Saturday, November 5, 2011


This movement Occupy Wall Street has potential to do good,
but it has stirred a lot of New Age Movement hype in their
favor and claiming they are part of the global consciousness
whatnot. Big money, supposedly the enemy camp, is back of
them as it is back of supposed enemy Tea Party.

This movement is a bit like the Arab Spring, which brought
no good to Christians, or to muslims who prefer life under
moderate regimes, because radical islam gains ground in
such chaos. Perhaps something not so good is in danger of
coming about because of all this.

It certainly would be the kind of thing, combined with any
natural disasters in the works, that could be the excuse for
martial law.

Not that martial law is all that bad in itself sometimes. But
it is a good context in which to pull some not good stuff.
it is irritating when you have curfews and so forth. it is great
when the oppressors who have made your life not worth living
and no justice can be had against them are dead in the street
because caught out under circumstances where they fit a
shoot to kill order.

but there can be a lot of really bad stuff happen also. And
the suppression of free speech and radical changes in the
Constitution and so forth are not good, when the controlling
majority or even controlling minority with guns are in favor
of policies that are the pro gay and pro abortion
agenda and pro immorality in general and the entrenchment
of corruption in a way involving adjusting laws so whatever
that is left that can be used against it is removed.

So I would be careful of the OWS. Maybe some sane
elements can gain control since it is amorphous, maybe
something more Christian specifically. And definitely not
the kind of anarchism and so forth that would give an excuse
for a crackdown.

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