Monday, February 1, 2016

another post from Cumbey's site on aliens

some people there accused me of being new age because I think there is life on Mars. an argument as usual ensued. The people in particular are hostile to anything resembling Roman Catholicism i.e., Eastern Orthodoxy. (I do not claim to present the official Orthodox position on aliens, there aren't many of us who deal with the matter and some have the opinion this is a demonic phenomenon. I think it is sometimes demonic sometimes physical.)
sci-fi is not my concern, neither is channeled stuff I am only concerned with sightings of craft (some of which may be of earth weird physics origin) and alien abduction (much of which needs no hypnosis to recover) and physical trace evidence.
Its there. Something is going on, partly demonic partly physical.

Women have turned up pregnant some should not have pregnant. At three months, all of a sudden no baby, no indication of miscarriage (no blood or anything), and it is dismissed as an hysterical (false) pregnancy except.....some were ultra sounded and showed a baby. In one case it was very strange looking baby. An investigator took the ultrasound results, without saying what this was about, to medical experts who couldn't make any sense of what they were looking at. That baby of course was taken in an abduction after the previous abduction where she was impregnated. And brought to term in an artificial womb. Apparently the embryo stage needs a regular womb but can manage after a certain point in an artificial one.

People who have seen these report they are suspended in a green nutrient gel.

Back in the 1970s, some doctor saved an extreme premature infant, by placing it on a gel instead of a normal mattress the incubators usually use. I lost the article. The baby survived. The technique was unusual then and I don't hear of it now, if anyone has heard, please tell me. WHERE DID HE GET THE IDEA? maybe he was an abductee also.

These people are up to something and it is NOT going to be good for us. I recommend reading Dr. David Jacobs (of Temple University) books Secret Life, and The Threat and I think the third title is something like They Walk Among Us. you can get the gist of all this on youtube where there are interviews with him.

On separate occasions, two greys and a reptoid told humans that their people were originally from here. That is not where I got my scenario from, I put that together using Bible implications and limits imposed on technical possibilities and reports, then remembered the things I read later.

In Ubaid art there are three reptilian looking humanoids, like nothing Mesopotamian art produced elsewhere, and NOT like anything you see anywhere else like Aztec or anything. little statues.

ancient aliens is total fraud. they didn't make us we made them. they didn't teach us anything we didn't teach them and then forgot. most human invention and building was strictly human from earth.

there is a big propaganda game on and I suspect the rewilding part of Agenda 21 is to facilitate alien colonies where no one will know of it. Most like 99.99% of Agenda 21 pushers know nothing, even most at the top. But someone does.

And some of these aliens are cannibalistic.

A real cue is the description of the boss level aliens, the "praying mantis" types. They don't have six "legs" that is they don't have four arms and two legs or vice versa.

They have one pair of arms, and one pair of legs.

That tells me they were once human.
Blogger demons don't get you pregnant. demons don't bleed when cut in half by a sword.

demons are involved, yes, some abductions are by them some are by physical beings.

DARPA (your tax dollars at work for you) is already working on finding contractors to alter human DNA with animal DNA for various super soldier purposes. If we can think of this now, think it couldn't have happened before?


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  2. electronically - presupposes everything would operate like we do using subliminal radio. even so, some strange things have been noticed. and a burst packet transmission would pass for noise. it is one of the transmission tactics used first to evade notice by counterintelligence among humans, and secondly for pragmatic reasons later.

    SETI is a waste of time.

    optically - actually a lot has been seen but explained away, lied about, or ignored. Some machine that looks like a huge boulder leaving tracks like from a tractor as it moved UPHILL up the side of a crater was photographed on the moon. MArs is loaded with things that look like wreckage and sharp square shaped openings to somewhere.

    In the 1950s an astronomer noticed optical characteristics of light from Mars consistent with red chlorophyll type plants.

    anomalous lights and structures like a bridge or arch for whatever purpose were noticed on the moon from the 1600s including a BLINKING light.

    that's just the tip of this iceberg.

  3. subliminal should have been spelled subluminal as in below or at speed of light.

  4. I think the advantage to the theory I present of alien origins, is that not only can you fit them into the most extreme fundamentalist creationist view of the Bible, but you do not have to limit the issue to angel DNA raising the question of what if they have none how do you reconcile that with the Bible in Genesis 6? you can detach this from "giants" per se and indeed the typical hybrid observed by abductees is NOT a giant and first generation children are pathetic.

    This also fits aliens into the very possible scenario of God not having made intelligent life elsewhere only on Earth, but, in this alien origin scenario, they were engineered by humans on earth from humans and animals on earth, and sent elsewhere with some human supervision to work on Mars or wherever for whatever purposes.

    AND MOST IMPORTANTLY you undermine any crazy notion that someone who might have alien ancestry is not savable, doesn't have a soul, etc.

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  6. I don't ascribe anything to you. I am addressing the idea, which is out there, it has been expressed several times on some forums. There are those who have been labeled alien hybrid or nephilim hybrid because of autism or something odd about them and at least one small group was interesting in hunting down and killing any such.

    I said "any crazy notion" not "your crazy notion" didn't I?

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  8. "you [who use this scenario] undermine." you plural you in general. English can be such an imprecise drag.

    "Where do you get the notion that life in the universe originated on earth, from Adam? If not Adam then how?
    Is your theory Biblical? "

    that God made no creation of liveable and inhabited conditions no intelligent life at least maybe no life at all is the perspective of a lot of Christians. This is said to be biblical because God does not state He made additional creation outside what was stipulated. (the stars however are known to have large partners and maybe some smaller ones.)

    however, the lack of something in the Bible isn't proof against it, since the Bible is primarily about the Fall and sin and salvation.

    To accommodate this God didn't create life elsewhere idea I am willing to say, okay, it is possible in the biblical framework that He didn't. He might have, but there is no proof one way or another.

    So if you adapt Genesis 6 to be about putative not literal parentage, especially since it says there were giants there before the angels mated with women, you can have genetic manipulation with the angels major players in this. The nephilim nonsense sees this as the reason for the Flood, not sin in general, and Noah saved because he was of pure human blood which is ridiculous.

    They may be onto something but it isn't what they think it is.

    Actually no one is of pure human blood and nothing is pure anything. there are potato genes in human, a duplicates for ape and for other things. search "lateral inheritance."

    Yes there is a paranormal angle to UFOs as I said, some are demonic, some are physical. many UFOs have been visible to everyone around and turned up on radar. crash retrieval stories are all over the world, not just Roswell.

    No, it is clear that whatever chance the devil had he refused. Revelation shows him going finally into the lake of fire forever. If there is any hope for any demons, that is not for us to get involved in. that is for God and the angels to deal with not us. we are to witness to flesh and blood.

    REv. 5:13 shows all kinds of critters praising God, Romans in talking about all creation waiting for the second coming or manifestation of the sons of God so all this adds up to non human critters having a relationship of eternal life with God, like Jesus said not even a sparrow falls to the ground (dies) without The Father. He is with them. Their salvation (assuming they need it and are fallen, probably a bit fallen) is more assured than ours.

    that being the case, some product of genetic engineering mixing human and animal DNA is not thereby automatically out of the Kingdom of Heaven on that account.

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    2. the motive for angelic fornication was never in any biblical or extrabiblical document claimed to be anything but lust. bloodline was only introduced by people already exposed to such thinking with a racial bias made respectable by shifting to some other kind of contamination (which shift began with the idea that non white characteristics indicated demonic blood presence you find this in some writers now in the lunatic fringe but this sort of thing was once respectable, family bloodlines exalted as sacred when they were just the product of either God's grace on some dirtbag segment of the overall dirtbag scene, or accident plus ruthlessness. the mystique of royal or at least noble blood a mystique created to validate inheritance of titles once held and passed only to the son (or daughter occasionally) who could deliver the military goods to the king, and if not to someone NOT related to the fief holder who had died, the kings being bred from commoners until political alliances by marriage were in play and then gold digging was romanticized.

      The two major problems are, that there are as I said non human genes in us already if not from evolution then from lateral inheritance (virus snips gene from one species, genera, even another family or order and moves into a totally unrelated thing.)

      but most importantly because biblical, Christ's death and Resurrection laid the groundwork for the restoration and recreation of all nature (the devil and some humans excluded) and though we are the primary fallen element and animals may be contaminated by eating what has fed on the flesh of the fallen humans, pure human blood doesn't matter.

      A reasonable facsimile will do.

      Pure in his generations - consider that Noah lived through many generations.

      And if he was the ONLY one pure then his sons were NOT pure and Jesus wasn't and we aren't.

      But if pure referred to his behavior and attitude and control of his fallen nature, then it makes sense.

      The earth was full of violence - that was a big deal. all these nephilim theorists ignore the moral reasons. mankind's thought is evil from youth

    3. Gen. 6:56, 11, 12 makes it very clear what was the issue, the cause of the Flood, mankind's evil ways.

      as for my speculations they are not speculations presented as fact they are perfectly clear exegesis,

      God is grieved repeatedly at man's evil and man's turning from Him and worshipping false gods and not giving praise and thanks to God. The heart is referred to here and there. if man is whoring in his heart away from his creator, and another man is yearning towards his creator, who is in relationship (or getting into a relationship) with God? the one who is seeking God, the one who being taught somehow by The Father will come to the Son, the one who though not having the Law of Moses has some inexplicable gut level bias compatible with the morality and theology of Moses.

      same would be true of anything else.

      Ever notice God made His covenant after the Flood not only with Noah but with all the creatures with him?

      we who believe Christ wait for His Second Coming. according to Romans 8:19-22 so does all creation.
      some say salvation isn't about animals but if animals are not fallen in the first place, or only minimally so then it is something they don't need like we do they already have it, or the rudiments of it, in one of the Gospels when Jesus was in the wilderness it is written that the wild beasts were with Him.

      salvation is being in a relationship with God Jesus said that eternal life is knowing God The Father, we pride ourselves on our minds, but on that basis some barely functional brain damaged cretin who somehow like Jesus is without hope? we esteem our brains too highly. that kind of thinking is part and parcel of the pro abortionist position on what constitutes the "human" ditto the extermination minded eugenicist.

      the idea that the angels were either rulers of men who were human, or the sons of Shem, is almost as old as the idea they were paranormal beings, though the latter has better Scriptural support reference or two in the NT.

      as for speculation presented as fact, you can't get worse than the nephilim thing being bloodline contamination motivated. there is no reference to support this motive. any stockbreeder can tell you that (aside from legal issues of a stud registry and its rules) 7 or so generations bred away from an outcross is functionally pure. or from the first generation or two that breeds true out of the mixed parentage that is back of most stable breeds.

      My speculation I present as fact is (often several times) backed up by biblical and historical references no one bothers to follow up on or goes into trances while reading so they don't get it.

      I also have missed things a re read brought to my attention, if by speculation you are referring to the post about retinas, sorry, that isn't speculation. that is fact. I have seen it. when I ran the white reflex instead of red past a veterinary worker at a zoo on the phone she said "you're seeing this white light off a HUMAN eye?!"

      your typical eye doctor gives it a label and moves on. doesn't really think.

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    5. "Angelic hosts and possibly civilizations existed on this earth prior to Adam.

      Christine, this is pure speculation on your part. If you have any supporting documentation to this let me know."

      angelic hosts and civilizations on earth before Adam is YOUR remark not mine, and needs a whole lot more documentation than mine does.

      a. ancient aliens - which idea posits that all human accomplishment, and possibly our existence at all as distinct from maybe some genetic tweaks and mutations from homo habilis and Neanderthal to modern, was from aliens is false.

      I think we can agree on that?

      b. they didn't make us - I think we can agree on that?

      c. we made them - this is the only speculation, and it is the only one that fits all known facts biblical and anecdotal/forensic modern, and upsets the new age/annunaki applecart.

      I think you are drawing on the "Gap Theory." this posits that the Genesis account of creation beginning with the earth being formless and void, refers not to an initial condition God then worked over like a potter works clay, but rather that originally God made everything perfect at one second or whatever, the angels fell and started cosmic war and some kind of proto human exsted before Adam and had existed long enough to have a civilization or two, and this war brought the earth into a condition of tohu bohu.

      A big problem is that nothing in the Bible supports this. "became" is not was fine then ruined and now has to be reworked. it is like came into being like that. An Isaiah quote about God saying He didn't create the earth void is in context about purpose not initial creation, that He didn't create it for nothing but to be inhabited.

      The Gap Theory was started, if I recall right, to explain dinosaur bones and maybe Neanderthal bones without falling into evolutionism. But you don't need that. The Flood explains die off of critters human and otherwise, the typical Neanderthal with a shave and modern clothes would barely be noticed and had a brain and culture as good as primitive modern man.

      The dating systems of evolution are flawed two ways. First, they assume an age for a fossil and date the layer it is in by that, then when such a fossil turns up in any layer that layer is dated by the fossil.

      Secondly, the radiometric dating systems give in each sample per same system a range of dates of several centuries differing, and they take the average and say "that's the date." But when DIFFERENT radiometric dating systems, DIFFERENT radioactive elements, can be and are used on the SAME sample, those TWO DIFFERENT systems give WILDLY DIFFERENT AGES of thousands or millions of years conflict with each other.

      The first is circular reasoning, the second shows you can't trust any of it. C14 (now for some reason being called 14C which is clumsy) is an exception sort of, though locations have been found to have variations in C14 background amounts at some times, so variation existed, there is often a good match to written and other more reliable dating systems up to 5,000 or 10,000 years at most.

      Genesis does show an explosion of knowledge and city building mostly in Cain's lineage which might or might not indicate some help from fallen angels but this was started long before Genesis 6.

  9. regarding some seeing and some not seeing the same UFOs, while in those cases it is likely this involves the paranormal, another possibility is that in some of those cases it involves cloaking measures that are technological, but they remain visible in some light frequencies some individuals can see in and others can't.

    the ability to see more into UV and IR and see the things cats look at we can't see is inherited by some people, and depends on something physical about the eye. Some of these have the white retina which is an imperfect nocturnal eye, so I thought this had to do with it. the normal human retina is red, and I'm not talking about white retinas in some eye disease but where the eyesight is normal except for astigmatism which has to do with shape of the eyeball or cornea itself. nothing to do with the retina.

    however tonight I heard of someone with the red retinas who could also "see" which means this gene is not linked to the white retinas (which have an imperfect tapedum lucidum like a cat's behind them. glare sensitive and greater night sight.)

    The expression of the gene is apparently controlled by a gene that is shut down by the smallpox vaccination, if given early enough as a child. or partly shut down.

    I suspect the white eyes are the original eye type for humans, since it fits us for low light activity, dusk and dawn more than full dark, and before the Fall God came and walked with Adam and Eve in the garden in the cool of the evening, which is when it is getting dark.

  10. "Yet there were giants before Adam, this is what is being referred to." yeah, Gap Theory. no it isn't being referred to, because it says Gen. 6:4 "there were giants in the earth IN THOSE DAYS;" the same days after Adam and before the Flood before the angels came down "and also AFTER THAT, when the sons of God," etc. etc.

    Which shows giants preceeded the illicit marriages, and also were there after that, as if there was a connection between the later giants and the angels. This is why I think that since Enoch says the angels taught their wives all kinds of arts of seduction, etc., that they sent them off to seduce social and political and military rulers, to find out what they wanted and make useful networking links with them on the one hand, and strengthen the angels' situation with them by giving them what they wanted, in this case improved methods of getting yet more giants for security and other work.

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  12. interesting speculation. Why would angels need to build civilizations? they are not physical except when they want to be so. there is no need. There is also no evidence for any of this. The lost civilizations archaeology finds all have human indicating art. (and dating systems other than written or relying on monuments are always open to question so we don't need to assume the vast ages idea is correct.)

    Genesis shows light appearing first, and then on a later day the sun and moon and stars. The light could have been some pervading glow, and the sun coalesced out of something later, but the glow was enough to feed the plants. The creationist canopy theory ignores that while the sun disk would be visible somewhat through thick clouds the moon wouldn't be. I am a creationist but not a canopyist.

    If this is 6 thousand years, a wandering planet with water on the surface and no land (that's after the light) would hardly be a situation for civilizations.

    Bear in mind that all the laws of nature we are used to were not in play at the start, they are themselves creations of God, not something pre existing and limiting to God.

    And will apparently get overhauled at the end of time, since Revelation gives measurements for the New Jerusalem that add up to 1200 or 1500 mile square giant cube. (multilayer likely.)

    I think some of these discovered ruins predate the Flood, but are human. Day = thousand years is important, God said that Adam and Eve would die in the DAY they ate the forbidden fruit, and neither they nor anyone lived as long as a thousand years.

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  14. What is the context of "as in the days of Noah"? how does Jesus describe them? He speaks of them marrying, partying, going on with life as usual just like they were in Noah's day, and even as the Flood swept them away without warnng, so will the Second Coming and the wrath of God come upon them unexpectedly (they probably heard warning of the Flood and will hear warning from the Gospel most likely, but not believing it they will not expect it.)

    The iron mixed with clay was fulfilled in the Roman Empire's later times, when they, the legs of iron, attempted to shore up their situation by letting all kinds of people into the army and have citizenship and strategic marriages were made but this effort failed.

    The statue has nothing to do with the future. Notice that the Kingdom of God is set up in its day. Christ did that on His first appearing, and there is no reference to saints ruling or judgement day in that dream.

    But in the four beasts dream/vision, Daniel saw the second coming and saints ruling and books opened. The fourth empire beast persecuted the saints and overpowered them until this happened.

    Have you read the seventhchapterofdaniel BlogSpot from the start? it explains all this, that the fourth beast persecuting the saints until this event ends that shows the four beasts are about either modern times or near (a few hundred years) future. more likely starting modern. That is the mistake everyone has made, they miss the difference between the end of the statue and the end of the fourth beast.

    The Kingdom of God is within or among you now, "now My kingdom is not from hence," but it will be brought in power when Jesus comes back.

    The imminency of His return is an issue for the last generation that sees all the preliminary events in their time.

    I've looked into this nephilim thing for a long time. As I said there, there are several posts on this blog and on fightthenewage BlogSpot that deal with this.

    I think the angels did not have DNA to contribute, their children were putative children, their wives the surrogate mothers for the first efforts at improved technology (angel help) at genetic engineering.

    there were giants BEFORE the angels came and AFTER, so it didn't start with them. But they probably ramped it up with more effective ways of doing this, and adding animal and insect DNA. The results, some of them, were offworld when the Flood hit, and returned later, some of them.

    you have to read the Bible like you would any other book, several chapters at a time. Genesis focusses on evil in general and violence, not on crossbreeding.

    There is no basis for thinking the spirit or soul transmits only on the male side. The only argument I heard for it was the existence of patrilineal naming, which is not universal and in ancient times absent in many places.

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  16. "You did not answer what you think Daniel 2:43 means?"

    yes I did. "The iron mixed with clay was fulfilled in the Roman Empire's later times, when they, the legs of iron, attempted to shore up their situation by letting all kinds of people into the army and have citizenship and strategic marriages were made but this effort failed."

    ") Daniel 2:35 and 2:44 has not yet been fulfilled completely.
    Though Jesus did establish his kingdom it has not broken and destroyed man's kingdoms. The kingdom of God has definitely not made these kingdoms as chaff, least not the toes as I fore-mentioned."

    "...and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it SHALL break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand forever."

    Since even a revived Roman Empire would not be the other three, "all these kingdoms" must refer to "other people" that would be after the statue dream, because all these 4 are past. However, most civilization is the heir of them.

    Even if the geography of the latter day four beasts I give is wrong, and they are revived all the previous, they cannot be the SAME ones because each one on the statue had already broken and replaced the one previous. What was left of them in Jesus' first coming's time was taken over by Christianity which is the foretaste of the kingdom.

    It still points to the present and future as per the beasts. Daniel and prophecy in general often telescopes things, compacts them.

    typical nephilim theorists figure a second incursion of angel hybridization occurred because of giants like Anakim and the nephilim all died in the Flood.

    The Kingdom of God was not set up in the days of the kingdoms before the iron legs so the picture of destroying them must relate to their cultural heirs in future. The picture of the statue is good enough for Nebuchadnezzar but somehow incomplete, pointing more future than the iron legs.

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  18. The Roman Empire original Latin element that built the empire. Rome had its weaknesses which it tried to fix by mixing and was shored up somewhat by Christianity, but it failed eventually, more of a dither out than a real catastrophic fall though it was sacked at least once. The Byzantine section or eastern empire became more and more distinct from the west and collapse with Turkish "help" and they had help from ambitious elements among the Serbs and others they ruled in the Balkans in doing this. Segments also moved towards breakaway and welcomed the Arab invasion at first not realizing what trouble islam would be.

  19. one of the sites online that deal with this. I only glanced at it, I am not sure if it is supporting a future revived Roman Empire or not. suggests that the toes were the Holy Roman Empire attempt at reviving the Roman Empire. scrolling through the commentaries, a similar view to the foregoing URLs a similar take on this.

    The nephilim crew or Postmodern Prophecy Paradigm as calls it has been making quite a sweep I see, getting its perspective out there and with the poverty of education on antiquity and less biblical literacy adding to no interest in historical information in commentaries I guess it was easy to do.

  20. some videos deal with this. scroll down for a lot of articles.

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  22. the breakup following nations are AFTER the attempted cleaving which didn't work, the result of it not working. Vrious strategic marriages and letting non Latins be Roman citizens often by purchase and letting them be in the legions.