Monday, December 26, 2011

Pyramid energy - hmmmmm....

Reviewing various speculations presented as absolute
fact, regarding pyramid energy and the world grid and
ley lines, a recurring theme is that these were used -
when functional - to get energy for communications
and such like modern purposes. Anachronistic thinking
of the sort that reads modern motivations into the past.

The past was characterized by elites ruling the masses,
often with deception and lies and false miracles. Various
pagan temples had "gods" that moved and spoke, and
after the Christian takeover and demolition of such,
the mechanical devices inside these idols were found
and displayed.

Sure, these things were just puppets and crude robots.
Things that today are mere toys and work tools. But in
those days, no one knew about this but a very few, who
used the information and technology to keep the
masses cowed with awe of the priesthoods.

Whatever communications were in play, it was elite to
elite, not for the common man or even for the merchants
and so forth. It was strictly to promote the power and
status of a very few. Probably not even most kings knew
of this.

It was a major scam. Sure, technology advanced for the
time, but used for evil. Long ago looking at a display and
plaque with lecture on it, in The Rosicrucian Egyptian
Museum in San Jose, CA, I noticed this angle, the wise
elite few ruling the masses.

The Rosicrucians and others now recruit, by offering
this knowledge (usually cobbled together from various
sources and presented as Egyptian or whatever), once
reserved to the few to those among the many who will
pay out to get it, appealing to pride, ambition, greed,
power and status lust even if only to be experienced
as one who secretly knows,  and has a secret status
his neighbors don't know about, so he can secretly feel
superior, however pragmatically inferior, idiotic and
generally unemployable he may be. A ludicrous picture
of this is presented by one writer on the subject, an
incompetent slob growing poorer for the money paid
out for sloppy information and promotion with special
titles and stuff, who feels superior to the neighbors
while they look askance at him, a mess.

So in all liklihood, this technology in "Atlantean"
times or pre Flood civilization, whatever practical use
it might have been put to, was primarily in play to keep
people impressed with lying signs and wonders and
false miracles to keep the pagan cults going.

That doesn't mean this harnessing of energy is demonic
in nature, but it does mean it has a bad pedigree,
nothing to be in awe of, any more than you grovel in
awe at the sight of a battery and wires making a light
bulb glow. Though you might wisely grovel in awe
of the Creator YHWH Who made such things possible
and gave us the brains and skills to find it.

But be careful of Tesla. However well intentioned, he
seems to have been under some kind of influence at
times, and some of his stuff is primarily good for figuring
out how to blow yourself up and take a lot of people
with you. Usually this is in the patents you don't hear
much about. HAARP technology is based on several of
his patents, for instance.

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