Saturday, December 5, 2015

"Allies of Humanity" are not allies but part of the same greyskin and reptoid team.

Looked into something called "Allies of Humanity" because of its mention in the preface or first chapter of The Evil Empire of the ETs and the Ultra-Terrestrials on the kindle view. While the analysis of the problem aliens present is good up to a point, it draws on this book (three in fact) that some friendly aliens are warning us against all this, and the plan to rule by controlling through mental powers capable hybrids that Dr. David Jacobs exposed.
But there is a problem.... these "people" talk about how we gotta advance to a state of greater telepathy in general.
And the information was "transmitted" to the writer after a lot of "spiritual" work so probably channeled. It is essentially New Age crap, and it is "good cop bad cop" game. The same guys doing the abducting and scheming are transmitting the books. TO INCREASE OUR TELEPATHY IS TO INCREASE OUR VULNERABILITY TO THE CONTROL BY TELEPATHY PLAN.
Also indicated by the table of contents (didn't want to read it) is that the aliens meeting some resistance from the humans have stirred up trouble using islamic fundamentalism probably by telepathically encouraging leaders who are also sufis or influenced by such. This of course would take the blame off the real creators of all this, USA founded Al Qaeda and the whole salafist movement from the 1800s which is a throwback to original islam. the conditions resulting from concessions of convenience, greed and necessity by the moslems were viewed by them as apostasy. Salafis were talking rape and murder from the start. These are not decent, honorable people. Sure some telepathic prompting using mystics (easily compromised) might be in play because chaos and war means more people can be taken and eaten or enslaved offworld without being noticed as gone and psychic vampirism by aliens and demons they are allied with would feed on the suffering and fear and bloodshed.
But the whole allies of humanity game is the same as that of the pleiadeans and so forth, nordic types, who pretend to oppose the greys, but in fact they and greys and reptoids have been seen working together on ships by abductees, and at least one report had a nordic commander of such. These "friendly" aliens like to communicate telepathically and by channeling which is mediumship which involves psychic boundary violation. Most "spiritual" work sets you up for this.