Monday, August 23, 2010

St. Gregory Palamas comments on St. Demetrios

"In his homily on St. Demetrios the divine Gregory puts in relief the
chastity of his body and soul. He lived in general chastity even though
he was the highest officer in the Roman army.
According to St. Gregory Palamas, St. Demetrios was graced with
splendid prophetic power and was counted worthy of "the apostolic and
teaching diaconate and a high position". He was full of virtues and was
not inferior to the saints in asceticism "and in their radiance of life". But
he was behind some, was like others; superior to some and surpassing
others. He possessed many gifts.
The warfare which St. Demetrios waged within his heart was
comparable to the warfare of the great ascetics. He kept his nous pure of
any unseemly thought, protecting the immaculate Grace of holy
Baptism, had a will that harmonised with God's law "like a book of God
and a tablet and plaque engraved by God or a writing tablet written by
the finger of God and placed before all for the common use". In this way
St. Demetrios was chaste in both body and soul. He had his citizenship
in heaven and walked on an equal footing with the angels, having a body
as well. So St. Demetrios seems to have had an angelic life and
from St. Gregory Palamas as a Hagiorite by Met.ropolitan Hierotheos
of Nafpaktos

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