Wednesday, November 25, 2015

wolves and unhealthy interdependency of world peoples  go to articles list on the right for excellent material.
there is a romance about wolves fomented I think at the start by people like Ernest
Thompson Seton who had occultist involvement somewhat, and whose book
Wild Animals I have Known very oddly (at least the edition I read as a child) has
Egyptian cartouche type design down its spine. This focusses, as do many anecdotal
and scientific information sources on the humanlike qualities of feeling and sometimes
thought of animals. their social life, etc. THIS IS NOT FALSE, but there is more to
things than this. Their emotions mostly orient around their interests, as do most of
our emotions,  and we have to prioritize because we cannot survive with such
competition and we cannot breed with them to keep our species going in a hybrid
form, and even if we could the result would still face competition from them.

God designed us to be managers of nature, when everything was plant eating, and
maybe even monogamous which cuts down population growth to some extent.
Vegetarian versions of carnivorous creatures have been identified from the fossil
record and alive. It is speculated they are mutant forms, but more likely they are
the original, and that carnivorousness developed to deal with food lack. It is also
possible that only humans were immortal, and that depending on getting at the Tree
of Life (as distinct from the tree of knowledge), and that carnivorousness was
originally scavenging of the dead. One Orthodox writer speculated that death existed
outside the Garden of Eden but not in it, and I would add perhaps it was supposed to
be gradually eradicated elsewhere by human population increase and management
of nature, and presence of the Tree of Life. Paul speaks of death entering through Adam,
and may only refer to humans, but it also would affect the rest of nature, the warp in
the human from eating the tree of knowledge passing into nature by being dissolved,
incorporated, eaten after death. the disease would metastasize throughout the natural
world. chaos and abnormalities of one kind or another would ensue. Hints in Romans
and Revelation point to ALL creatures being included in the Sacrifice by Christ.

Old Man of the Ski is a blog I am following now, and he has excellent
articles on the wolf problem. I wrote a post, don't know if it will get
accepted, but I think I will post it here also. The problem is that wolf
populations growing undermine wild prey populations, spread the deadly
and slow to be noticed till its too late hydatid disease, and sooner or later
they prey on our food supply animals, our pets, and us. Hunting the wolves
by focusing on alpha  members of packs increases breeding, since they
actively interfere in breeding by younger members of the pack (this I picked
up from a documentary). Hunting should focus on younger and stray wolves.

this whole picture reminds me of the fourth horseman of the apocalypse, incl. death by wild beasts. (It also shows that carrying capacity IS an issue with animals, humans always increase the carrying capacity by ingenuity and so forth, but you will note how long the patriarchs in the begats in Genesis took to reproduce and "fill the earth" well, define "fill" population control of humans by any means that involves actual or potential abortifacient measures or killing of the ill and eventually whoever is of course NOT ACCEPTABLE, but a lot of that population growth is due to almost (in some cases literal) forced conception you HAVE to reproduce as fast as possible for social acceptability or even to avoid divorce and being a beggar in the streets. at risk of physical attack or rape even out there on the streets. so between forced depopulation and forced population production, the humans are facing abnormal conditions the former murder the latter  often a slow death for women most of whom can't handle lots of births. only in modern times where the medical help was in play did childbirth not represent a real threat to the mother, and infant mortality and death of younger children was not unusual. In the present time we take it for granted the children should always outlive the parents, but in the 1700s and 1800s in America it was standard expected you would be burying some children.)

I am NOT a proponent of aryanism, etc., but I do know their propaganda, and there is a peculiar irony historically.
the crazies who think there is a war against the white race put the white race in danger by fomenting as many wars as possible to encourage the warrior quality, etc. etc. like the Nazis. seems to me if there is any danger to "the Aryan race" it comes from their own damn leaders and propagandists especially the depredations wrought on it by its  supposedly greatest representative and defender, adolf hitler, we hear of the deliberate killing of Jews, white as anyone else, but the wars killed lots and lots of even Nazi definable pure Aryans.
To revert back to pagan warrior cultures of Europe before the Roman conquests (which enforced some peace), would be to reduce the political scene to tribal segments busily killing each other, with the best of the breed male and female leading the charge in killing each other, what would that do to breed quality? 
similar issues would pertain to other races in some places. The Chinese ancient political theory was that empire was the highest form of civilization, bringing order and peace. But a world empire would mean the worst idiocies would be in charges and no where to go to escape. Large political bodies like the nation states we have now are ideal, giving the advantages, with their sovereignty of both empire and variation and option to go elsewhere. THINK QUARANTINE, of culture, law and economics, so one error in one place doesn't impact everyone everywhere else.
yes were are "interconnected" and "interdependent" now AND IT NEEDS TO STOP, ROLLBACK ALL THIS INTERDEPENDENCY,  ONE ELEMENT GOES DOWN IT TAKES THE REST WITH IT, economic crashes have typically been on both sides of the Atlantic at once more or less, this is NOT RIGHT.