Monday, June 1, 2015

Here's what I think about several things......

Khazar 13th tribe theory - maybe true, but irrelevant because
of Jewish blood acquired by intermarriage since then and
the issue of effective adoption.

pretrib rapture - false. Matt. 24:29,  2Thess 2:1-3 (repudiates
a secret Second Coming some thought had happened and
they had missed so effectively repudiates all secret rapture
and pretrib stuff and says the Second Coming won't be
until AFTER the antichrist appears, which is after or at
the latter phase of a great general apostasy, which may or
may not indicate a much greater worldwide acceptance
of Christianity) vs. 7 "taken out of the way" does not mean
removed but moved aside from a blocking position.
vs. 8 Jesus will destroy the antichrist when He comes back
"with the brightness of His coming," nothing secret about
it and not human armies from earth either or aliens.

Daniel 7:21,22 little horn aka antichrist will make war
with the saints until Jesus comes back, scene seques into
the Last Judgement so this is NOT about the statue dream.

Events are probably around 500 years hence, here's why.

Daniel 7:1 the dream is in the first year of Belshazzar
king of Babylon. vs. 16,17 Daniel asked the angel for
the meaning of the four beasts dream/vision, and was
told "these great beasts, which are four, are four kings,
which shall arise out of the earth."

Now, this was said during the time of the head of the
statue dream, Babylonia. if the four beasts were a
rehash of this the angel would have said one king
present and THREE which were to arise. But he said
FOUR. The statue dream ends with the rock cut without
hands out of a mountain that beats the statue to pieces,
that in the days of those last kings of the legs and feet,
the eternal kingdom would be set up. This was done at
the first coming of Jesus Christ, His Incarnation Atoning
Death and Resurrection and Ascension. It is brought to
fulfillment in the Second Coming. The statue dream
shows no Judgement scene. The four beasts dream/vision
does show a Judgement scene.

If the four beasts are Britain-America-NATO and Russia
and China the fourth beast is an empire that does not
exist yet. Typically empires last several hundred years
or at least a few. And to be in prophecy, you have to be
a major player in the Middle East, either IN the Middle
East or directing events there in a major way.

So from whenever Russia and China become permanent
fixtures in the Middle East, military and political
presences there, you might expect the situation to go on
for another 350 years or more.

When the fourth beast arises, it will have ten rulers likely
in sequence. Or it might be ruling over ten regions, each
with its own region, the result of conquest by one ruler
who organizes things in ten but then when he dies while
the rest are alive the little horn who has flattered his way
into control displaces three of them takes over and rules
the rest.

It seems more likely, that they will be ten sequential
kings, except that in the days of the eighth king the whole
will be ruled by a triumvirate. The vile person will gain
great power by flatteries perhaps become a second in
command under them, and then will strike down the
triumvirate and take charge himself.

At that point, he will rule for seven years, and in the
middle of the fourth year, i.e., at 3 1/2 years, he will begin
the 3 1/2 year persecution of Jews and Christians, which
will be ended by Jesus Christ coming back, Who will lift
believers out of the way of the wrath of God which will
be poured out on the antichrist and on those who have
worshipped him since we are not appointed to wrath, and
the tribulation is not the wrath of God. Confusion between
tribulation and wrath of God is the core driving error of

Now if you figure 350 years plus 5 or 10 from now to
establish the situation the fourth empire destroys, and
maybe 30 years apiece for the rulers for seven rulers and
a few years of the triumvirate then the seven last years,
and you get 577 years or less. The length of the rule of
each of the last empire's rulers would bring it down to
500 or 487 or maybe even higher than 577. Also it might
take longer than 5 or 10 years or the 350 might be a
wrong estimate.

Prov. 31 depicts a woman who is the support of her husband
thus keeping him from temptation economically and he is
proud of her, and who is an aggressive businesswoman and
physically strong like a man. So much for "biblical" roles
and nature of the sexes.

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