Friday, February 12, 2016

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EVER STOP TO THINK.....What if the majority popular view is wrong?

Is World Unity a Pragmatically Good Idea? What If a Unified World Government and Economy Fell Under the Control of Fascists? Fascism has ALWAYS Started as a Mass Popular Movement, so “Democracy” is no Guarantee Against It. A Mistake or a bad law would propagate through all countries not be localized, also.

What if I told you the location and number of chakras and attributions of them are

  • often wrong
  • not uniform throughout the chakra counting far eastern systems over the centuries
  • a lot of the collection of attributions is a recent invention and not ancient tradition?
  • And golden auras usually mean something is wrong?


What if the ascended masters are just soul sucking psychopathic con men?

What If the ancient Aliens didn't create us but are descended from humans from earth genetically reengineered by mad scientists of a now dead civilization and sent offworld?

What if what feels good isn't always good?

What if what feels good and costs money isn't always worth it?

What if walking labyrinths doesn't get you anything but an illusion instead of truth? THE ORIGINAL LABYRINTH STORY WAS ABOUT A MONSTER IN THE CENTER.

What if that underground current of “wisdom” is an undertow?

What if meditating on unity and undermining your sense of self identity has been promoted because at the top of some pyramid of influence are people or entities who want your natural boundaries weak enough to violate routinely? What if some kind of psychic vampirism is in play and maybe even a future take over move by some entities to reduce all to zombified puppets? Weakening boundaries and seeing yourself as unified with all things is a good recipe for this.

Sure we are all affecting each other, things we do affect others and vice versa, and we are not supposed to trash our home (earth) but the final picture of total oneness is that it doesn't matter what you do or what the top level of psychic influencers who may be predatory elites who are occultists do to the environment or anyone else.

What If I told you That The Wonderful Nordic Pleiadeians who say they oppose the mean old Greys and Reptoids have been seen working with them on board space ships by abductees (and abductees are routinely subjected to bad stuff by the aliens)? Its

true. People who have been kidnapped and remember with or without hypnosis. Sometimes there is trace evidence. Mind control is used by these entities, and this and psychic attacks by humans can be blocked and have been blocked by those under attack who call to Jesus of the Bible (not New Age fake Jesus) for help. It has happened. Or who rebuke “in Jesus' Name.” This was something the UFO investigators tended to cover up, just too weird. One of them found out and publicized it.

What if you dug into anthropological and archaeological literature and ancient history and not so ancient history of peoples of Asia, Africa, India, the New World, records of tribal legends and so forth, written records, and found out that war, even genocide, slavery mishandling of the environment, repression of women, abuse of various kinds, everything you blame on Christian civilization was in fact standard throughout non Judaeo non Christian history and actually goes against the grain of the Genesis dominion thing which is about tending and keeping the garden not trashing it?

Wouldn't that kind of change the picture?

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