he can rule over it if he will.

What you yearn toward can control you. Eve like many silly young girls,
whose only thoughts are "will boys like me?" and "will that elite clique
in school who looks down on others like me?" or at least her daughters,
came to yearn after men so that men ruled them by default.

In the Pre Flood civilization, though there was probably technical equality,
you would often find the spectacle of half hypnotized women cowering
yearningly at the feet of some adored inadequate, their lord and master,
not unlike the spectacle in The Stepford Wives.

Slavery probably of abusive sorts, a natural outgrowth of the idea of the
child as the property of the parent because spawned by the parent.

War on a national and personal level. Free wheeling cleverness, lack of
moral inhibition, sexual impurity of all kinds by both sexes probably with
anything human and some things that were not. Fortune telling, black magic,
technologies ranging from normal to encroaching on the paranormal. Every
kind of bribery and corruption. Come to think of it, a pretty modern world.

Cannibalism. Probably hawked in the markets as such. (A comedy horror
movie, Piranha Women of Avocado Jungle of Death comes to mind here, there
were two tribes, both derived from radical separatist feminist movements.
The Piranha Women believed that men should be slaughtered and eaten with
guacamole dip. "And you don't believe in this?" asked the visiting more kindly
inclined feminist anthropologist, of the rival Barracuda Women. "NO! We
believe they should be eaten with clam dip!" and on that difference of opinion
they had been at war for thousands of years, quite an accomplishment since
they both dated from the 1960s at the earliest, and were hiding in avocado
groves outside of San Bernardino.)

But in the pre Flood cultures, women would have been as victimized as much
as men. The Pazyryk (recent antiquity, not pre Flood) burials showed there
were women among the warriors. But the ruler seemed to have been a queen
and shaman, and had the strange pointed hat, that has always been a hallmark
of the wicked witch. Where did that legend, now a child's joke, start? The
cauldron of the witch, full of ghastly stuff, has its precedents among the
Thessalian witches, feared as murderers and rapists, who called down the
moon (an illusion. or perhaps some demon or some really evil UFO people
with telepathic influence skills and powers, whatever, it looked like a moon
like orb that came down. It was where the modern comparatively harmless
"calling down the moon" comes from, but in their time, the Thessalian
witches were illegal, not for being feminists, and not for being pagan, for it
was pagans who opposed them as terribly evil in a way that even most
pagans found inconvenient at least. When Apuleius wrote The Golden Ass he
had to defend himself in court against a charge of being in league with them.

The first witch trial on record is not from the Christian European Middle
Ages, but from Babylonia.)

Back to the Pre Flood culture. Another feature would have been technology.
Fast development of technology untrammeled by any moral sense.

Referring to some imaginative movies, which are educated guesses shall we
say, could help give you a quick idea. In some places, it might have been a Mad
Max kind of environment, in others more like the sci fi regimented space cities of some films.

Alien is a film worth remembering briefly, as a paradigm. Remember the
context in which all that broke loose? A huge supranational multi planet
based corporation, who wanted the xenomorph for its weapons department.
Something that would make the modern multi nationals with their security
forces and de facto semi control over governments, green with envy.

Something that might well become a reality this century.

Something like that would probably have had to have existed back then also,
to get as much done as may have been done, if my scenario is mostly right,
not to mention Dr. Joseph P. Farrell's scenarios, in the Giza Death Star trilogy,
and his research on Nazis and their interest in the sort of technology you get, when you work Maxwell's equations in quarternion, which is more like geometry than it is algebra related, instead of regular notation, and
their post WW II survival and ongoing infiltration and aim for control, and
possible relationship to some modern flying saucers.

The technology that the Pre Flood people would have dealt in, would have
included the world grid, whether it is natural, enhanced or created by
placement of some types of megalithic structure of odd electrochemical
nature I have no idea. If it is natural, and influenceable by such megaliths,
then it probably has something to do in nature with natural deposits of the
sort of stuff that was later used to harness it. Perhaps to position and refine
it. And energy from blood sacrifices could be pumped into it, and could be
drawn on elsewhere.

If we are going to look for Pre Flood remains of civilization, we should look
for two things. First, it should be buried deeply. Without cultivation later,
it would be overgrown, the overgrowth compost naturally and become over
time, layers and layers of dirt, trees, etc.

Though newly discovered buried pyramids are not automatically to be
considered Pre Flood, IF there are any such in existence they will likely only
be found buried.

Second, there should be some evidence of water damage, or water related
dump - fossils, fish, a mud layer, maybe some stratification.

There is one structure that has such features. The Sphinx.

The Sphinx has two relevant features, and a very odd fact that I don't see
anyone but me noticing. (I might be wrong, but so far I have seen no such

  • It shows signs of water wear. There is no question about this. The only
    question is when this occurred. There seems to be a huge buried lake
    under the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx, which last heard from is
    being pumped out. Perhaps the water wear occurred in post Flood
    times, in dynastic Egyptian or pre dynastic Egyptian times, before
    the Nile flowed as it does now, or during some shift in its course
    that was corrected later, naturally or by human work. Perhaps whatever
    feeds that underground lake pumped a lot more water in suddenly and
    for a long time. But it must have been a very long time.

  • It sits on top of a buried building. Egyptian art and modern ground
    penetrating radar make this evident.
    And now for the odd fact.
  • It is the exact reverse of normal Egyptian art of the combined human animal
    form. This is what nobody seems to be noticing. Sure, the Sphinx is
    depicted in Egyptian art, in one case two of them.

Egyptian art always shows, either an animal standing upright, anthropo-
morphic in attitude but fully animal otherwise, or it shows a human body
with an animal or bird head.
The Sphinx, with its human head perched on an animal body, is the
exact reverse.

Let's take it for granted, that by the time of The Flood, mankind had gone
offworld, and either met and contaminated others, or the others we see now
are the result of genetic engineering from days long gone.

Another possible scenario, would be that they are the result of a revival of
such arts, and of more recent origin. But lets assume at least some of these
ETs descend from genetically modified people of those times. Or, genetically
modified animals and insects, to which was added human DNA, and more
added, until a line was crossed, and instead of a smart animal you had
essentially a human with a lot of non human DNA and resulting features.

That would explain everything, including their evident ability to produce
hybrids with us.

A base on Mars can be taken for granted, but I doubt anyone would have made
one on the Moon. Why mess with a near vaccuum, when you can live at a
halfway decent air pressure? For Mars is NOT a near vaccuum. Based on
atmospheric features, and the fact that Mars' pattern of being 2/3 more or less
of everything Earth is, I estimated that it is 2/3 the air pressure of Earth,
back in 1993.

Since then, I have watched the Mars landing in the prank hoax movie,
Alternative 3. Either that bit of film is legitimate, someone slipping it to them
once they knew of the plan to make such a movie, someone who wanted the
truth to leak out, whether on his or her own, or as part of a faction that wanted
this. The producers of that film suddenly found themselves having all kinds
of strange trouble, as if they had stumbled on something that someone didn't
want talked about.

And on the screen reporting conditions in that clip, is air pressure, 703 millibars.
(703 point something to be more precise.) That is a bit more than 2/3 our air

If you want to argue that there is an effort to redirect attention, to facilitate
hiding something in plain sight, it is interesting that since the Viking Project,
there is a change in how air pressure is measured. In the old days, it was
shown as millibars, now it is shown as hectopascals. or just pascals. I am not
saying that that is not a valid mode of measuring in itself. It is also strange,
that pascals (Pa) are a measurement, that is the same reading as millibars,
with the decimal point moved over. This would of course make for plausible
deniability later, if the truth came out, or was released, NASA could blame
a misprint or something, and say it wasn't lying, just confused pascals with
millibars. Which would be of course nonsense, but 40 or 50 years later, it might
be harder to prove. Because if you take a pascal reading, and call it millibars
without moving the decimal point over, you have the reading in millibars
that it actually is. Or most likely is.

Now, if we are going to look for antediluvian evidences on Mars, we are
going to have to look for structures that are above the levels where Mars
once, as NASA now admits, had or most likely had, oceans.

The Face, therefore, might not be antediluvian. It is not in the real lowlands,
but it is not in the highlands either. It is in an intermediate elevation, that might or might not have been underwater in those days. This location on the Internet suggests that it was part of a
waterfront city complex, in which case it may well be Pre Flood. It has a sort of Egyptian looking headgear to it, which might point to Egypt adopting that
headgear from later visitors. This would also be consistent with it having been built
much later, either by people who were influenced by Egyptian culture on Earth,
or by some much more recent people who really had a thing for ancient Egypt. This, as
we all know, is a feature of occultist influenced people from the 1800s to now. But
having looked at how the distribution of The Face and The City is all stricly
above the possible old water line, I would have to go with the idea that it is
Pre Flood, unless there was a time when water was still present but shallower
on the surface, and later drained away underground, or was entirely run into

The pyramids on Mars are almost never (perhaps never) four sided like ours,
but are three sided or five sided. Either this reflects antediluvian style, in
which case we should be on the lookout for such being dug up here, and
assume they are antediluvian, or this is some later independent culture's
doing. Maybe there is something about Earth, that favors four sided pyramids,
but their purpose is defeated on Mars unless three or five sided. Or perhaps
they are the original format, and Earth pyramids just somehow were made
four sided in terms of the four directions. Perhaps this is the result of research
by more recent Earth people, who improved on the Egyptian pyramid, before
they got to Mars.

Back to Noah's Flood. When Noah started making that Ark, someone must
have noticed this odd behavior. Perhaps Noah was told to say nothing to
anyone but his immediate family, who might have blabbed a little anyway.
And maybe Noah was prophesying to everyone and calling on them to
repent. The latter is more likely, since God gives warnings before He sends
judgements. God is the same yesterday, today and forever, so He is more
likely to have told Noah to warn all than not.

The warning might have gone on for some time, then a halt called and Noah
told to go build the boat.

But some who figured that Noah was onto something, and didn't want to
repent, would have tried to outsmart God, just go offworld, wait it out, and
come back when the dust settled. And God in effect said, "Oh, no you DON'T
get away with that!" and swung Mars in close enough to Earth, for tidal forces
to rip the surfaces of both, yank a lot of Mars' water to Earth, and overload both
sets of wierd physics systems, coupled to Earth and Mars magnetic fields,
blowing both systems out, and destroying most of Mars' magnetic field.

In Genesis, The Flood waters come from three sources, the waters of the deep,
the rain, and the waters above the firmament. A dump coming in from Mars,
would certainly look like water from above the firmament. Wouldn't the
water diffuse in space? If the water was coupling to the deranged magnetic
and hyperphysics stuff, it might have held its integrity for a while, leaving
Mars as a column, and arriving on Earth like rain. That would certainly look
to anyone on Earth, like, say, Noah, like "waters from above the firmament."
And frankly, that's exactly what they would be.

If you look at Google Earth, you will see two interesting things.

  • The sea water comes up to "sea level" way past the continental shelf,
    everywhere. It is as if the original sea level was the continental shelf
    itself, where it drops off sharply into deep water, and some more water
    is here now, than was originally. Where did it come from?

  • There is The Grand Canyon in North America, and the colossal Rift
    Valley in Africa. The latter being overgown, it is not so obvious, and runs nearly 3,700 miles from northern Syria to central Mozambique. The
    Grand Canyon, we are told, is the result of millions of years of water
    erosion. Nonsense. Water leaves smooth edges, but the Grand Canyon
    is jagged, and looks like a great catastrophic rip in the Earth. And
    sometimes, things are exactly what they look like.

  • On Mars, there is a similar rip, the Valles Marineris, which is the length of
    the entire continental United States.

It has been noted, that there are indications that something like lightning
or an electric arc, carved some things on Mars and the Moon. This didn't
necessarily happen all at the same time, but would fit this picture also.

The survivors on Mars may have after a few decades, pieced some stuff back
together and gone farther away. Perhaps the non human looking, and even
mentally different genetically engineered people felt more at home elsewhere

There being no indications of a wholesale re-establishment of the Pre Flood
civilization, any return must have been minor, a few instances and few
people. That this might incl. reptillian appearing sorts, is indicated by some
strange artifacts from Ugarit.

If nothing obviously human seeming survived on Mars, or were killed later
in a rebellion, it would probably have not been that welcome on Earth. Maybe
the remaining humans and mostly human looking who survived the disaster
and rebellion were dumped back here, most of them lacking the skills due
to compartmentalization, and the materials to recreate what they had. Their
presence, however, would provide more population elements and faster
growth than Noah and his sons and grandchildren could produce, in the time
needed for cities to develop so soon after The Flood.

Of course, if you tweak the begats to being vastly longer than stated, you
might put The Flood back to c. 5,000 BC and Creation to c. 10,000 BC.

On the other hand, the Jewish calendar has us in year 5771, counting from
Creation. It may be this was an error, for the new creation after The Flood,
which if more or less accurate, would place The Flood c. 3,770 BC.

Another major breakwater, that might have started that clock ticking, could
have been the division of the Earth in Peleg's time. Or, it might refer to the
birth of Eber, the father of all Hebrews and some others besides. If so, then
The Flood would be still earlier.

Meanwhile, back on Mars.....

After the disaster, there would have been two populations, the strictly and
almost humans, and the modified humans. The latter would have had
reptillian and insectoid DNA probably influencing their minds, social patterns
and even reproductive styles.

One abductee, during a mass processing, was asked about her caesarian section
scar. On explaining, the alien grey said or thought to her, "WE don't do it like
THAT!" I forget where I read this.

But how do they get those big heads through those small hips? Maybe they
don't. Two possibilities suggest themselves. One, that the child is born very
small and the head ditto, and the growth to the usual proportions occurs
later. Another, that they lay eggs.

But yet another, would be the marsupial option. A marsupial baby is really
an embryo when it crawls out of the womb, and into the pouch. Some species
do not even have a permanent pouch, but develop one by compression of
some muscles on the belly when pregnant, and keep it as long as needed.

The Australian Bushmen honor something called the Wanjina, who had
power over weather. They look exactly like greys. Though marsupials exist
here and there outside Australia, mainly the oppossum, which rat like has
apparently hitched rides world wide, they are concentrated in Australia, the
only place such a concentration of greyskin like creatures in art occurs.

Perhaps at one point, after the division of the Earth, Australia was home to
a colony of Greys, presumably from Mars, who collected what was left of
marsupial life, and concentrated it in Australia. Perhaps they brought
marsupial life to Earth in the first place. The colony failed for some reason, the
zoo broke loose, and the Wandjina left for places unknown.

A scenario not unlike this could happen in California, should a catastrophe
destroy a lot of buildings and things. Africa USA and some other zoos, if
the occupants survived, well, you'd have a complete African eco system
complete with large predators busting loose and establishing itself in central

Pyramid in australia. Though it is dismissed as the work of some farmer, this
site describes the recycling of its precut rocks for building for the Gympie
Gold Rush people, which apparently reduced it to the point, that it could be
dismissed later as merely recent. Also at this site are some strange rock
carvings of crocodillians, which were removed by authorities.

The present Aborigine population, shows three features. They were totally
incapable of such building and lacked the organization, skills and inclination
to do such. They are, however, perfectly able to learn and apply and teach the
skills of modern technology. There is no question they could in the past have
done anything any humans did elsewhere. They were just totally run down
into primitive status by the time Europeans got there. They are also, often
enough to see in photos of pure Aborigines, of somewhat Neanderthal
features. Their skins are black, but their hair though it can be curly is not
really African.

The Wandjina do not look strong enough to build pyramids, unusual
levitating technology aside. Work gangs of humans, either conned into
thinking the Wandjina were gods, or for other reasons, could have done this.
(Egyptian art shows work gangs hauling a huge statue, and circling ramps,
now interior but once exterior, show how the Great Pyramid could have
been built bit by bit. That doesn't rule out levitation to help lighten the rocks
not to mention transport, load onto some carrier and unload, then use rollers
to get them to the pyramid itself.)

When the Wandjina base collapsed for whatever reason, or was abandoned,
the humans (probably kept in ignorance of anything they didn't need to
know, and without skills they didn't need to have, from the Wandjina
perspective) became primitives. Marsupials ran amok all over the
Australian mini continent and nearby islands.

Perhaps since the Wandjina are thought to have (or had) power over weather,
there was a deal with agrarians, to make and keep the place productive, and
once the Wandjina left, that technology left with them. A cargo cult is all that

in Ugarit, a different type of alien is evident, This is the reptillian
type, or reptoid. This may be a hybrid, as it appears to be a female with breasts
and an infant. Another possibility, is that the breasts were added for public
consumption, and in fact the infant is fed by vomiting up predigested food,
a practice of penguins and some mammals.

There seems to be a three sided pyramid, overgrown so assumed to be natural,
A wizard once lived there, treasure rumored to be there, and paranormal
events reported and association with Vlach (later merged to the ethnic Serbs)
black magic. Maybe this represents some reconnection with some evil sorts
of ETs. Determining the date it occurs in legends, whether it was there when
the Vlachs arrived or predate them, could go far to putting a date on some
Martian activities, since their pyramids are mostly three-sided.