Tuesday, July 2, 2013

America in Prophecy? maybe. excursus on Daniel's vision of four beasts.

Examining a good case for Jerusalem being the end times Babylon, and Daniel chapter7 and Antipasministeries.com excellent evaluation of USA run by shadow govt. of elites as Babylon, I conclude the following. 
1. USA doesn't have to be THE Babylon of Revelation to be acting a whole lot like it, enough to draw down divine wrath. Antipas Ministeries evaluation therefore may be substantially correct in pragmatic terms for now. 
2. Daniel speaks of 3 beasts, then a fourth. one is a lion with wings, who loses his wings and stands upright like a man "and a man's heart was given to it." Since Daniel's visions were often for the latter days, we should look at symbolic relevance to now incl. location of animals described. (Daniel is told later by an angel, that is the latter days knowledge would greatly increase and men would run to and fro, sounds like the past 300 or 400 years especially the past 200. So these are latter days, but not the end yet.)

Britain is often associated with a lion, and USA is its child and long an ally and the starting point for modern known flight. commercial, military, space. even working on TAVs, transatmospheric vehicles, which can go up into orbit, lower to attack and return to orbit. google Richard Dolan for the possibility of a breakaway civilization.

So USA and Britain and the whole NATO scene will get taken down, lose the air superiority, etc. The change of a lion into a man is a lessening in power, but an increase in spiritual (biblical not New Age sense) quality, because now it is like made in the image of God. The heart is not emotions, but the deep part of the mind.

So there is a loss of worldly power, but repentance, and they no longer host the
evil even satanic elites and Nazi parasite or admire and seek to be like it.

The next beast is a bear, raised up on one side, 3 ribs in its mouth. Bear would relate to Russia. It will become the world power in Asia in general outside of China's sphere of influence and most of Europe likely.
Probably be involved in wars in the Middle East.

The next one is a leopard with FOUR wings and FOUR heads. the habitat of the leopard
is Asia, Far East, China and Africa, mostly subsaharan, the north african populations being scanty. The most likely player to attain to such power is China, positioning itself to do exactly that. Four wings - commercial, military, local space, and far exploration space perhaps? colonizing Mars? and beyond?

There are no leopards in South America, but the jaguar strongly resembles a leopard, and its range used
to include the American southwest.

the four heads might relate to four general centers of its power, China, Iran, part of Africa and part of South America and/or Mexico. This scenario fits its actual positioning now, though Iran is dubious but it is ready with Pakistan and Russia to support Iran in the even of it being attacked.

The fourth beast has ten horns, and is something unlike anything Daniel has seen
before, he cannot describe it in terms of a known predator. At this point, go read 
Revelation for more information. It apparently tramples and destroys all the foregoing
and gives rise to the antichrist.

This scenario makes the most sense in terms of both Scripture and what has been going on lately.

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