Friday, April 29, 2011

John Judge on 9-11

John Judge is a respected conspiracy researcher, one of the "Brussel Sprouts," students of
Mae Brussel who first alerted the world to the peculiar relationships surrounding the
Kennedy Assassination. Peter Dale Scott's deep politics concept and many others we know
today, owe a lot to her.

Mr. Judge was slandered and reviled by Dave Emory, when it became evident that Judge,
not Emory, would inherit and manage Ms. Brussel's files and the planned museum in Santa
Cruz, after her death. Thanks to the sore loser Emory, that project failed. I maintain a link
to Emory's information and sources because they are mostly useful, but I don't endorse
his policies for lack of a better word. Unfortunately, the 9-11 cover-upper hijacked
9-11 truther movement, seems to have gotten credibility with her sprouts over at the
Mae Brussel web site, since the absurd (Rumsfeld originated) effort to deny any planes
hit the towers is over there. Supposed analysis of videos showing fraud, etc. if any
fraud exists, it is in the doctoring of videos to make them look phony. I SAW the
second plane hit, live feed on TV when it happened.

here is a critical part of his report on the 9-11 WTC and Pentagon attack.

"Second, I was convinced I had lost a dear friend and fellow assassination researcher that day, who was a regular flight attendant on Flight 77 from Dulles to LAX. Thankfully, she was home with her ailing father and was not killed. She was taken with other ground crew and attendants who worked that route to see the damage at the Pentagon, and she recognized parts of the plane she had flown so often.
There was rubble and remains despite your claims. She was shown autopsy photos of her fellow crew members, including the severed arm of her best friend at work, which she recognized from the bracelet she wore.
Third, others who expound on this idea that the plane did too little damage to the building may not realize that the fuel is in the wings, and that they disintegrated on contact, while spreading the fireball that burned the fuel, the building and the plane. They may not recall that part of the purpose of rebuilding that side of the Pentagon, which they had been doing quite visibly for almost 4 years, was to reinforce it against just such an attack, and there is a clearly visible difference in the level of destruction done on either side of that reinforced section."

Monday, April 25, 2011

UFO or sprite or something close observer of Japanese tsunami

watch this video, you won't catch it at first, then they zero in on this thing,
it is white, elongated, and seems to jump from roof to roof, either hovering
or landing. an alien? a local spirit of some sort evicted from its home by
the wave or trying to retain location to a land point the house was on?


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Is Japan Sinking?

on YouTube if you put japan sinking in to the search bar, you will
find some very persuasive arguments to this effect.

there is a strange prophecy by joe brandt, a set of dreams or visions
he had in 1937, which he only told in the 1960s. in those days,
men sometimes wore beards, but the thing that would have got his
attention in the 1930s would have been long hair. There were no
long haired men in his view of Los Angeles in the future. Men
wore beards, and earrings. women were wearing short skirts, and
there were lots of little cars that made no noise, electric vehicles
I guess.

Well, everything west of the San Andreas went into the ocean,
a kind of tilting subsidence, started at 3:50 pm on a sunny day
that felt like early spring, and was over by 4:29 pm same day.

some versions of the vision on the web, are slightly contracted,
and leave out a few details, but the long version at this link
includes the following information: that about three months before
this, Japan sank or subsided, collapsed, whatever, into the ocean,
and there was a volcano blowing up in Venezuela and/or Columbia.

So, folks, in Japan, maybe you should start looking into relocation,
or into having lots of boats and flotation, and pray to Jesus Christ
that there be land bridges upheaved you might be able to escape

and folks in California, if all or any huge amount of Japan slides
under water, and this is not implausible given the seismic features
and being at the edge of tectonic plates, and maybe crustal displacement
is beginning, and a volcano goes off in Venezuela, a big one, then
you got three months or less to get away from the coast.

Something Else To Worry About

Peak Phosphorous, or phosphates extracted from phosphate rock, will hit us
about the same time as Peak Oil. (Abiotic oil, if real, isn't replenishing fast
enough and demand is only going to increase, so abiotic or fossil, it still means
we face Peak Oil.) Phosphate is essential to fertilizers, and the price has gone
up already in AD 2008.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dr. Michio Kaku Interview

"AMY GOODMAN: No private corporation could even build a nuclear power plant: you have to have the taxpayers footing the bill.

DR. MICHIO KAKU: You have to have what is called the Price-Anderson Act, having the United States government guarantee the insurance. Nobody will guarantee—nobody will sell an insurance policy for a nuclear power plant, because who can afford a $200 billion accident? That’s why the United States government has underwritten the insurance for every nuclear power plant. So the Price-Anderson Act is an act of Congress that mandates the U.S. government, the taxpayers, will underwrite the insurance, because nuclear power stations are not insurable."

That last bit should tell you something right there. The insurance companies are
expert at calculating risk, and none of them will touch a nuclear power station with
a ten foot pole.

Monday, April 4, 2011

How the Scripture gets subtly misquoted

I received an email, from a Christian organization that helps the
poor, and which does NOT support the gay agenda. However,
in citing reasons to be concerned for the poor, this was said:

In a message dated 4/3/2011 1:07:42 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, writes:
The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, as another example, is often attributed 
to the blatant practice of homosexuality; however, God clearly links His wrath
toward them to their lack of concern for the poor (Ezekiel 16:49).

This is commonly stated by gay "Christians" who are arguing
that God does not have a bias against homosexual erotic activity.
It was not being used for this purpose, I repeat, this organization
was focussing on the sin of depriving the poor or not helping
them, but had accidentally slipped into some quote they had
picked up somewhere without thinking and checking carefully.
I am sure they reject homosexual acting out and use other
Scripture verses to do so, aside from common sense.

But I recognized this immediately.

To which I answered,

"This is not quite correct, what you mention is only part of it,
and led up to the abomination they committed that was then the
cause of their destruction.

"Never forget context, or accept without checking surrounding
verses, something handed you by someone affected by modern
thinking incl. gay agenda that often likewise misquotes this.

"Here is the whole passage, Ezekiel 16:49 AND 50

""Look, this was the iniquity of your sistem Sodom: she and her
daughter had pride, fulness of food, and abundance of idleness;
neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy.

""And they were haughty AND COMMITTED ABOMINATION
BEFORE ME; THEREFORE I took them away as I saw fit."

"That second passage shows that all their sins led up to this, the
last straw so to speak, which resulted in God's judgement on them."

Sunday, April 3, 2011

What is Consciousness? yet again.

"According to GWT, unconscious processing - the gathering and processing of sights and sounds, for example, is carried out by different, autonomous brain regions working in parallel. We only become conscious of information when it is deemed important enough to be "broadcast" to the global workspace, an assembly of connected neurons that span the brain. We experience this broadcast as consciousness, and it allows information to be shared across different brain regions and acted upon."

erm, no. we may experience this as consciousness, but consciousness at some point is the
thing driving the rest of it and making the choices and categorizations about what is important
and what isn't.