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space aliens from the pleiades are evil

There is a lot of confusion out there, and science fiction which
often has occultist background to writers and artists has played
a role. The idea of the alien as a superman, telepathic, all knowing
and godlike.

of course sometimes there are tentacle monsters, but ever notice
that in the old time sci fi telepathy was usually shown as evil?
the bad guys would get inside your head. either people would
be zombified and set off to do some dirty work for the aliens,
or in at least one movie the infected person felt he was operating
on a higher plane and things would be better when the dust
settled or something like that. basically, possession was seen
as Not A Good Thing.

But what is the style that has crept on the viewers for decades
now? including to some extent in Star Wars (with its amoral
"force" that is viewed as an object of worship yet has a "dark
side" what kind of god is that?) and more so later? mind links
telepathy and invasive telepathy at that, takeovers and so forth.
Even one movie where an otherwise self directed woman gets
hooked on the sense of closeness she got from this, though
she is a failure at closeness in relationships and has a string
of failed affairs.

The last big deal movie I recall that treated takeover as a bad
thing was The Body Snatchers.

The mind meld thing was done in Star Trek by Spock which
would allow mind reading to get information, but is let's face
it very invasive.

Its like a step by step thing. Gradually this whole breakdown
of boundaries, making a hive mind and even being taken over
is no longer presented as evil or a feature of evil beings. We
are being conditioned.

Here's the big problem. Enslavement. Once in the psychic soup
the strongest will prevails over others, like the law of the jungle.

In the alien channeled info scene, except maybe for the "zetatalk"
crap, it is always pleiadeans who are Nordic looking and peaceful
and so forth. But the people who have been abducted, kidnapped,
by aliens for real, sometimes remember these Nordic types
working with, in one case directing, the greys, reptoids and whatnot.

They are not at odds with each other. they are all working together.

Channeling is mediumship temporary possession lite. it is either
from one's preprogrammed subconscious, or from a demon. Or,
a strong sender type invasive telepath could probably do this. In
any case, the means of communication, whether words or automatic
writing, red flags it as evil. God doesn't work like this, and those
beings claiming not to be God but aliens of the "good" sort are
engaged in violating the natural boundaries of the soul and spirit.

There is talk like it was horked off Star Trek, some federation and
a non intervention rule and no weapons allowed in space BULLSHIT,
the same sources refer to wars and to supposed attacks they have
prevented or suffered, so how can they say there are no weapons
allowed in space and not be lying?

There have been videos from the Space Station and the Shuttle
that show plasma beam weapons in use and the target UFO making
a quick sideways escape move. No weapons in space? that's a lie.

Adamski and a few others pioneered the Nordic space alien contact
sort, one time it walked leaving messages in the sand stamped by
its shoes, markings embedded in the sole of the shoes, which included
a swastika. Adamski's associates included George Hunt Williamson
better known under a Romanian name I forget right now, and he
was part of the Nazi scene there.

Rene Noorbergen worked up a chart from a lot of interviews he did.
Two things stand out in my memory, always were a major thing to me.
Astrology was the practice that practioners were MOST inclined to
claim spirit help in getting their practice done. (and the "science" part
ends with setting up the chart, a bunch of objective facts about the
positions of stars and planets and sun when you were born, after that
its a judgement call on interpreting all of it, and at that point, if one
is a fairly accurate astrologer, the occult influence kicks in.)

Secondly, and most relevant to this, the satanists were the category
of occultist that was most likely to claim to have seen and even ridden
in a flying saucer.

I talked briefly with a guy who was a recent ex satanist, on the street,
just once. I brought this up and he said this was involved but he didn't
want to talk about it. Randall Baer in Inside the New Age Nightmare
brought up the involvement of UFOs with evil, but said it was too
creepy to go into more at that writing.

Randall died suspiciously in New Mexico, his car gone off a cliff but
no skid marks, no blood like you'd expect gone through a windshield
unless already dead for a while before he went off the cliff and his
briefcase broken open. But his book was already at the publishers, and
it was published. Some blood as long as it was still liquid in him would
be present, but nothing like a live person dying cut up and the heart
still pumping for a few seconds or a minute.

I recommend Karla Turner and David Jacobs and Derrell Sims on youtube.
A great many abductees do not require any hypnosis to remember what
happened, and many do. Many require hypnosis to get more details and
some, when the hypnotist is savvy to deception and "screen memories,"
get to find out that the comparatively benevolent experience, or even
painful and troublesome but not that bad, was far worse than they

in A Possible History of Life on Mars by Christine Erikson on
kindle, I present the scenario that aliens are descended from humans who
were genetically modified, and were offworld when the Flood hit. If so,
they represent pre Flood culture, which was evil, deceptive and violent, and
additionally since then they have had influence from pagan false religions
like Hinduism and other cults, and if one scientist, schizzed out from
working with them and them in his mind (but he also picking up what was
in their minds) is correct, they struck a deal with the devil at some point.

It is argued by some that we cannot do telepathy without demon help, it
would be a demon in one person talking to a demon in another person. This
because we are flesh and spirit and they are spirit. But all that adds up to,
is that we can do telepathy less and they can do it more.

Encouraging people to develop paranormal abilities sets them up to be
influenced by demons and aliens.

Some alien abduction experiences are apparently strictly demonic. Others
are physical, but a paranormal component is there. Before I heard of all
this, I read of a little known fact, that people who had close encounters
with flying saucers often started having paranormal manifestations incl.
poltergeist stuff later. Which would make sense, if the physical aliens are
partnered with demons. And especially if they are demons themselves,
or they or their ship commander has a walkin.

The possibility exists, that some physical aliens are demons, who have
built bodies using the life force and flesh materials and effluvium of
the victims of cattle mutilation. YHWH said He would starve the gods of
the pagans and indeed, the amount of blood sacrifice is way down most
places one way or another. Human sacrifice is less common than in
ancient times, but it has all started up again and given the population increase
may by now be as common counted worldwide  as it was in ancient times.
YHWH made it clear that He didn't need to be fed. But that is what the
sacrifices to the false gods was about. They were vampiric.

Certain herbs and essential oils have a reputation against demons and against
witchcraft. They also often have a reputation against insanity and depression.
And they also usually are insecticidal and antimicrobial including antifungal.

Sounds like in some cases they operate by strengthening your identity and
boundaries so you are repellant to the tendrils or whatever, and in some cases
work by breaking up the etheric material that the demons build from dead
insect, microbe and fungus and mold detritus.

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