Sunday, December 25, 2011

Confirmation of a theory of mine about disguised spacecraft

This story relates to a meteor crash that really tore up the ground,
in 1865 or 1864 not sure what they mean by "last September."

when the trapper who relate story saw the thing, he described it
as a stone, that had compartments, a dark liquid, and hieroglyphics.

readers may recall that I speculated that some asteroids out there
are space bases either hollowed out and presumabley reinforced
and equipped asteroids or more likely bult from the ground up
so to speak, with an exterior that is somewhat self repairing or
the internal layers are, and the exterior will take impacts and not
transfer the force to the interior. This material would naturally
resemble an irregular rocky surface, and perhaps might be
deliberately made to look this way for reasons of disguise.

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