Thursday, December 29, 2011

I KNEW IT! The UFO "Majestic" documents fake, but......

This article shows reasons to dismiss the whole Majestic or MJ12
story, or at least the documents that are involved.

Another reason to reject them, is that Robert and/or Ryan Wood,
the recipients of the ton of extra MJ12 files, submitted them to, of
all people, Michael Aquino ex of the Army, for evaluation as a
psychological warfare expert.

Aren't there other psywar experts available? Why this guy?
(Google temple of set and presidio if you want to know more
about him.)

Aquino's conclusion was that they were not a product of a psyop.

And if that sonofabitch satanist closet nazi says they are not
a product of a psyop, then they are the product of a psyop of some

I have concluded some time ago that these documents were
at least dubious, but represented an effort to redirect attention
off something real. Disinformation functions primarily to
either put you on a wrong trail, or off a right trail you were on,
and usually consists of a lot of truth.

At the time the papers came out, all parties listed were dead. There
was no indication of any provision for continuation of the group
into another generation of replacements. IF such a group had
existed, this is exactly the impression you would want people
to have.

One name that would fit the profile of an MJ12 member, was
not on that list - Clyde Tombaugh, who was still alive when
they were published, who had discovered The Black Knight
humongous satellite in a polar orbit in the late 1950s when
no one had the ability to put anything that large in orbit, and
no one had the ability to anything into a polar orbit.

When Tombaugh did die, in Las Crusces, NM, his widow
said government people came and took all his papers.

I think we can safely assume that the new papers, which do
as I recall mention provision for continuing the organization,
will only serve to put researchers on wrong tracks trying
to investigate, contact and harass the alleged members, and
nose around in all the wrong stuff, while any actual replacers
go unnoticed.

This study Heiser describes, leaves The Twining Memo as
legitimate, which oddly enough in Sept. 23 AD 1947,
complains of "The lack of physical evidence in the shape 
of crash recovered exhibits which would undeniably 
prove the existence of these subjects."

Since the Roswell wreckage was taken to Wright Patterson,
perhaps something was going on even then that was off the
official radar, and the public announcement of the weather
balloon story was as much to deceive superiors in the normal
chain of command as anyone else.

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