Saturday, December 3, 2011

"The Religious Right claims, and their secular allies in the corporate elite similarly believe, that capitalism is God's ordained economic system for this world - almost as if Adam Smith, David Ricardo, and Thomas Malthus were Biblical figures on a par with Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Nehemiah, and so forth; and that the system they devised - i.e., capitalism - finds its origins in the Bible and should be adhered to with as much ardor and ebullience as one would adhere to the injunctions of Holy Writ."


  1. Hi Christine, this is tony, in VT. say, do you see the NWO as an american construct or an illuminati/freemasonry construct? do you see the zionist infiltrated catholic church as part of a power elite, orchestrating...or a theosophical society at work on their plan [occult, new age] plan, to usher in a world teacher...antichrist. i mean arent we talking bout a global beast world leader ruling from jerusalem??? a revived roman empire. lets define the beast/ n the harlot/ n the mark.... also, have you seen barbara aho's work on you tube; the merovingian conspiracy/ and her web site articles. Let us reason together. In Jesus holy name,..blessings to you,...godspeed.

  2. i think the key concept is infiltration. There is a given thing, and then there is the co-opting of it whether by infiltration or by persuading it there is so much in common they should suspend opposition to the contrary because of something or other.
    whether the beast is a revived roman empire or not is another matter. I don't put much stock in the rash of theories, they all ASSUME we are in the end times but frankly the correlations between America or at least New York and the harlot give me pause. Anything can be a dry run or a minor version as distinct from the final version itself.
    That said, all these concerns have merit just in terms of opposing evil. i tend to reserve judgement. we know what to avoid and not to do,
    and not to worship, regardless of whether it is THE antichrist or some other false god.

  3. have you read this I think also
    that Shearer's take on the illuminati is dead
    wrong. sure it is often paired with antisemitism, and frankly the first to denounce it were no friends of democracy of any kind. all things need to be read with caution. An interesting book is To Eliminate The Opiate by rabbi Felix Antelman, which now has a second volume out, haven't read that yet, which details the depredations of the Frankist Jewish
    heretics who were enemies of non Frankist Jews.