Wednesday, December 18, 2013

typical out of date patriot thinking - still fighting the last hypothetical war October/November 2013      Columns, Interviews and Research

recites a collection of prophecies that has world war and eventual Russian
defeat  "As a result of this, a counter-revolution breaks out in Russia 
followed by mass slaughter. According to one respected seer, the 
communist leaders in Russia will commit suicide."

none of this ever happened. The writer draws indiscriminately from 
prophecies Christian and non Christian and the former incl. dubious

Communism does not rule Russia any more, and probably never will
again. The fall of communism resulted in terrible suffering for those
who used to wait in line for bread and meat, and these were 
available because distribution was ordered per need to be there,
even if not very well done, not by market alone, while after that
for a long time these things were not to be found, wait in line or
not. One report had a truckload of sausages dumped by the road
because not of free market value to the dumpers.

In Communism and in its fall, people survived for two reasons. 

1. no one owned the houses or apartments, bad as they were, to
kick people out to freeze without shelter in the Russian winters.

2. private veggie gardens. and probably some backyard chickens.
of course, this wouldn't apply in the apartments in the cities.

The people were demanding a return of Communism, until Vladimir
Putin took over, brought the corrupt bloodthirsty oligarchs to heel
or drove them out, and provided the strong government the Russians
were comfortable with but without Communism.

Presently there are dubious ethno pagan traditionalist mystic 
panslavist types who have his ear to some extent. "National Bolshevism,"
which had its start as far I as can tell (I might be wrong, but this is
where I first heard of it) among satanist elements in San Francisco in 
the 1980s is more likely to be the major competition for power with
normal Russian government now, not communism.

Our elites want WW 3 and have been digging in in bunkers for decades
in preparation for this, to come out and rule the mess afterwards.

(sounds a bit like charles manson's scenario, doesn't it? in his case 
a race war resulting in white loss, black incompetence because 
allegedly inferior and unable to rule or manage anything, and then in
their desperation they would accept manson's rule over them when
he and his crew came out of underground hiding in the desert to 
solve their problems. Sounds like he and the elites were drinking from
the same poisoned well, and a social convergence of exactly such
a mix of people is well known in southern CA especially the Hollywood

Our elites have been doing their best to irritate Russia and break up
the "reset" we had with them.