Thursday, February 11, 2016

Spokane signs a tolerance of muslims pact

Here's yet another thing I horked off Constance's blog. (There is a lot she has to say on
the front page that is worth a look, and some of the posts in the comments section, I
recommend her page, she is the one who spotted the New Age one world and mysticism
to back it up with a luciferian bent back in the early 1980s, she had lunch with Marilyn
Ferguson who really spilled the beans in person, and in her book The Aquarian
Conspiracy where she called it a conspiracy but favors it.)

omots Old Man of the Ski, has an excellent page
said "This week the Spokane City Council voted to sign the "International Charter for Compassionate Communities". The Charter was created by ex-Catholic nun Karen Armstrong in connection with her work promoting a single global ethic and tolerance of ISLAM via the Alliance of Civilizations. Most of Constance's readers should be very familiar with Ms. Armstrong.

The sad fact is, only one of our City Council members, Mike Fagan, had enough discernment to oppose signing the ICCC. Fagin's opposition was based on the fact that the City Council is using the Charter to specifically single out ISLAM as a religion that is being unjustly persecuted while ignoring the persecution of Christians and people of other faiths around the world, which by the way, is happening mostly at the hands of Muslims. Fagan has been accused by other council members of being an "intolerant conspiracy nut". "

of Karen Armstrong Susanna said

"Sounds like ex-Catholic nun Karen Armstrong is crusading more for "syncretism" than for "tolerance."

The reason I say this is because her New Age "misty waffle" ( hat tip to a Christian friend of mine for that one ) has already attracted the criticism of Christian philosopher and theologian William Lane Craig who has criticized Armstrong's "anti-realist" views about statements concerning God - particularly her assertion that "'God' is merely a symbol that points beyond itself to an indescribable transcendence."

Craig argues that Armstrong's view of God as ineffable is "self-refuting" and "logically incoherent". Indeed, if Armstrong's claims were true, it would be hard to understand how divine revelation could be possible.

But that is just the point, gnostics reject divine revelation and prefer their own opinions "private revelations," and "misty waffle."

Not satisfied with simply leaving the convent when she realized she had no true vocation as a Roman Catholic Religious sister, Armstrong apparently found it necessary to justify her choice (No one is forced to remain a nun. Vows can be dispensed.) by writing a memoir (Through the Narrow Gate)which is mildly redolent of the more lurid bogus convent tales of Maria Monk.

Armstrong also claims to have gone from a conservative to a more "liberal" and "mystical" Christian faith called "religion-generic mysticism" similar to that advocated by Aldous Huxley in his book The Perennial Philosophy.
Armstrong's worldview links the virtue of compassion with belief in God - but without caring too much about the details of how that God is conceived.

She is also a fellow of the Jesus Seminar - a group of scholars and laypeople which attempts to investigate the historical foundations of Christianity. The Jesus Seminar once tried to peddle the theory that Jesus wasn't the Author of the Lord's Prayer.....which leads me to suspect that they invent more history than they investigate.

Armstrong's assertion that God is "merely a symbol that points beyond itself to an indescribable transcendence" is but one more variation of the syncretistic, esoteric, pagan, gnostic "Perennial Philosophy" according to which there exists an "esoteric transcendent unity" of all religions even if they outwardly contradict one another. According to the Perennial Philosophy, there is no SINGLE true religion. Moreover, the idea of a Perennial Philosophy is central to the New Age Movement.

Regarding the Spokane situation, the problem with "tolerance" as it all too frequently pertains to the Islamic community is that it tends to be one way. It doesn't address the intolerance and persecution of other religions on the part of certain radical followers of Islam. Referring to Armstrong's organization Councilman Mike Fagan mentioned this very point.

Councilman Mike Fagan, who voted against the charter, said he opposed the group that wrote the charter because it supports “solidarity with and acceptance of Muslims,” but does not mention persecution of other religious groups.

“What I don’t understand or agree with at this point is this organization spotlighting and singling out the issue of Islamophobia,” Fagan said. “If this organization was everything that they claim to be on their web, I would’ve expected some mention of the persecution of Christians and other religions worldwide to be just as prominent.” 
" "such an interesting list of
names" someone said. It is very interesting. Lots of Germans and Deutschebank and Javier
Solana and George Soros himself. Solana is an interesting character with New Age connections
of the Indian guru type and more and is apparently partly to blame for mishandling the Bosnia
situation, if not entirely to blame.

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