Monday, January 25, 2016

There is no "Palestine."

to all you supporters of "Palestine."
you and your parents and grandparents have been lied to. you are not on occupied Palestinian land, you are on occupied JORDANIAN land. there was never a Palestine after the Roman conquest except as a geographic designator. it was JORDANIAN land, before that BRITISH MANDATE land before that OTTOMAN EMPIRE land, before that BYZANTINE EMPIRE land before that ROMAN UNDIVIDED EMPIRE land before that ISRAELITE land briefly conquered by GREEKS of ANATOLIAN connection, before that ISRAELITE semi autonomous under PERSIA, before that PERSIAN land before that BABYLONIAN land before that ISRAELITE land before that various Canaanite city states who were into such perversion, idolatry, human sacrifice etc. God decided to let their evil become full so He would destroy them, and at that point gave it to ABRAHAM and his descendants collected on this after being in Egypt.

There was never any "Palestinian people" or "Palestinian land," it is made up lies peddled by Nazi Germany partnered with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem looking to further their geopolitical games against Russia and Britain, which had gone on for 200 years prior.
And if you are Christians in the "Palestinian cause" you are helping people gain control who will turn on you and persecute you.

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