Saturday, December 3, 2011

Intelligent Design and God Man and ET

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This is essentially the position of Lloyd Pye's Intervention Theory, and to sum it up, we are the product of
experiments by intelligent life from elsewhere.

Now, granted, evidence for ID is also evidence for IT (Intervention
Theory in any of its forms).

But that ignores an important thing. Where did ET come from?
Even if you argue that the creation of mankind on the sixth day
is stated so singly from the rest of it, instead of starting it with
God saying life incl. something made in His image and likeness
should come out of the ground, but instead He does that and
then makes a special move with mankind, that this is a telescoping
of events in which He used ET to make us, even IF you argue
that, or, that whatever the original human was it is now altered
by the ET intervention, perhaps part of the curse on Eve played
out perhaps not in her life but later, that birthing would be
more difficult, so the larger head is part of that, and oops, the
(maybe marsupial) greyskins decided they wanted us to look
large headed like them somewhat, was something God allowed
as part of this curse,

even IF you argue all this, you still have no solution to the
origin of life itself, let alone nonsentient matter throughout
the universe.

So its back to God. meanwhile, the interesting stuff these
intervention theorists find should not be ignored or
condemned, but fit it into the creationist model, whether
young earth, old earth, or midrange earth.


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