Friday, December 23, 2011

The Supposed Horrible Plan Secret Document

I have skimmed through the document linked on Alex Jones' site and
real-agenda that supposedly shows how FEMA is going to classify
the American public as the enemy, and I don't see any sign of this sort
of thing. Keeping order in a disaster situation is not treating the
American public as the enemy, except that segment that consists of
individuals and gangs of all races, that is the enemy to the American
public whenever it can be.

What are these people screaming about? This is mostly just a typical
government job description and contract seeking stuff, boring, and
all it shows is they expect something major enough to get ready.

This seems silly to me. The Constitution specifies action against
sedition and public disorder. What is the problem? (The problem
in part is that these people don't read the Constitution that carefully,
and don't want anyone telling them what to do, and guess what,
most of what some object to like taxes and driver's licenses and
stuff like that, is what they would eventually have to get around to
doing, should they create or get the chaos they want and install
themselves in power, and then have to reinvent the wheel, after
enough deaths on the road and from disease and whatnot, situations
that brought these laws on in the first place, and enough people
notice the pro active safety laws in the Bible that validate safety
laws and certification of competence to operate vehicles, use
weapons, etc.


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  1. People also don't read the bible...
    maybe that would help.