Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mayan calendar doesn't say anything about an end of the world,
just that the calendar ends in 2012 and restarts.

Which of course means that whatever catastrophe might happen,
involving nibiru, has nothing to do with this, and probably won't
happen in 2012. My best guess, and even that of Marshall
Masters (dupe of the Kolbrin Bible fraud an obvious 19th
century philosophical scam to judge by the content), is that at
minimum it won't hit till 2013.

Jacco Van der Woorp on Masters' research crew, has somehow
concluded that Nibiru was parallel (since below the ecliptic) to
Jupiter I think it was (or Saturn?) in 2009. My guess is, it is not
what pulls Uranus and Neptune down a bit, that is probably
something else out there in a permanent distant relationship to
the sun, maybe they orbit a shared center of gravity or something
like that, and this thing is either a new capture or does an orbit
around the sun and the other thing, otherwise we'd see it more

An earlier post regarding the disaster in AD 536, this is now
complicated by the fact that this was also the time of Justinian's
Plague, and flying bronze shields were seen, and dark cloaked
people also.

In the Middle Ages at the time of the Black Death, hooded
cloaked figures were seen in fields, with long sticks making
reaping motions, but not cutting the wheat. The Grim Reaper
dates from these, which one interesting video suggests were aliens
spraying a pathogen.

The c. 200 BC splatter of asteroids across northern Europe
and Russia still remain as a definite celestial event, however,
like we went through something's debris field.

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