Saturday, December 12, 2015

Alliance and Clash of Civilizations

We got this thing on in the UN now called Alliance of Civilizations which
basically says that if you take your religion seriously as truth vs. any other
religion, you are a potential terrorist, by definition an extremist, etc. etc.

This is to counter the Clash of Civilizations which has been observed by
some for a while now, a major clasher being islam. Now, the Alliance
approach basically considers that any criticism of islam, including anyone
other than a mullah speaking in house to his own people as to how to
behave, who exposes what the Koran and hadiths and shariah say, is
doing a no-no.

On Cumbey's blog the Ahmadiyya heretical Islamic sect cropped up, and
while I had always dismissed this group as peripheral in fact it isn't. One
of its leaders was also a major figure in Pakistan and the UN. And to get
where he was he had to have major Theosophical backing. The Theosophical
Society was involved in founding the UN, and maintains the meditation
chapel which is a weird looking spiritually by way of mentally disorienting
thing. Specifically Lucis Trust maintains it, renamed from "lucifer trust."

Not surprising.

Anyway, it seems Ahmadiyya claims that the Messiah and/or founder is
a reincarnation of, get this, some kook from ancient times, who in the days
of the foolishness of the 1800s when some tried to pretend Jesus never
existed (very few attempt that now), was viewed as the prototype Jesus
was based on, Apollonius of Tyana. This is not a famous philosopher you
run into in books on Greek philosophers. And Eliphas Levi in one of his
books makes a big deal about him and even conjured him or some demon
pretending to be him up briefly.

So....there is something very odd about Ahmadiyya.

While rank and file islam would reject Ahmadiyya  and people like ISIS
would exterminate them in a heartbeat, what they are proposing is such a
conciliation of islam as to weaken any resistance. It is easy enough to have
your people taught to do taqiyya, permitted deception in advance of Islamic
interests, and pretend to not be that serious about islam, but keep its laws
as a quaint cultural pattern which (female genital mutilation and four
eyewitnesses to get a conviction of any crime included) should be respected,
while pretending to be peaceful. The typical lecture in a madrassah would
not be exactly saying the same thing.

Ahmadiyya has made inroads with the Seventh Day Adventists to some
extent, sharing a belief in continuing revelation. (not private input from
God to deal with some specific situation but doctrinal development and
so forth, and/or "explaining" Scripture to make it say something it
doesn't, materials meant to be permanent public guidelines until "god" has a
moodswing or whatever and the next revelation comes down the pike.)

The Alliance of Civilizations undermines Christianity by opposing the
words of Christ, that "none comes to The Father except by Me." (possibility
of salvation during or after death of a person who did not believe in life is
not a contradiction of this, since it can only happen by the person meeting
and accepting Christ, or remembering hearing of Him and calling on Him
in desperation as things start looking bad after death or during the death
process. the calling can be done in the mind even if one cannot speak. This
still leaves it that no one comes to The Father except through Jesus Christ.)

This undermining, by getting people to consider all faiths are true (or for
that matter equally false) facilitates conversion away from Christianity,
because then there is no inhibition on exploring other options. and Islam
is there to make an invitation, so is the New Age scene which can merge
with Sufism. Now, though Sufism seems peaceable their orders, some of
them, have always been part of militant islam.

So between New Ager plans to exterminate those who don't go along
with them, and Islamic jihad plans similar, we are in for a rough ride if
these laws get passed and enforced. One is going to have to tread
carefully, and Christians will have to once again set themselves outside of
society and culture and nation state, and conduct proselytism carefully.

By Christians I mean the ones who take Christ seriously and at His word.
The sloppier sort may get saved at the last Judgement or may not, but the
only safe position is to take Christ seriously and be prepared to suffer
and die for Him, and not deny Him for any reason including for the sake
of loved ones.

I don't think the antichrist will come from all this, not yet. Daniel 7 says
he comes from a world empire that doesn't exist yet, not its founder but
a displacer of three rulers of it. The New Age is definitely an attempt to
lay the groundwork for him, which if successful would be a slap in God's
face, if the antichrist came to power outside of the circumstances God has
mandated he will have to operate in. SO IT WON'T HAPPEN. But that
doesn't mean the Church won't get persecuted by NEw Agers if they have
the capacity to do so and think "ascension" or whatever is around the

Adding to the mix would be the Joel's Army crowd, currently recruited
to spiritual warfare only, but a timeline by Bill Hamon, discussed in a
previous post, shows it will be physical starting AD 2020 or later. So
we got New Agers, Moslems, and Joel's Army after us. Joel's Army
explicitly states (Joyner said so) that eventually they will have to kill
those Christians who do not go along with them.

But if you start making concessions internally and stop believing that
Christianity is the only true religion, you are weakened. Maybe you
will prefer Jesus Christ over the other options, but your witness is
going to be weak and your interest in converting others or financing
missions is going to be little to none.

Meanwhile, jihad will continue, and the often paganized types of the
Euroracist crew will be the shocktroops opposing it, and gain credibility
they haven't had since the 1930s and 1940s.

So far this mess hasn't developed in an obvious way yet, but the fact
is you couldn't have an Alliance of Civilizations type laws get proposed
or put in effect without a severe lack of faith (meaning dedication to
Jesus Christ) which is exactly what has been going on in Europe. And
to a lesser extent in the USA.


  1. Oh how sorely missed you must feel at Constance's blog. Not to worry!

  2. Christine,

    Sorry for having been tough at points but we're all exacerbated with you over at Constance's. Do the Christian thing for us and yourself but most of all for Constance's sake, and don't come back.

    Thanks, Paul.

  3. Yawn!You're the one causing worthwhile bloggers such as Rich in Medford to leave with your constant strawmen, ad hominems, et al! Give us all a break and do the decent thing: don't come back so we can all breathe freely again!


  4. I don't do strawmen I hit at the core of issues. I don't do ad hominem, I notice patterns of behavior.

  5. You're kidding yourself! Rich picked you up on exactly those points: you are busted! Chakras, aliens, res seers, etc.... Noone takes you seriously. Do yourself a favor and seek help. Don't come back!

  6. most of the time I don't post about those things unless there is a very good reason to do so. but I have a fan in the northeast who talks to me on the phone sometimes, he said that the people on Constance's blog some of them are nasty and that they hate me because I am way over their heads. I am hesitant to accept that explanation. And Rich didn't pick me up on anything. I think he turned a general statement (that I should perhaps have specified as general) into a personal one.
    And you people bitch about what you just mentioned no matter what I post or how long its been.

    And that idiot whether it was you or another asking last year or so if I was ready to repent for preaching Hinduism - you don't know shit about Hinduism. you could study the Vedic form polytheist, or the upanishadic which vendanta comes from and never hear about energy bodies or chakras. that is from tantra, which is a kind of technology of how to royaly screw yourself paranormally up.

    latest post of his however is interesting. It tends to support my suspicion that this refugee thing is part of a long plan to restore the Nazis to power since their street version is the only thing that can stop these jihadis, and the ones already secretly in power can consolidate it. The move to more strongly unify Europe is a step in that direction.

    The EU origin is Nazi post war planning. First, how they intended to run things once they won, and once they lost how to gain control.

  7. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Are you for real?

  8. yes I'm for real. But I am not sure if you are referring to one or more or all of my remarks.

    If it is about the EU and Nazis, you have only to wait and see. and while you are waiting, study the background on the EU, and the Bilderbergers, and some of the research links on the sidebar here.

  9. I think I'll pass... I wouldn't be shocked if Sherry Schreiner takes top spot for you. The less mumbo jumbo mumbling bumbling bamboozle from you the better!

  10. Sherry Shriner has issues. And I came to my conclusions without her help. Like most in the conspiracy and aliens and whatnot field she has only part of the picture and usually the wrong part plays a big role. I can't remember much about her didn't read her stuff that much, except there were at least two glaring problems.

  11. One glaring problem is your misspelling of 'weird'. The word is obviously a little too close to home for you, Ms. Beam-her-up Scotty'!


      someone complained weird was the wrong spelling so I used the wi spelling.

  12. Hope this helps, do take good care now!

    1. that shallow site is the best you can come up with? I'm used to reading Psychology Today 20 years ago and the DSM and the more readable kinds of clinician articles.