Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Turkey fires on Russian plane again.

Satellite imagery shows the plane may have strayed over real Turkish land, but
was on its way out or already out when fired on. Turkey wanted a no fly zone,
remember? when this was denied to it it set one up anyway. It is protecting ISIS
and keeping their supply lines open which come from Turkey. money comes from
Saudi Arabia and Qatar, but materiel from Turkey.

Putin has decided to not attack Turkey but visits are suspended, and businesses are
being assessed to not be affected who trade with Turkey while implementing possible
economic reaction. Mainly Putin has stated that any plane drawing down on a
Russian plane is going to get shot down.

This is as I predicted (not a prophet just a dot connector) that  Russia would not
directly attack Turkey because it is a NATO member, until and unless Turkey is
kicked out of NATO. But Russia will fight Turkish air and probably ground forces
if there are any in Syria.

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